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By | January 14, 2020

HTML block.
An HTML block is a customisable block allowing you to add
images, text, links or even embedded code or widgets to blocks at the side of your course.
You don’t need to understand HTML code to use it.
You can add more than one block as you see here where we
have for instance an image of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris which links to a
website of Paris tourism and a weather widget, using code from an external
site. To add a block we turn on the editing
and then from the Add block link in the nav drawer, we choose the block we want – HTML
block. Let’s add an image and link to
that image so when the block is added we need to configure the new HTML block
by clicking the icon. We give it a title – I’m going to call it Bonjour
and then in the content we add the image we want.
I already have a Public domain image of the Arc de Triomphe on my
desktop so I’m simply going to drag it in. Note the text editor I’m using is
Moodle’s Atto editor which allows you to drag and drop an image in.
We could simply save it and display it now, but we’re
going to link this image to Paris tourism website. So if we select the
image and then click the link icon we can then paste in the URL of the Paris
tourism website which we will have already found and copied in another tab.
When we save the changes we will see the images there and it’s linked to the website.
And that is how you add HTML blocks!

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