How will SEO be affected by artificial intelligence (AI)? – Real Smart Marketing #2

By | August 7, 2019

Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Real Smart Marketing I’m Joei, content marketer at Mention. In this expert series, We’ll be asking top influencers big marketing questions So, let’s say hi to today’s real’ smart marketers: Hey everybody, it’s Sam Mallikarjunan from HubSpot and Hi, I’m Rand Fishkin, Founder and Wizard of Moz. Hello everyone, my name is Larry Kim I’m the Founder of Wordstream What’s up everybody My name is Sujan Patel. I’m an enterpreneur and marketer Co-founder of and Today’s question is How will artificial intelligence affect SEO? In other words, As Google starts to think even more like a human being What does it mean for us marketers? Let’s hear it from the experts. It’s a really interesting question. The search engines are just a lot better now at understanding what someone means when they ask a question and understanding what we mean when we write and publish content So search engines are getting pretty good at knowing what a video or an audio clip or an image is actually about so the content that you’re creating for all these channels and for mobile and social and everything else is gonna also finally be useful for SEO. Which is going to have an interesting work impact because people that are now primarily creative or artistic folks are gonna have to deal with what writers dealt with and start thinking about SEO. I also think historical optimization is gonna become a lot more important now we’re gonna have to go back and refocus on injecting more meaning into the content as well as conversion optimizing those posts because meaning is gonna be so much more important in terms of determining ranking. In my opinion, as we see artificial intelligence and deep learning natural language processing take over more and more of the world of searches and as we see a greater number of voice searches which are longer and more conversational as well as more types of searches that come from different kinds of devices my opinion is that SEO is gonna have to accommodate by getting smarter about its keyword research that means, figuring out what types of intent those searches have on all those different devices and platforms and it’s gonna mean that content has to do a better job of serving that searcher intent going forward this is going to require SEOs to revisit a lot of their basics getting my keyword research right, tie that to my content And I dont think it’s gonna change SEO much from a domain perspective or from a traffic perspective but I think those SEOs who fail to connect these dots are gonna lose out. Artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on SEO ranking algorithms because instead of just looking at links and keywords to a page Google can look at the user intent signals and whether or not a page met the intent of a user’s query. so one area where I suspect that SEOs will be greatly impacted by these changes is if you happen to be running a domain that has very, very strong domain authority with lots of links pointing to it and maybe you have like mediocre content that’s not terrible but not great and that you’re ranking for that currently I think that kind of content is most vulnerable from future AI updates because Google will then be able to figure that out. I think linkbuilding that factor that’s been around the first decade of SEO is almost dead I think social mentions and social proof have taken over the social currency But I think with AI, customization and more personalization is gonna be the prevalent indicator in SEO I think it’ll be some time before that becomes a dominant trait but I think you’ll start to see a lot more a lot, lot, lot, more fast learning algorithms as well as personalization come into the mix. So as search engines get even better at understanding search intent and natural language, we need to step up our SEO game That means doing better at keyword research and creating more relevant content. We also need to think about SEO for video and image content and optimize it for new devices and voice searches. No pressure, sounds easy enough what do you think? share with us in the comments down below We’ve linked to tons of SEO resources in the description box feel free to check them out give me a thumbs up subscribe, and I’ll see you next time 😉 bye!

8 thoughts on “How will SEO be affected by artificial intelligence (AI)? – Real Smart Marketing #2

  1. Patrick ionCube Post author

    Great insight – I think AI SEO will hit us much sooner than we think with Google's often ever so sudden announcements (if any). My biggest issue is creating content specific to our niche customers and it would be interesting to see if future changes will affect us.

  2. Mention Post author

    BIG THANKS to our pals from HubSpot, Moz, Wordstream, and!

  3. Jon Latzer Post author

    We tend to lump AI into a single monolithic category. Maybe it is, I certainly am not qualified to render an opinion on it. I'm curious to know if SEO will evolve to identify different algorithms within AI that will effectively make the search within that area effective

  4. Derek Marin Post author

    Guys, this is super interesting. Can you send us some links for your favorite blogs or ebooks on this very topic please?!

  5. Cyber Reach SEO Post author

    Excellent and highly actionable video. I think AI is going to be great for SEO because marketers are forced to produce great content that people want to engage in and share. Do you think Google itself knows everything about it's AI, can the AI start to develop negative patterns and biases that it can hide from Google.

  6. Cyber Reach SEO Post author

    Do you see any negatives in terms of SEO coming from a super intelligent algorithm that is virtually limitless. Sometimes when you hear people from Google speak they are always saying "I think" or "probably" as if they are observing the actions of the AI and not necessary steering the machine learning algorithm themselves.

  7. Juila Hart Post author

    Mason Soiza

    Thanks for sharing this informative video.

    Check this out:



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