How to your facebook page activity insight 2018

By | November 4, 2019

How to your facebook page activity insight 2018 Here this is my facebook profile my question is I have the multiple base out there So for any one page, what is the mack Twitty? How many people tell me to like? So part there how many this will be likes or not? So here I’m setting for my Facebook page slash a 13-foot my page here. This is our fish if you checked any activities or in admin or moderator in access from this application after day is a Anything modifier they got access here in this one go to settings This one go to settings The settings We can show option Poly’s here activity log. See ya this prologue the Final option is fun. What is that activity lock click here? Where is you can posting in this option? See ya? Do your hosting option after that see how many photos we are shading? This is the sharing videos The operation I’m shy not so many videos but in the time is not after any videos that you had no voice no voice no voice June so yeah, just post your comments other post to your timeline These are your page activity in this option Suppose you can check further view for each clip required but beach view silicone click See this option go back Complete go back Just go back Okay varied option bodies Publishing June I’m checking for I’m a blame on video How many kids done my a particular video that is number two well publishing tool You can check each and every information it check for each and every information for your Facebook page purpose. See I mean each 32 how many clicks to But they wish to clicks put in is the to click is a images Publish post people to the video library nothing but video click site to watch this clip You see How many views? 19 490. Dh8 11 say 1 H 0 this one 6 33 34 52 is on Here has a doubt suppose activities believes food How do you it is my activity that is our rap or any videos share to the Facebook groups accurate will be this that is for increase your views and Facebook page like songs from this forum How very important option a disc our Facebook page insights timbered another takes? Facebook page analytics in this part you can reach here You can see first on one-by-one action page Coding page here For what you Write or what may be an option. I tell you Facebook page another things Posture one page likes Page abuse a Treat Most engagement Page radius Paige followers These are very important These are very important here. This is my page will is when September 6 to September – well how many? 40 Pages reviews how many three? reach – not mine hosting a mint 41 video views one page followers fight here for a discuss Pink is your page views and page subscribers are nothing but followers, but mainly dependent by your videos Why because mobile friendly is comfortable for the Facebook videos? the Facebook videos Increase your range the really visual hosting a mint that is piped is your page like sander pager website clicks that is per your Based on the videos and your the DVD we can promote along with the hashtags Drinker as trucks that is probably increase your option this year You see this what is called? Export your data you can check your activity log within the site in download your professor for lost they won this now click here or that Today it stirred it now seven days plus your DNA’s maybe check promotions If you do any kind of Facebook as you are learning how to check your promotions Option Here remember Facebook we have the life of two names Facebook analytics Facebook Insights if anyone asking by one of the Facebook in say nothing, but another things we check for traffic pageviews followers Engagement. I do video views. I think this your page likes Oh, yeah, I’m doing anything in the promotion is a zero for nothing my followers You can check one by one option here Not check either followers Followers or we can go with the lightly like this will be once instead of my followers Here my question is how to increase my Facebook followers That is star camp load on content shade to bed days to Facebook groups Instrument the likes reach page views page reviews. These are option can know about you on your Facebook page insight if anyone asked a question Where it will check the specific video views. That is tough Publishing tools if checked our total Facebook page engagement and page views subject all is Facebook page insights please ID on Face book publishing post Tama photos Video view clicks We can check On Facebook page Publishing tool option Facebook page publishing tools option If you check facebook page activity That is called Facebook inside option Facebook inside you’re doing any spelling mistake I am sa g HT is inside took the screen inside you can check facebook page likes Page followers Facebook page engagement Individual post engagement Page previous Contain reach Even reach video reach ad Etc option So this is for Facebook instead option for checking for Facebook page activity purpose

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