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By | September 5, 2019

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for you so guys when we refer to website marketing we’re not actually talking
about running ads to your website really there’s four main parts that we’re going
to discuss plus some other strategies that you’re going to want to be aware of
that we’re going to cover in this video the first being the continued analysis
of how users interact with your website also known as user experience user
experience is huge in website marketing and it’s something we’re going to talk
about for sure in today’s video number two is going to be website design okay
how the website actually looks and appeals to the users is it clean and
neat or is it super jumbled then there’s just information all over the place and
it’s hard to navigate number three is going to be implementing lead magnets
and call to actions throughout your website and in several different places
it’s not always a button sometimes it’s just a link so we’ll talk about that too
and number four is tracking how users got to a site and then what they did
after they arrived at whatever webpage they came to but really with those four
things you’re going to be able to understand how to market a website
better and we’re gonna go through several different topics up here in a
second that cover basically how to perform all of those four tasks oh and
really quick guys if you’re starting a marketing agency tell us a little bit
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hello and will pick one winner okay so the first thing we want to look at guys
is making sure that your website actually talks to your customers and you
can do that by simply making the wording you use or choosing the right type of
wording on the website for your copywriting whether it be a sales page
or home page or any other pages on your site you can see that certain things
like here wanting to level up we know that our audience is a lot younger
they’re not you know in the older demographic so we’re going to try and
speak to our younger audience and we know that they’re looking at keywords
like digital marketing agency personal brand we know SMMA is a keyword that
they’re using or that people know in this industry so we want to make sure
that we use words that people are already familiar with and we even use
words like in some of our blog content we’ll say bro and dude and you know just
things that you know you wouldn’t necessarily see in another type of
article and the reason why is because we know our audience is super young next is
actually building a flow to your website and we like to call this the grid flow
where basically you have grids going all the way down each page of your website
that relate to what is going on in that users buying process basically they
start off here at the very top of our homepage we give a little bit of
information about what this is all about we give some validation basically
layering in some Authority then we have a call to action right then we have more
authority and validation then we have more free resources and information
about starting your agency so you can see there is a layered blocked out
effect and this effect works really well because we’re not just stacking in you
know five things of authority or five call to actions we have call to actions
separated by authority which are separated by testimonials which is
separated by more information and value and so on and so forth so layering your
site is super important as far as delivering your content to audiences and
figuring out the best way to layer that content is really gonna be beneficial to
you and guys this is all about user experience so if you actually hit f12 on
your keyboard it’s actually going to do this right here and you can see what our
website looks like and the cool thing is it’s got this little toggle up here so
we can see what desktop looks like and what mobile looks like in if you guys
know anything about marketing nowadays you know how important mobile is right
so you can get a good idea of how users are using
your website from a mobile perspective and from a desktop perspective and
really determine which one you need to put your primary focus on with us at a
cereal entrepreneur we know that most people coming to our website are
actually using desktop instead of mobile so we focus more on making sure that our
website version of our site is performing it you know top level all the
time and we make sure obviously that our mobile is good but we spend more time on
our desktop side of things one thing we will note though is that SEO
optimization is highly dependent on mobile optimization of a site so we
definitely wanted to make sure that our mobile end of things is good too now
really quickly guys we want to talk about keyword strategy and it’s because
of how important keyword strategy is for a site if you’re not selecting and
placing your keywords properly on each web page and your entire site then
you’re not going to show up in search engine results the way you’d like to
which is obviously going to hurt traffic which will hurt sales right so for
example we have right here a topic cluster for our how to start a social
media marketing agency right this is our primary topic right how to start a
marketing agency and we have all of these subtopics right like Facebook
marketing Instagram marketing YouTube snapchat Twitter website email
pay-per-click search engine content marketing building a team landing all of
these are different topics that are related to starting a marketing agency
and what we’ve done is we’ve created our primary topics with all of our sub
topics our sub are basically our second level topics our third level topics on
our fourth level topics and all of these are sub topics of the previous level of
topic right then what we do is we get the volume we have our difficulty as far
as ranking our primary keyword and secondary keywords mapped out for each
one of those articles so we know what keywords were focusing on in each
article and then we also have goal links which is basically a link that we’re
trying to drive all of that traffic to we have any other links that are
included within the actual body of the article as vertical or horizontal links
basically linking to other articles in this topic cluster whether it be above
or below as far as it being a sub topic right all of this information is being
tracked and we know which keywords are placed where that way we’re not
duplicating primary keyword placement or secondary keyword placement within the
same topic right you only want one primary keyword per topic so for example
if we had Facebook marketing was the primary keyword for creator sorry if
facebook business page was the primary keyword for creating a Facebook page of
this topic right here we obviously wouldn’t want to use that on any of
these other pieces of content or other articles that we create right so mapping
these keywords out for your sales pages your home page or about page contact
page FAQ pages any blog content all of this needs to be mapped out with what
keywords you plan on using on each page that way you’re optimizing each page for
that keyword so guys going off the keywords one thing I really recommend is
if you’re going to spend a lot of time trying to drive traffic to a site from
in organic perspective or you have the opportunity to build a lot of content
for your for your clients then you’ll want to really consider using a blog
first approach for that client now I will say that a lot of local businesses
aren’t gonna benefit a ton from blog content but if they have a large
geographical reach if your business has a large geographical reach blog content
can usually do them wonders okay so focusing on how you’re gonna plan out
those keywords and topic clusters are for web pages or for your blog content
what your h1 tags will be your basically your h1 keywords your h2 keywords your
h3 keywords right all of your header keywords which these that’s just a bit
your h3 just means header 1 header 2 header 3 all of these are keywords that
basically tell Google what this topic or what this article is about ok and so
these are important to understand and to map out and to plan for your content for
your clients but the biggest thing being if you’re going to go the blog first
approach then you want to make sure that you’re really spending time creating
quality content and not just publishing any old piece of common another great
thing about websites is adding in call to actions now obviously we have our
basic call to actions like our start here button right and this is gonna take
us to one of our primary products but we also have call to actions like you can
see right here want free training videos to build a one hundred thousand dollar
plus for your online business join over ten thousand plus active members in the cereal entrepreneur Academy community so then they enter their information which
puts them into an email subscribe list which the then sends them a big old
automation full of s MMA training content personal branding training
content all kinds of stuff another great
call-to-action feature to put on your website which is super simple to
integrate is like you can see right here with this facebook Messenger bot
this allows me to have a mess of basically a live support or a live chat
option for anybody visiting my site who might have a question about marketing
also it’s asking them if they want that free training again so we have two
places where we can get them to subscribe to either an email list or a
messenger list and really we don’t care which list they join because we’re gonna
send them the same content pretty much either way other things that are a value
to your audiences are understanding that they want to see things like reviews and
all of that so if we go to our digital marketing school 2.0 course we can show
how we’ve layered in more value right we didn’t just tell people you know you can
start an agency we also showed them things like what’s included in our in
our marketing agency program right we have all of these different lectures and
modules what’s in each one right if we go into Facebook these are all of our
Facebook lessons Instagram lessons right so we’re giving people value in showing
them what exactly is in our program without them having to do any guesswork
right we tell them all of the extra benefits they’re gonna get when they
sign up today the price right we have other people that we have inside of the
program who our guest trainers that are amazing what they do that we’ve put on
our homepage right to let you know who else is in here we have reviews and
testimonials these are super important because customers don’t want to have to
go search for these they want to find them easily and if you’re not hosting
them on your website you’re gonna make it difficult for customers to find them
right you don’t you never want a customer to have to search for reviews
about your product or service you don’t you know even though you have them on
Google and you have them on Facebook you want them visible on your website as
well right and then just more FAQ and information call to actions right so
we’re layering in all of this information and all of this value for
our potential audience so guys really quickly if you’re really interested in
figuring out more that you can do about you know website optimization and how
you can really make it even better we also put together this video right up
here on what is probably wrong with your website and how to fix it so make sure
to either come back to this video later open it up in a new tab but make sure to
check that video out I promise you’re gonna love that one too now the next
thing I want to talk about with you guys is going to be wire framing all right
these are some extra tips for planning websites and really getting it right so
wire framing is what makes website development a whole lot easier without
building a wire frame you’re really just kind of
shooting in the dark okay and a wireframe is exactly what it sounds like
it’s a frame or a wireframe of the website and what it will look like so
for example this is our home page that we built out for the website that we
were just showing you right here this is actually what it looked like before it
became a website and you can see we have all kinds of notes for example what is
our primary keyword what are any LSI keywords that we might be using in this
webpage right and there’s actually more on a list and an Excel spreadsheet
somewhere that we created that goes along with this we have all of our
different navigation buttons that we want at the top right and what each one
is supposed to be with the note we have our floating life support messenger
thing right over here that you can see our social proof pop-up we have our
social icons like you can see on the sidebar right over here right so there’s
a lot that goes into building these but I promise you by spending time building
this wireframe your website is going to come out the way you want it to look a
lot sooner than if you try to just do it without any type of guidance if you’re
hiring a web developer this is especially needed if you don’t know how
to develop a website and I mean like expert level development you don’t need
to be the one working on it so that means you’re going to need to find a
professional developer this is where you actually take that wireframe give it to
the developer and say hey this is what I need done this is what we’re you know
what copy we want and you can even leave notes you can create a legend or some
type of table of contents that tells people exactly what to look for when
they actually go through your your wireframe and you can see green green
comments there are actually different things please add correct as featured in
icons right this is just a note versus something that we actually want inside
of the actual website so you can see more notes over here we have all of our
buttons we have our footer down here with all of our call to actions
everything that we need for our each webpage has been built out like you can
see right here and if we go through this you can see every single webpage has
been built out with copy on it all kinds of keywords everything that we wanted
for each one of the websites is built out here wireframing is super important
guys do not forget to do this one of the next tools I want to give you guys and
this is really more relevant relative to planning keywords and planning your
actual content strategy is going to be search console if you haven’t checked
out Google search console it’s completely free tool that you should be
using on every single one of your clients
websites if you don’t have a client yet then go and hook your website up to
Google search console and see what kind of search traffic you’re driving it
shows you what keywords people are using to find your website what pages people
are finding on search engines right on Google search what countries people are
coming from devices search appearance you have all kinds of information here
click-through rates your average position in all of your content and
since we have over 300 articles we obviously have a much higher average
position our top 10 articles though are usually within the top 3 search results
which is really what we want we actually have about 40 articles that are in the
top 5 to 10 search results which is really really great for us but obviously
since we create 300 it’s gonna be harder for us to have an average position
that’s much lower and don’t that’s what I guess that’s another point I want to
make is don’t necessarily see this information and assume oh well we’re not
ranking anywhere good because the more content you have the harder it is going
to be to keep that average ranking lower so those are actually articles that you
can either remove from your content or from your website if you you know think
that it’s probably going to be a good move for you and the next is going to be
Google Analytics guys making sure that you’re using analytics to look at
information on your website so for example we can look at behavior right
what pages people are going to how many times per month those people are going
to those pages how much time on average people are spending on those pages
entrances are bounce rate are exit rate you can have all kinds of information
basically tied to each one of these pages and then it even gets more
segmented when you look at the individual page so I can look at this
specific page and I can find out information about how this page is
performing in general and the cool thing is guys you can see this is just for a
week we’ve already had 830 page views in total 734 unique page views on this page
in just a week so this is a piece of content that we now know ok people want
to learn about pricing right so what we’re actually in the process of doing
right now is optimizing our pricing article that we have in our blog content
why because we know we’re going to be able to drive more traffic to it which
means more leads which means more awareness for our brand which means
obviously more sales and growth right so this tool is super imperative for you to
be using with your website creation your website planning and strategy process
now guys I know that was a lot to learn in a really quick period of time so no
worries if you want all you have to do is again go over to our website we have
a whole section just on website marketing so if you want to see more on
that go over there click the sub category for website marketing on the
right hand side of the webpage in our blog content which by the way is under
the free training section just go in there find the website marketing section
and you have all you need to know but as promised since you stayed till the end
make sure you check out the link right below this video in the description and
we will send you our free two week s MMA training plus make sure to leave a
comment about your agency and your journey so far and we’ll pick one winner
to give away three months of our mentorship program too but that’s it for
this video guys I hope you enjoyed you can about any questions or comments
about website marketing please leave them below if you liked this video throw
us a thumbs up and let us know that you liked it but that is it for this video
guys I hope to see you on the next one until then
cereal entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start living the six-figure work
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