Illustrator Kate Bingaman-Burt on How to Make a Zine – Class Excerpt

By | August 12, 2019

– For this first Zine, which
is just simply a one page Zine, the only materials that you need are an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper, your brain and some writing
and drawing utensils. Perhaps maybe some collage materials, but right now we really
only just need to have your good ideas and some drawing utensils. If you want to set aside
about an hour to work on this, I think that should be plenty. Actually, it’s probably good to give yourself a limit of an hour because I definitely think
that this can be a project that you might overthink, but you don’t really
need to overthink this. Think about the pasting, think about the story you wanna tell, think about the beginning,
the middle, the end. Think about how you can create surprise, think about using contrast, think about using textures, think about, think about
again the revealing point, we are making a book, so again, you want to really be
focusing on good pacing, and again that reveal, that surprise. As far as different techniques go, this Zine, probably should be photocopied, so you can distribute it to other people. And so the type of marks
that you’re making, they wanna be bold, they wanna
be thick, clear, consistent, light light pencil shading doesn’t really, really transfer that well. Once you feel comfortable sharing what you’ve been working on, be sure to upload to the project gallery. One of the things that might be helpful, once you upload your
project to the gallery, is instead of just uploading
it and going ope here it is, it’s really good to
ask specific questions, because those yield specific answers. So, if you have a question
about the content, be sure that you specifically
ask about the content. Is it clear, does this make sense? Be very specific, because
again those specific questions, those are gonna yield your best, best responses back from the community. And really what we wanna
have happening online, is good information and good
sharing from each other, so we all can be making the best Zine’s, that we possibly can.

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