Identify Your Website Traffic

By | January 22, 2020

None of us likes to be treated like an anonymous
member of the crowd, yet that’s was most visitors are when they visit your medical
website. Historically, healthcare marketers have had
to rely on aggregate data from sources like Google Analytics and Adobe to glean information
about their website traffic as an audience. However, this leaves you in the dark about
who your website visitor are as individuals. Who is your website visitor exactly? Is he or she your target customer? More importantly, if the visitor is your target
customer, how can you engage with him or her effectively? DMD’s Audience Identity Manager provides
access to previously unavailable physician level data, as well as the categories of websites
they visit across our digital medical ecosystem. Having individual information on website visitors
allows you to connect with physicians about topics important to them. Instead of drafting marketing messages and
hoping they work, you can develop content that you know is of interest to your target
list. You can also deliver responsive content indirectly
at an individual visitor. Providing relevant content at the right time can drive customer
engagement and increase sales.

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