HubSpot Content Strategy Tool Overview

By | August 25, 2019

Hey sprockets here. So you ready to get your content marketing learn on topic subtopics pillar pages with Jenn Villa That’s right a guest today. You know what time it is Are you a hub spot user looking for fun and interactive? Education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to sprockets. Ah Thanks Jorge. Hi everyone. I’m Jen from impulse creative. And today I’m gonna teach you how to make a topic cluster in hub spot other clusters are super pertinent in the world of SEO right now because as the search engines Change and get smarter at understanding what? Content is semantically related. We need to stay on top of this and topic clusters are a great way to do this I’ll explain more as we go along so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to the marketing tab on your portal and you’re gonna go under Planning and strategy and click on content strategy. This is gonna take you to your content strategy tool I’m gonna show you guys one that I was working on for SEO. So I’m gonna click through here. This is content surrounding the topic of a pillar page for search engine optimization as a Service as you can see it right here in the center of this web the reason that these topic clusters look like a web is because the tool functions as a way for you to Understand how your content is related through interlinking So what we can see here is that this particular pillar page this main topic that we’re owning knowledge around We can see all of the blog posts that we have to support this pillar page so if you have a service page that You don’t have a lot of content supporting you can instantly tell by going in here and trying to match your content and seeing how expansive or weak Your web really is the green line here means that This page is linking to the main pillar page and showing a semantic Association So if I click on this article here how to get your business on Google’s right sidebar I can see that the title of the blog here and I can also see at the top here what? Keyword, I was trying to rank for which is very important to make sure that it’s optimized around that content It’s good to see two in your web a broad picture of what keywords you’ve already been trying to rank for So because this is blue that means that on this page I was indeed linking back to the search engine optimization page So if I go into this post I can tell and I know I’ve gotten into the habit now somewhere throughout here I’ve linked to the services page in this article else it would be red I’ll show you what a broken link might look like I actually have an article that I just recently wrote I’m going to go over to here. It’s on mobile indexing What I’m gonna do is I knew that my keyword that I was trying to rank for for this article Where’s mobile first indexing? So I’m going to hit save I can see that a subtopic keyword was created now I’m going to go over here and I’m gonna look for that that blog post they go to mobile first Indexing and try to find it. Okay cool. I just added that as Association. I’m gonna hit save now this is showing a green link because right before this video I had went in here and I Had added a link to the article. So if we go back to it, you can see at the very end here I am I linked I said don’t feel like doing it yourself Check out our services page if I were to go in I’m not gonna do it But let’s say you know what cuz I’m on the edge. Let’s do it real quick just to show you how this works So I’m gonna go in and remove this link. Let’s say for some reason Somebody else gets into your article You know have a link breaks these kind of things happen all the time with a a redirect So let’s just say that this line was removed and I was no longer Linking to this page. So I’m gonna hit update gonna go back into my topic Buster tool I’m going to refresh this and let’s see how Instantaneous it is. Alright, so now it’s still showing that still Shawn green here. Just making a liar out of me, right? But if I wasn’t linked in that article This would turn red I think that it needs a little bit of time to kind of screen it a little bit here to show that it’s broken But the idea is within, you know a couple of hours of a link This line would turn red and there would be a little like yield caution sign here showing you not this link was broken So I’m gonna go back in and just so that you know I’m not missing that you want to make sure that in your blog posts They’re all always linking back to your Associated pillar page or services page This tool is a wonderful way for you to make sure that all of your content is Interlinking and to also to see what content you have for associated pillar pages because there might be a service that you realize you only have maybe three blog posts around or something and this tool is a great way to To notice that and make sure that you have a powerful support system around That pillar to show the search engines and the users that you’re a thought leader on this topic so that was a little bit of a deep dive of the Content strategy topic cluster tool and HubSpot. I’m gonna flip it back to George, but thanks so much for watching All right sprocket tears. Did you like that tutorial then make sure you check out sprocket Ah calm for /fb that’ll take you right to our private Facebook group where we can carry on the conversation make sure you check out sprocket opcom for such audio and for Video to get to our podcast and while you’re on the interweb to check out our Facebook and our YouTube Channel hit the bells the links subscribes, you know all the things so that we know that you’re part of the community But more importantly check out the content strategy tool Make sure you’re doing pillar pages and sub topics make sure you’re paying attention to all the things you can do to have better SEO And while you’re doing that do some happy hub spotting

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