How You Help HubSpot Grow Better

By | September 13, 2019

This is a piece of customer feedback. It’s three sentences, 39 words, 156 characters long. Some pieces of feedback are longer, and some are shorter. Some might be urgent, and others can probably wait. But anyone who has ever written feedback wonders — does anyone actually read it? On its own, a piece of feedback is easy to ignore. But the customer who wrote it spent weeks, months, and sometimes even years thinking about ways to improve your company and products. At HubSpot, we think that deserves our attention. That’s why we read all our feedback. It starts when your feedback reaches our team — and we mean our entire team. Product experts, customer success managers, marketers, and more can discuss the issue. We compare this single piece of feedback with hundreds of other tweets, emails, chats, and calls, and the problem starts to become clear. So we all come together to scope out the project, build the feature, test it with users, and refine based on results. Finally, the feature is released to you. That single piece of feedback helped us create a better product and customer experience than we ever imagined. So to anyone who has ever tweeted at us after a long day troubleshooting, thank you. To those of you that emailed your concerns after combing through countless articles, thank you. To everyone who has ever called, chatted,
or submitted a survey, thank you, thank you, and thank you. We see you, we hear you, and we value every character, word, or sentence that you type. You help us Grow Better.

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