Implementing Stripe Connect for UK based app

By | August 27, 2019

Hi! We are Bootyard! A Ruby on Rails Web Development and Web Design shop based in the Philippines. And this is our Weekly Roundup where we talk about the hardest problem we faced this week, the solution to that problem and the lesson we learned while solving the problem. One of my tasks in LinkHunter for this week is to upload list of links instead of keywords in creating campaigns. This new feature is user feedback. In current campaign creation, we are using keywords to find relevant websites. These keywords will be used by GoogleSearchEngineAPI to search and response websites with details like titles, snippets, URL, etc. that will be used to display in website list. In this case, instead of keywords, we will upload list of links in creating campaign, so this means we don’t need to call the `GoogleSearchAPIEngine` because we have already website list. Now our problem is on how to pull the website details like titles, snippets, URL, etc. To solve this problem, we need the help of metainspector gem. So what is metainspector gem? metainspector gem was developed by Jaime Iniesta. metainspector gem is a ruby library for web scraping purposes. And response with its title, meta description, meta keywords, links, images, etc. The hardest problem that I worked on this week is to how to import an images of SEO Tools in SEOStartupGuide website. I added the created folder under the /spec/support/ directory. Added the code in the rake file. Then open a terminal, then under the SEOStartupGuide folder run: rake seo_tools:import Make sure to have a correct naming in images so that there will be no conflict when importing. For this week, I was working on a task for our company website here at Bootyard. Bootyard has a website and a Youtube channel that aims to help visitors know more about the company. The tasks involves pulling videos from our Youtube channel and then adding them into our website so that visitors can watch them directly from there. For this, I installed Yt Rails gem. Yt gem is a gem that helps developers easily add Youtube integration into their apps. This gem is developed and maintained by Fullscreen Media. Yt gem is very easy to use and well-documented and I was able to easily pull the Youtube videos from our channel and then add it to the website. This week, I was working on a client project HURR. HURR is startup based in the UK. The problem I faced was regarding payments. Specifically Stripe Connect. Since HURR is based in the UK, we can’t use a specific Stripe Account which is the Express Account. What are Express Accounts in stripe? With the Express accounts, you can onboard users quickly so that they can get paid immediately. An Express account uses OAuth. So you just need provide a link to the user from Stripe and then Stripe handles all the necessary actions they need to do to get the bank details from the user. However, Express Accounts are only available in the US. Since HURR is based in the UK we had to use Custom Accounts. Which means, we have to: 1. Properly identify the location of the user or the country. 2. Create the stripe account using the API. 3. Do the identity verification using the Stripe API. That’s it for our Weekly Roundup. See you next week!

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