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Well, I’m just a grower. I’m not a shower. Shut up *GESP* *SCREMS AND CRYING* *MISERABLE CRYING* Ian: Hey, Anthony you okay in there? Anthony: Oh yeah, no, I’m cool. Man. What’s up? Ian: Oh just sounds like you’re crying in the [shower] like a sad pathetic piece of shit Anthony: Pfft! No Anthony: Yeah, I -Think I’m dying Ian: You’re on webmd again [margit] Anthony: yes, but-Ian: I’m not a hypochondriac Anthony: Oh really was I a hypochondriac when I dropped that bowling ball of my foot fractured in seven places? Ian: No, but that’s a- Anthony: See? Anthony: Need to ask you a big or possibly very small favor. Ian: Anthony, I’m your best friend Ian: Anything? Anthony: Need you to look at my dick. Ian:Nope! Anthony: Fine. I’m playing the best friend card *BEST FRIEND CARD* Ian: What is it? Anthony: I think I might have a ‘micropenis’ Ian: You mean a micro-penis? Anthony: a ‘micropenis’ Ian: It’s a micro-penis Anthony: ‘micropenis’. Ian: It’s a micro-penis Anthony: Look, 0.6 percent of males have been afflicted with a micropenis Ian: micro-penis. Anthony: I might have one and I would never even know Ian: Trust me dude. I think you know. 0.6% that’s six guys at our high school Anthony: I might be one of those six, and I wouldn’t know what till killed me dude Ian: Dude you would know because it looked like a little baby dick Anthony: Do you really expect me to remember when my little baby dick looked like? Ian: True point, but I mean you’ve seen like a naked baby boy running around before right? Anthony:Oh, no -you look at little baby dicks? Ian: No no no dude. It’s not like that Ian: You know you like you’re out on the beach Ian: And you got like a little little baby boy running around naked with his little dick out? I mean, I can’t control those parents Ian: They take the kids rated R movies. They’re giving their kids drugs like that’s-that’s just America these days Ian: I-I didn’t buy into this America. You know I’m saying? Ian: Anyway, you would know because compared to other guys yours would be really tiny Anthony: Goddammit it! -Ian! I know, I just are about 29 years of my life without seeing another dick and I plan to keep it that way. -Please *BEST FRIEND CARD* *BEST FRIEND C-* Ian: Okay! I’ll look at your dick,(yeshhhhh)-but it’s gonna take some training Anthony: What kind of training? Ian:Manly training. *Music* *DRAMATIC SHIEZA* Ian: So this is really cool setup and everything, but why the lavender candles? Anthony: What’s more manly than fire? Ian: True (huh?) oh yeah, fire, is super manly. (yeah) Anthony: Alright man, you ready? Ian:Ready. Anthony:Three- Ian:Two- Both: One! (:OOOOOOOOO) Ian: It’s normal. Anthony: Cool, thanks. Hey guys Thank you so much for subscribing if you want to see bloopers from this video click the box on the left Or click the box on the [right] to watch our super manly video guys guide to hugging guys

100 thoughts on “I HAVE A MICROPENIS

  1. Giorno Giovanna Post author

    exorcism? i thought you said circumcision

  2. RMC 247 Post author

    the golden days of smosh
    before they quit doing this shit in mid 2017

  3. Rodolfo Gongora Garcia Post author

    Anothony is 31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lucky Post author

    The reason Anthony was crying is because he knew he was leaving.

  5. cooldog 101 Post author

    Wait they both might have micro peens because the only peen ian has ever seen other than Anthony's is his. Soo that's why when ian said it's normal he is comparing his peen to Anthony

  6. Vika Greenas Post author

    Them abs tho anthony you flexing or what ๐Ÿ’ช

  7. Alexandria Lisa Post author

    8:00 me when doctor google tells me I have cancer๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Mia Weaver Post author

    This is gay oml I love u guys I couldn't stop laughing when the song came on and how he said micropenis ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. James Gould Post author

    Yeah I have a microwave mate – I donโ€™t go on about it mind.

  10. Landon Webb Post author

    The revenge of the angry inch with Anthony padilla

  11. Johnathan Alexander Post author

    I admit I also have a micro penis.
    Thank you

  12. Dante's plushies come to life El Post author

    why would people give kids drugs don't they know it can kill them whatever you do don't do drugs it can literally kill you

  13. Xx โ€ข M B โ€ข xX Post author

    Thats funny that this was on my bday

    XD this is a great gift

  14. ้™ณๆฅšๆญฃBill Chan Post author

    3:20 lol I remember that video that the hot gurl robot went inside tho

  15. anentacat Post author

    0:18 me when I donโ€™t make it in my sports team

    note: but for real I didnโ€™t make it into my tee ball team and that was my reaction

  16. NHC Assassination Post author

    Who else that thought it was ian in the bathtub

  17. DePugMaster Post author

    3:20 I just noticed that Anthony is holding the mirror backwards

  18. Terentius Brunneis Post author

    Man I miss Antony and Ian on smosh together….teleporting teleporting teleporting fat guy

  19. Ekagra Sinha Post author

    What I got from this video:
    2) Best Friend Song

  20. ReeceH510 Post author

    Anthony is smarter than Ian and while Anthony is more illiterate

  21. Respire Boltzyy Post author


  22. Red Mario Post author

    If you don't know what a micropenis is
    This is a regular penis
    But a micropenis is this

  23. Biลผecki Plays Post author

    I wish they still made videos like this ๐Ÿ™

  24. ONE PUNCH MAN Post author

    This video literally make me feel like I need to check with my friends wether mine is normal or a micro one ๐Ÿ˜‚ (seriously tho, is this normal?)

  25. Music ch2897 Post author

    What can you do with a micro penis? How can you have a great marriage with one?

  26. Dontreadmyname Post author

    this is the most gay video i have ever seen…

  27. Nihilistic Pancakeface Post author


    Leaving this here for future uses

  28. Matthew Kolbrich Post author

    I canโ€™t no longer do the same thing I donโ€™t know if I can get it to you or not but I donโ€™t know if I can get it to you or not but I donโ€™t know if I can get

  29. The Red Spider Post author

    0:36 the very first few videos on Anthony's channel in a nutshell

  30. Hrishi Alda Post author

    Body shaming of man is not same as body shaming of female


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