How to Use WP to compress Your Web Photos (SEO Basics part 14 of 17)

By | August 23, 2019

So one of the ways to make your website load
faster is to reduce the photo file sizes that you have on your website. So I’m going to
show you how to do that in this video. Okay so in our past videos we showed you how to
test your website or speed test to make sure that it’s operating as fast as possible pace
but I’m going to show you some plugins that’s going to really help you with making your
website faster. So one of the plugins outside of the box when you download WordPress is
WP Super Cache. It’s already in your plugins so make sure that it’s activated and if you
don’t have it you can just add it to your plugins. The other thing I want to recommend
is called WP Smush.It. So go ahead and type in “wp” and you’ll want to put w
smush dot it. So that’s the first one that shows up. Go ahead and install this and basically
what this plugin does is it checks all of your images that are inside your media and
it compresses it so that way your media files are smaller. So if you go to Media files on
the top left and you click on it you’re going to see all of these images that you currently
have. and you’re going to see this column that says ‘’ and it says “this is
currently not processed. now”. If I were to basically click on this button the
plugin I installed will basically compress the files so the image file is smaller. It
takes less time for that website to download because it reduces the images file size. So
as you can see it reduces it by 5.4%. Now I can actually click this bulk action and
click “BULK SMUSH.IT” and it’s going to basically smush all of of my files so that way it can
be compressed. So it says “processing, this has been smushed, all of these have been smushed”
and it’s currently trying to process the rest of these. As soon as this is done I’ll continue.
Okay as you can see the file has finished the processing, let’s go back to
the media images and see how this has been compressed. As you can see some images will
be able to smush further than others. Some will be 5% reduction, maybe 1%, 2%, 3%. This
one is actually reduced by almost 20%. So it’s worth trying to smush as many files as
possible. This one is reduced by 32%. So this all is just space. This is all trying to reduce
your file size like I said, every little bit counts because when we’re talking about download
speed, one second, one and half seconds could be the difference between someone checking
out your website or bouncing. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video about WP
and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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