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By | October 1, 2019

How do you write YouTube keyword tags to get more views for your video? Well, there’s a lot of change
happening with keyword tags. YouTube says they may not
be as helpful anymore, but people are still using
’em, and winning with them. So I’m going to tell
you what they’re doing. Hey welcome to,
my name is Dane Golden, and I’m making these videos because I love helping marketers
and business owners like you grow your customer community through helpful how to videos. So keyword tags, or
keywords, or tags on YouTube, you don’t actually see
them when you’re watching a YouTube video, they’re
underlying in the code, and you can enter those when
you create your YouTube video. Is it worth it? Some videos actually
never create any tags, and they do great. And some create plenty
of tags and they do bad, and there’s a mix and match. So how many tags, what kinds of tags, YouTube says they’re really
not using these tags anymore. I frankly don’t believe
them, they are important, and some creators, and YouTube gurus are continuing to use them,
and they’re continuing to get a lot of value from them. So here’s an approach
that’s worked for me, and I think it can work for you. In the first place, you
want to have some keywords that are similar across all your videos, maybe three or four videos. The name of your company,
the name of your video host, a misspelling, maybe
one particular keyword that is about your industry
that is always identified with your business. Next, what’s the general
category of your business? What is the type of business you and your competitors belong to? Maybe a couple of words on that, those should be also in every video. After that, you want to
put some key words about the sort of general category
of video that you’re making, the general topic. Now, what is the specific video about? What are some specific phrases that people might be searching on
when they’re looking for a video like this? Well, you’d have to sort
of do an auto complete in YouTube, type the words
in, and see what comes up. Ideally, your title is
one of those phrases, and you should also put the
full title in the keyword area. To separate each of these
keywords and long tail keyword tag phrases, you
want to have a comma. Very simply, those long
keyword tag phrases can work very well for your video if people are looking
for that specific thing, they find it, and they find you. Now I’m going to caution you, you don’t want to put in keywords that don’t describe this video. Why is that? The reason is is because if people end up looking for that type of topic that isn’t you, they find your video, they
will watch it for a very short period of time, and watch time as we know is very important for videos. And if they watch it because you said it was about Kim Kardashian, and it’s not, your video will be ranked
much lower, and fewer people will see it, so you
want it to be accurate, you can put as many words as you want. You don’t have to key word stuff, but if you have a lot of variations, go ahead and put those in there. I’ve given you another video to watch that has the same keyword
tags as this video, let’s find out if they’re related. See you in the next video.

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