HTML dari Dasar – 2. Hello World

By | January 21, 2020

Hello Guys, welcome back to the series of HTML from Scratch Nah, in this episode we will create our first HTML that is, Hello World lets do it first, we open our desktop right click the mouse, then choose new then choose the text document and then, we give it a name let say, Halo Dunia (Hello World) change the .txt to .html enter yes for you guys, who in the first place the .txt do not showing up you need to open your file explorer choose tab view, then tick the file name extensions if you not tick it it will not show up the .html, .txt if it ticked, it will show it up oh ya, this is called extension then click 2 times the file and the browser will open up in this thing, it still empty because we not do anything yet on it let’s try it you guys need to open up your text editor in windows it self, it has built-in text editor, it called notepad choose open with, then choose the notepad nah, write, lets say, Halo Dunia (Hello World), for example, or anything you guys want it to be save it, then refresh the browser nah, there will be show up the normal text like what we wrote on the notepad nah like the previous episode for example, we want to show up the Halo Dunia (Hello World) as it is like a Headline, How is it? with adding the tag, that is tag h1 this is opening tag, and in the end, there is a closing tag OK, save then refresh the browser it will show up the Halo Dunia as it is like a Headline Okey, that is for this episode on the next episode, we will learn Basic Structure of HTML itself goodbye

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