iframes in HTML | Web development Series | Suraj Mishra

By | March 6, 2020

So, Hello everyone.. Suraj Mishra Here. Welcome to the Web development Course and In this video we are gonna be learn how to create iframes So Let us have a look What is Iframe Guys have a look This is a Simple Static Web page Which i have designed and this is my Second Web page on which i have embedded/add the first Web page So this is done by using an iframe.. and this is today’s topic that how to create iframes and how to embed one web page on to another web page So let us move on to our VS Code (Visual Studio Code) Create a new file Named it iframe.html and let me remove this and create your boiler plate ( Explained in previous Videos ) If you are new to this channel i recommend you to watch previous videos as well Now what we have to do.. take an

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