Impossible Marketing (alan koh) SEO Course Review by Charles

By | August 28, 2019

I’m Charles. I’ve actually attended Alan’s SEO course because I’m looking for a different channel to actually increase my sales. Initially I was quite skeptical about promoting high value product online. But it actually have proven me wrong. I’ve actually learnt the skill that Alan has taught and applied in building my own website. Over this 2 months period, glad to say that my website actually is on the first page. I believe that it will continue, with his strategy, it will continue to be staying at the top ranking. Definitely in this first page ranking, my sales have gone up. Not only my sales have gone up, but also I think my traffic flow to my shop actually have increased tremendously. Thank you Alan. So you guys actually should give it a try and see what is this strategy that is never before that you actually have experience. Thank you.

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