100 thoughts on “I Made A Giant 30-Pound Burger

  1. Alex Killer28 Post author

    Smoke wouldn't follow the train with this burger on his house

  2. Banana Juice Post author

    That burger is looking awfully like a burger, someone baked a burger into my burger

  3. Çlutçh · Jordan Post author

    Isn't the sauce like "Ed's Sauce" from Good Burger?

  4. Crystal Williams Post author

    Ross sushi 🍜🍣🍤🍛🍱🍲🍙🍥🍢🍡🍧🥮🍘🍚🥠🥡🥢🍵

  5. Selina Zhuo Post author

    alvin: my secret burger sauce

    tells everyone whats in it even though its secret

  6. Koki Cookie Playz Post author

    "I have not seen this much meat in my life."


    boi, have you looked at a cow

  7. Charlie Boy Post author

    America: we have the best burgers India: ok we respect that

  8. earline jackson Post author

    Gotta admit, there's a part of me that really wants that burger, even if I know I can't hold it all! 😍

  9. RainbowShip Post author

    Tips and trick for you if ur hungry and u didn't have any money :
    1. Buy 1 Food that you want it to be big

    2. Ask Alvin

    Save thousands of dollars

  10. robert fares Post author

    Make A Giant Taco LOL Or Giant Steak OOOOH That Would Be Goooood Try One Of These
    And Give Your Friends A Peice Just Watch There Faces Tho If You Did It

  11. odilia grave Post author

    The secret sauce is like the one at in n out. So basically it wasn’t really secret

  12. Giovanna Urbina Post author

    OMG!! i love this. My birthday is coming up soon, can you please make a giant birria taco with consome! it would mean so much.

  13. Naomi Clarke Post author

    Alvin:makes burger with no pickles
    Me who loves pickles in burgers:you need help my dude

  14. Damien Flanagan Post author

    My gf said if u beat the meat it tastes better

    She’s vegan 👀

  15. Riley Eddings Post author

    My sister can’t have cheese she’s allergic to it anyways and she’s asked lactose intolerant

  16. PrettyGirlJay Post author

    my fav food is cake can you make a 100 layer cake that's a challang

  17. Mathew Lee Post author

    Hey man, my favorite food is a McDonald’s McGriddle with bacon. I was wondering if you could make me a giant one..? If not, that’s fine.

  18. Branson Novsam Post author

    This is some ”SECRET” sauce I made

    Just some mayo,some mustard,some ketchup,some pickle juice.

  19. Mister Zed Post author

    why the fuck would he call his friends if he could save it for later?????? like that burger would only last a day or two for me

  20. hafida buhmedi Post author

    My fav food is shushi but sadly i cant eat a giant shushi cus im not In your country😭😭😭

  21. AnGeL o Post author

    Dalla foto sembra proprio un panino alla merda…. Shitburger

  22. ight imma head out again Post author

    My fav food is “dat ass” no cap put that on jah foe nem and gang

  23. Alyss Kennedy Post author

    All you need on a good burger is the cheese lettuce and tomato.


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