HTML(strong & bold – emphasized& italic – delete – insert – mark ) tags

By | December 12, 2019

so carrying on with how to make an
organized paragraph is this listen we will learn some tricks some tags will
help you to add some font styles without using CSS so we have bold and strong tag
will help you to make a bold text we have emphasized and italic tag will help
you to make an italic font we have small tag to make smaller text than normal we
have insert tag to make a line under the word deleted tag to make the line over
the word and finally we have marked tag to make marked text so I will use all of
them together within this paragraph so for the first one let we make it
italic so I will add paragraph let we just remove this tag so I will add a
paragraph for the first one and inside this paragraph let we make italic tag
and close it and then for the second sentence let we make paragraph but just
let we mark the HTML word so before HTML I will make mark tag then let we
change hint word to let wel make it small but let we make a paragraph for the whole
sentence and for this sentence let we make bold tag and then let we add any
number inside insert tag which will make a line under the sentence so let we type
any number like this , let we just organize tags like this and for this sentence
let we make paragraph so let we save now and see the result so here the emphasized or italic sentence and here marked world and here bold text and
hint is smaller than usual and finally a line under the number let we make a
deleted text add another paragraph so del short for deleted but let we add
a text and then we’ll add the deleted text so here is the deleted number so
here is the deleted number so the first one is emphasized or italic so
instead of oh I can use emphasize like this and then the second one is marked
and this is a normal paragraph and hint is small and this sentence is bold
we can make it strong it will be the same and then insert number and finally
we have a deleted text so let we save and see will be any difference or not so
here it is now the last program is bold but why this happened because here we
forgot to close strong tag so now everything below strong will be bolded
so let we close strong tag so here instead of small it will be strong nice
so here is the deleted number so finally there is a quiz similar to this so try
to solve it and don’t forget to show me what you have done in the comments see you

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