HTML meta tag verification in Webmaster Tools

By | August 14, 2019

Hi. I’m Maile Ohye. I’m a member of Google’s
Webmaster Support Team, here to help you with the HTML meta
tag method of verification in Webmaster Tools. Verifying ownership of your
site in Webmaster Tools provides you and Google a secure
channel for giving and receiving information. For this video, we’ll focus on
HTML meta tag verification. Including a specific HTML tag
is only one of several ways you can verify ownership
of your site. It’s a great option if you’re
familiar with HTML code, like , , and tags
and you know where and how to edit this content. Or if you’re using a Content
Management System, or CMS, like Google Sites, be sure
to follow any specific instructions from
your provider. If HTML tags look and sound like
gibberish, then perhaps give another one of the
verification methods a try. But for those of you who
want to try HTML tag, let’s get started. Make sure you’ve already added
your site in Webmaster Tools. Your site is where you tell your
friends or customers to go to see your home page. After adding your site, select
Manage Site, Verify This Site. If HTML Tag is not visible on
the recommended method tab, click the Alternate
Methods tab. Select HTML Tag. Now you’ll see the HTML
code for verification. Go ahead and copy this entire
line by highlighting and selecting Copy. Next, go into your HTML
editor and open your site’s home page. Your HTML editor might be in a
nice graphical interface or you might use a regular
text editor. If using a graphical interface,
make sure you’re in the HTML view and can see
the actual HTML code. In the head section of your home
page, paste the code just copied from Webmaster Tools. For example, I’ll paste
my code here. The ordering of this
verification tag and the title tag or other meta tags doesn’t
matter, but it must be within the head section. If your page doesn’t have a head
section, you may want to add one on the home page for
verification or consider using one of the other verification
methods. Once you’ve added the tag to
your home page, save the file. Now go to your browser and
enter your site’s URL. Once the home page loads,
view the source code in your browser. The verification code
should appear. If that test worked, go
back to Webmaster Tools and click Verify. When you click Verify, Google
will then scan your home page to find the specific
verification HTML tag. Again, this meta tag must exist
within the head section of the page. If Webmaster Tools can’t find
the tag, we’ll give you information about the error
we encountered. If the HTML tag is properly
added, the success screen will be displayed. Be sure not to delete the HTML
verification tag from the page, as this will cause your
site to become unverified. After successful verification,
Webmaster Tools may immediately display data about
your site or it may take a day or so. And now that you’re a verified
site owner, you can add more users to your site without their
needing to go through the same process. That’s all. Enjoy using Webmaster Tools. For more webmaster resources,
please see

41 thoughts on “HTML meta tag verification in Webmaster Tools

  1. Reachground Post author

    The Google Webmaster Help should provide a level system. This is obviously for level 1.

  2. bigblind Post author

    :p 1:14 "Your site is where you tell your friends or customers to go to see your homepage.", yep, people stuk in the 90's also need this info.

  3. Ileane Smith Post author

    Good information! It also makes the process less scary for people who aren't familiar with code to have a video for reference. Thank you.

  4. Nikolay Nikolov Post author

    Did you just said to a bunch of webmasters what a site is 🙂 (1:16)

  5. Michael Kohlfürst Post author

    I think that it is good that also beginners are getting provided. I am with reachground that there should be a level system.

  6. Michael Kohlfürst Post author

    The best method is on DNS or via Analytics Code cause then you do not have to change your HTML Templates which could get changed when you do an update of your content management system.

  7. Laughter On Water Post author

    I subscribed to this to learn answers to questions that other subscribers are asking. This video looks instead like one in a number of tutorials on how to use the Google Webmaster Tools. Please submit this video under GoogleWebmasterTuts or GoogleWebmasterTools or some other channel specific to tutorials rather than Q&A.

  8. Laughter On Water Post author

    Also, this is a fairly old-fashioned and complicated way to verify, especially for CMS's. I don't remember ever having done it this way.

  9. Matt Horwitz Post author

    Who's knowledgable here?…. What file would I add this HTML code to if I'm running WordPress? Thanks 🙂

  10. Matt Horwitz Post author

    Wow! Thanks Amy 🙂

    When you say theme settings, do you mean Appearance > Editor? If so, which file does it go into… I'm guessing I should be able to edit header.php right inside the editor?

    Thanks again !

  11. skybitscom Post author

    what the F is wrong with people? How can you criticize this woman whom is very smart and cares about people succeeding, not just doing a job alone. I do not understand any thumbs down hits either.

  12. Neil Deavers Post author

    I posted a sneak peek from my new training, which will guide you through the process of creating full featured and profitable websites very easily. please go to my channel and watch the video I posted.

  13. Old Hockerill Videos Post author

    Even someone needs a video to show them how to do this, they probably shouldn't be trusted to design a website.

  14. farab0verubiez Post author

    Does this tag only need to be added to the HTML section of the home page, or in the HTML section of each page?

  15. FMJGunny Post author

    If you use a software package like Adobe Dreamweaver as I do, they don't address that. I don't do html. So this was worthless and they don't address any other methods.

  16. Geraldine Ann Ford Post author

    It looks straight forward but I don't have a header on my site builder. I have a box for the title, a box for the description and one for the meta tags. So where do I paste the code?? 

  17. Zuhal Danyildiz Post author

    This worked like magic, thanks a lot, you rock!

  18. Victor V Post author

    Hi. I have used Webmaster Tools meta tag to verified my website, but now I realize I don't want to use the header as meta tag title, can I use plugin from another source to change my Meta Tag title and tag content?

  19. Вячеслав Сергеевич Post author

    google-site-verification: googleaaf570201cb64a7e.html

  20. Anaikutty Meenatchi Post author

    Would it possible to do repeated html tag verification

  21. Michelle Washington Post author

    A lot has happened since 2012. This video references pages that no longer exist


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