Impossible Marketing alan koh SEO Course Review by Fazel

By | August 26, 2019

Hi everybody, I’m proud to say that my website is on Page 1 Number 1 for the keyword, Massage Chair Singapore. My company is Vivacare, it’s a startup company. In Singapore, there are a lot of other big players in the market. But now we have outranked every one of them especially OSIM and we’re getting a lot of enquiries. Our last month’s sale was about S$ 30,000 and that’s like a really huge amount for a startup company. It was a blessing in disguise that I came across Alan’s course and I took up then and applied what I learnt. Without this course, it wouldn’t have been
possible. We got the much needed boost and encouragement to take it further. Basically it’s a must need for any startup company or any company or any website to be ranked. I hugely recommend this course and do take up this course. Thank you.

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