İlk Milli İstihbarat Gemimiz TCG Ufuk Geliyor! Donanmamızın Gerçek Amiral Gemisi

By | February 23, 2020

Welcome to the Medya Baronu. The subject in this video is the new TCG Horizon
intelligence vessel that will be entering our Navy. What is this ship? What are they capable of? Or what will it add to us? Let’s start the investigation.Our Navy continues
to grow and modernize at a certain rate every day. Let’s just say it’s being tried. One of the most important steps taken on this
path is the TCG Horizon ship, even if it doesn’t make any difference. If anyone follows our defense industry, they’re
as surprised as I was when this ship first appeared. Because there was no news or information about
the construction of such a ship. It was produced in secret and presented to
our Navy on 9 February 2019. Or let’s just say that has been launched. Because ships don’t start their missions right
after they’re launched. First it is tested and integrated electronic
systems are made. Then it’s delivered. Tcg will begin its mission towards the summer
months of this year on the horizon. Although passed as a training and research
vessel, according to the president’s statement, it is an intelligence vessel. As he stated in his speech, he will be the
Seeing Eye of Turkey in the seas. So what can you do? Even if it’s classified, let’s look at it
through other intelligence ships around the world and the electronic systems we can afford. First, let’s enter with external features. Our ship is identified as the 5th of the MILGEM
Corvettes. Same in appearance and shape. It is 99.5 metres long by 14.4 metres wide
and weighs 2400 tonnes. Unlike Milgem Corvettes, there is only a diesel
engine inside. So it has a speed of like 35 kilometers an
hour, which is a little slow. But that’s not a problem because it’s not
going to get fully involved in the war. He’ll do it from a distance. It has a range of approximately 11 thousand
15 thousand kilometers, with a duration of 45 days at sea. On the outside, the first thing that stands
out is that unlike any other ship, it has an electronic tower behind it. Or extra system compartments in the main tower. Which means it’s really an intelligence tool. And don’t be fooled by what you see in the
present photograph, because it’s a blank ship. It is produced at the shipyard, and then its
electronic systems are integrated elsewhere, so that the intelligence ships are not known. So all these nests you see are going to be
filled. A photograph or video of him possibly going
on duty at sea would also be leaked. We’ll get a chance to see him Dec. As for what it can do, an intelligence ship
is equipped with advanced navigation and radar systems for use in reconnaissance and electronic
intelligence missions. This allows it to track thousands of targets
and vehicles simultaneously over long distances, unlike other ships. That includes tracking missiles for air defense
systems. An intelligence ship can listen to multiple
frequencies at the same time to turn the information transmitted by the other party to its advantage. Can capture critical information by breaking
the encryption of the information it receives with special programs and electronic systems
in it. Even on December 18, 2019, when a Russian
intelligence ship named viktor leonov came within 200 kilometers of the U.S. Coast, the
U.S. military had gone through a program change, taking precautions. Because of a ship. In addition, intelligence ships can provide
direct communications without the need for satellite. It is also an effort to blunt rival systems
in electronic warfare. I mean, what’s another ship to do? If we can build the chorale system today,
if we can build domestic radars and listening devices, which we can, TCG will have all these
capabilities that I just mentioned at Horizon. It’s like a chorale, but it can dominate longer
areas because of the large space in it. He can wiretap and cyber-hack for us.He could
be the backbone of discovery and exchange of information. But besides these, the Admiralty, which is
one of the most important issues in the video title, can also take over. Our country has a big project for the Navy
under the name of the long horizon project. The goal in this project is to fuse information
from ships, UAVs, ground radars, everywhere, and share it with every system at the same
time. The built radars Advent combat system and
the TCG Horizon ship are all part of this project. If it is fully completed, one ship in the
Aegean could hit what another saw, but at the same time another system in the Mediterranean
might know about it. It’s too good for a country surrounded by
seas on 3 sides. As for TCG Ufug’s place in this project,;
As the navies grow, the electronic infrastructure that can lead these navies needs special ships
that can handle it. These ships, in essence, are not produced
for this work, so they cannot do proper command control. What you mean properly hold. As the total number of ships increases in
combat, so does the data to be processed and the data to be sent. It takes special vehicles and crew for a ship
to keep all this under control. It’s necessary to encrypt this information
quickly, send it, and do it continuously. In doing so, you should be able to stay active
in combat at the same time. That’s why every great Navy has a central
vehicle. TCG is one of our Navy’s most valuable ships
right now, even if it doesn’t make any difference on the horizon. It’s a real flagship.You may remember that
during the Cyprus Peace Operation, 2 ships with our ship were not given liaison officers
and they entered the area where they should not be found because they did not receive
any news. As a result of this, Kocetepe was sunk by
our own F-16s and two other ships were seriously injured. But if we had a means of communication like
TCG horizon in that war. This tragedy would not have happened. Because ships such as TCG horizon can be in
contact with both air and sea and ground troops at the same time. Not only that, the war Center could have been
built on a ship like this, instead of the mainland miles away. Thus, the decision mechanism would be much
faster. Hail our new Admiral.While we’re at the end,
I’d like to say one thing that applies to every video. I usually see it in the comments, and if it’s
hidden, Why Are you sharing this information? Or if it’s confidential, how do you know that? My friends, most of the information we share
is already given from the internet. Or inferences that I’ve been able to make,
from a photograph or given information, because I’ve been following the defense industry for
a long time. Since everyone in the world is cheating on
each other, one system is like another. When you search a few other systems close
to a system, you already know about it. And if I can make the inferences I’m telling
you today. Each country has communities of professional
defense experts. They already have access to this information
from their intelligence network to the ship’s screws. So the information we’re providing here is
not something that would cause our military trouble, not vulnerability. Please note before such comments. But I’d like to see your thoughts on TCG Horizon. Let’s talk in the comments. You can provide continuity of videos by subscribing
to support us by liking the video. I say you’re loved. see you later.

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