Impossible Marketing (alan koh) SEO Course review by JunWei

By | August 20, 2019

Hello, I’m JunWei. I attended Alan’s SEO marketing course – Impossible Marketing is very good. I came for the free preview and after that I decided to sign up for his full course. Along the way, he’s very patient and he teaches very well. Even if you have no knowledge like me, I did not know anything about WordPress in the start and he taught from scratch. Right now, close to 7 months after his course, I’m coming back to give him a testimonial. Because, why? Number 1 – Everyday we are having calls through Internet, we don’t do any other marketing, we just started a new business. All the leads that call through actually came from Google. I have a few keywords that are on page 1 and it’s generating very good income. Of course how much is it, I won’t be very
good to disclose but it’s really very good. I strongly recommend all of you who are here for his preview to actually sign up for his course. Actually the course fee you will get
it back, I got back my course fee in 6 months so depending on how hardworking you are. I’m not as hardworking, my website only has 13 posts. The more hardworking you are, the faster it is to get onto Page 1 Number 1.

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