How to Use YouTube for Business: Why Use YouTube? – Video SEO Tips

By | August 23, 2019

How to Use YouTube for Business: So, why Youtube? What you might not know, and what a lot of actually don’t know, is that Google feeds off of Youtube like the plague! So when you think about your business and think about trying to rank first on that first page of Google when someone types in whatever industry that you’re in, you’ve got to think about what other optimal ways to put your business out there? And Youtube for business is that platform because Google loves, loves loves loves, uh, videos. The reason being that it allows the user to be more engaged. It allows them to interact with the content, allows them to comment on the content. But it also allows to get every one of their senses as a human uh into the video. You know uh it allows them to experience it in a way that a blog or that an article can not do. So Youtube for business, being the second biggest platform, only next to Google, you can only imagine that that marriage right there because Google owns Youtube, is completely intricate in a sense that Google is now displaying Youtube videos as actual content that pops up in that first or second page, or third page, or sixth or whatever.

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