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By | August 10, 2019

HubSpot was founded on this
very simple observation that the world had changed. And most importantly, what
had changed was how people shopped and how they bought and how
they shared their experiences. But the organizations
just had not kept up. We came to this conclusion that
the traditional playbook really didn’t work. And that what
businesses needed to do, they needed to rethink
their go-to-market playbook to match the way modern humans
shopped and bought things. The reality is,
so many businesses wake up in the morning,
buy email lists, send out a bunch of junk mail
that no one’s going to open, despite the fact
that it doesn’t work. What Dharmesh and I did is
we put our heads together and we said, well,
let’s pull together all the tools of
the business we need to make this transition
to an inbound experience. So when we started
HubSpot, the problem we saw was that the task of gluing
all these tools together was a gargantuan one. I had to go out and
buy blogging software. And I had to hack together
social media tools and web analytics and hire
an SEO consultant and put in marketing
automation software. And it was a bear of a
project for a mere mortal like me to have to pull off. And so what HubSpot
came out to solve was build something
from the ground up to be this all-in-one marketing
and sales solution that allowed businesses
to get in the game. So HubSpot is not
just about technology. It’s about helping
businesses transform. And pulling off that
kind of transformation requires a special kind of team. One of the unique
things about HubSpot are the people behind it and
the culture behind our company. So when we started
HubSpot we thought we were starting a
software company. As it turned out,
we actually sparked this entire global movement. And what made that
movement possible is the passion of the
people and the team we were able to pull together. After almost a decade
of being at the heart of the inbound
movement, we’ve learned that the reason over 11,000
customers from over 65 countries have adopted this
new approach is because it’s a more effective way to track,
engage, and delight customers. It’s the philosophy and
the platform combined. There, our people, really
enable our customer success. It’s been very exciting to
see this very simple idea go from two people
in a tiny office to becoming this
global movement. The inbound experience is about
attracting not interrupting. It’s about helping
not harassing. It’s an empathetic approach
to growing a business, because, at the end
of the day, it’s not just the potential purchaser
that’s at the other end, it’s an actual person. [MUSIC PLAYING]

6 thoughts on “HubSpot: About Us

  1. New England Modeling Worcester, MA Post author

    Great clip! Cant wait til Sept. Inbound14 here I come!

  2. Gary Stockton Post author

    Great video, really captures intentional culture quite well.

  3. DCD Agency Post author

    Great video by @HubSpot  about what's behind the software, the company, and the movement.  

  4. GoCoOpe Post author

    Great! It's awesome to see that you care about the most minimum detail. Congratulations for what you've done!

  5. Amanda Popper Post author

    You guys are way better than the tradition ideas on business. Thanks for the info.

  6. Clwyd Probert Post author
    For those looking for more information on Hubspot follow the link above and come to the next HubSpot User Group event. We meet every three months. It's also a free event and everyone is welcome.


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