How To Use Tailwind Tribes to Get Pinterest/Instagram Traffic for Free

By | December 9, 2019

Hi, this is Rochelle and today we’re going to be talking about tailwind by the end of this video You will not only know how to become a member How to join a tribe how to create a tribe How to use your Pinterest and Instagram for organic traffic and Connect it to your YouTube channel So stick around and let’s get started You Hi, this is Rishabh and today we’re gonna be talking about tailwind by the end of this video You will not only know how to become a member how to join a tribe how to create a tribe how to use your Pinterest and your Instagram for organic traffic and Connect it to your YouTube channel So stick around and let’s get started Hi, this is Rochelle and welcome to my channel, um for use people that don’t know me I Do research all around the internet and I look for places and different types of products and services that you can get for free All my tutorials I put it cut out are all free Okay, so that being said today we’re going to be talking about tailwind So let’s get started Go to your browser and type in WWE win app calm This will could then come up and Then you’ll see a tailwind hear smarter visual marketing now I normally don’t use any other type of thought of marketing apps But I was watching a video today and it gave me some really good information so we’re gonna be signing up to Tailwind with a free trial and I’m going to sign up with my Pinterest So if you don’t already have a Pinterest and you’re interested in signing up to tailwind Then I have tutorials where I talk about Pinterest And I will put them in the bottom Underneath this tutorial for you So now this is now gonna open into my Pinterest account And as its opening, I also want to mention that I Have other tutorials where I’ve talked about making a new Google account, but for your YouTube channel so now I’m just gonna sign in with my Pinterest account and I’m going to Authorize this app and I’m not sure whether this is signed me into the right place or not Yes, it has okay, so now I’m going to authorize this app Good authorize the app Now it’s redirecting me back to tailwind Now this is even before I I have started the trial now Having trouble. Okay. Let’s see If this has gone through the way that it’s supposed to it looks like it has So this is going to be doing marketing using your Pinterest and your Instagram Okay. Now it says set up your login. This is the login to tailwind So create my password. I’m just going to create a password And then a my a blogger or a small business I am part or mid-sized company or I’m large and I’m just gonna say I am a blogger for a small business Complete your account Now the thing that I liked about this was that you didn’t need a credit card To sign up and I know that that’s what stops a lot of people they don’t like putting their credit card information Out on the internet, and I I don’t blame you If you do want to ever use a credit card, you can always just get a prepaid credit card for like twenty five dollars and use that so that Nobody can get access Install our Chrome extension and this is required to schedule pins Okay, so I’m going to install the Chrome extension Now I’m doing this all real time so that I could show you exactly what you do Because I know that there are a lot of tutorials out there and they’ll tell you all about using Tailwind and how good it is and how good it is for marketing But they don’t actually show you what to do or how to sign up so That’s what I’m doing right now. What I’m doing is I’m going into the Chrome Web Store and I’m getting the extension And as soon as this comes in it says tailwind publisher add to Chrome. That means that it’s going to add the extension to my browser So I’m gonna click on that now it’s going to add this to my my browser and This little box will come up Where it’ll then ask you again ad extension And then you would then click add extension And then this little box will come up here it’ll say tail when publisher has been added to your Chrome And this is where you’ll find it. If you look on your browser, it’ll be with your other extensions that are in here and the main reason for that and I’m going to go through that later is to Schedule Actually, we’re going to click into schedule right now because it says to do that Okay Now It gives you your instructions you’ll see this red this orange come up here and it’ll say collect your selective words, so What is My and it has taken my boards from my Pinterest so now I’m going to click click to Select a board that I want now for the purpose of this the reason why I’m getting it in the first place is So that I can be able to integrate and use my YouTube as well. So I am looking for my actual YouTube postings Where I have it, I have many different boards here. So Just bear with me while I look for it I’m gonna take this in In Korea, I’m going to select a new board just create a brand DIY okay, and It also says you can select multiple boards if you like. Just click or start typing to select another one okay, so So this is where I’m going to put my pin description and I’m just gonna say this Pin is going to be And of course I want this going to my youtube channel, so it’s going to just say the DIY Affiliates YouTube channel no, that’s not really good keywords, but I’m just doing that as an example Okay Next it says click the pin source URL Okay, so What I have to do now is I need to go to my YouTube and I have to find the video that I want to click there or I’m not sure if I can actually just click my my channel, but I’ll try that I’ll see if I could just if I can’t just put my channel in there then I will just use a video So In there and make sure that I take that away and out, there we go And then next it says choose how to schedule your peon so Automatically scheduled at the best times at Q. Okay Okay, so that is creating our first pin, okay So that I’ve just scheduled my first pin and my schedule has then come up here and it is today But it’s saying don’t worry because this is this will not be actually pinned this is just an example So next you can then add European to different areas Where you want it to go I’m just gonna click Next Okay, so now you’re ready to head off into the wild Okay, so There is videos that you can watch AirWatch mastering tailwind video guide Set up my pinning schedule our explore analytics Dashboard, so these other videos are available. I Say if I click into this one here This is then going to tell me a little bit about Mastering the tailwind as far as the App interest goes so you can watch that at your own leisure Okay, now the next thing that I heard about this was that you could actually Join a tribe Which are people that would be in the same category as you That are willing to share their followers Okay so As you can see here. There’s a number of other people’s different pins That have just come up That then you can then add To help them as well And they can help you which I’m going to get into right now, which is the tribes This was my main interest in checking out this marketing program was to see how easy it was to to set it up and To see what the tribes were all about Join like-minded people in your niche to share relevant content and grow your reach So let’s get started with the tribes Okay, so what topics do you pin about well I can devote quite a lot of topics but Basically it says choose three to five categories and We will recommend the best tribes to you. Okay, so you want to do something that’s in your niche and actually, I Need to look at all the categories here I would say that It would be It would be marketing Would be number one health and fitness DIY and crafts and I also Have tattoos which are very popular and Technology, okay, so I’m gonna click Next These are my five categories DIY and crafts health and fitness, okay We have found some tribes we think you’ll love join any tried to get started. Okay, so, let’s see Let’s join the tailwind welcome tribe, so we’re gonna join this one Now remember I am doing the free trial right now and I believe at seven days and you have A hundred of pins that you can do and I believe you can join five tribes With this Sub-types, it’s just loading the comment right now And there’s going to be a video And let’s go through this video right now As soon as is up Congratu in your first tailwind tribe Okay, so show me the ropes now You need to always make sure that you’re watching for these boxes and you’re clicking on these boxes Okay, so here is where you will find all the pins and your tribe mates have submitted to the tribe you have You can schedule Pins directly from the tribe in a couple of easy clicks now. It’s time to submit your own pin Okay, so we’re gonna go to next And then add two tribes Nice job you just submitted your first pin when you submit a pin to the tribe This is where other tribe mates will see your content so they can share it with their followers Here’s a tip tribes work best when everyone shares each other’s content More than they submit their own and that makes a lot of sense because Helping people out and sharing your knowledge with people is very important in order for you to grow So now show me what happens When tribe mates schedule your content from the tribe you will be able to see exactly who shared your pins We call these three shares. So we’re going to click Next If you want to see how while your content is doing across the entire tribe over time You can always look into your results section of the tribe Okay, so and it shows you Where the results section is it’s going to be part of your dashboard Welcome to the Tailwind new tool tribes tribes our Collective groups that make it easy to join up with your peers to share content gain exposure and grow your reach Okay, these are the rules and the visible ability is public Feel free to poke around the tribe then use the create new tribe button to start a tribe of your own You can invite anyone you would like including friends who art tail wind members, so Let’s finish up and then Here are some next steps You can get started and of course watching the mastering tribe video and then click Explore my tree. Ok, so now that we’ve created a tribe Let’s now go to find a tribe Click into your find a tribe So now you’re going to look under these titles these categories here To see which one that You’re interested in joining Which one do you think that you want to share contact with Sorry, which one do you want to share content with and which one do you think will share your content so I’m going to pick the DIY crafts And it tells you down here different other keywords Now I’ve already joined two tribes you can see up here I’m on a free trial so that is actually a lot to choose from so you just look at the keywords down here and you see What you’re most interested in I’m most interested in organization And then you would then a look at the different tribes that are here and The request to join this is a just a new one that just started One here you can you can just a join you don’t have to request So Good But join this one simple living inspiration And then it’s going to ask you I think it’s going to ask you a little bit of information about yourself so I’ve got a What you call a canned response is what that I am going to be copying and pasting This gives you an idea of The keywords Gives you an idea of the content With that you would be sharing and if we were to be something that we that you would be interested in Okay So that for the actual? join now to do a To find a tribe you can also request to join as well So now let’s get into actual creating a pin Because this is what this This program is about it’s about using the Pistons and the Instagram as Organic traffic but being able to grow your business exponentially so now getting back into Back to the home button now, I’ve now joined three tribes, and I’m still on my Trial That says I still haven’t completed my description yet so that still has to be That still has to be done So it basically it gives you a little bit of information here about if you want to sorry if you want to add pins, so I’m just going to click in there, but Normally, it would be off to the side there where it would say that My computer is running a little slow because I have a lot of programs that are open plus I have my Video capture open and I also have the video pad open because I am working with a number of different videos putting them together I don’t know why this is taking me into Pinterest for some reason this took me into Pinterest. I accidentally click something that I Didn’t want to click Okay, oh It was telling me about one of my boards here. Okay, so let’s just go back into Publisher so I’m just gonna click publisher and there on the left hand side. You have your drafts? This is one set. I was working on from before but I am gonna do it from the beginning So create new pians So here is where you would create a new pin The drafts is where all of your your Your photos and your other information starts off This is where it actually starts off here is in drafts Okay, but we’re going to go through create a pin And There are a couple of ways that you can’t do that you can upload an image You can also a Pin from Instagram and I’m just gonna go to Instagram to show you about that If you click on the pin from Instagram This is where the Instagram and the Pinterest are working together in order to create your organic traffic and this is really Important to remember and it’s very powerful because you can combine all of your followers from Instagram and all your followers from Pinterest and as you can see it has this little schedule that comes up here and So you can schedule or kins that The way that you want them to go like say I want to do This one here because I think it’s It’s pretty cool Coburg Lovelock Now it really doesn’t have anything to do with My business but it’s um, it’s an interesting pin. So say I want to schedule that So where do I want it to appear in my Pinterest board I Have a board, I believe called interesting places How about this one love spells, okay. So now I’m going to save that as a draft So do you see the power here is Being able to take your Instagram So that means building up your Instagram and that’s important as well is to build up your Instagram So that you do have some information in your Instagram that you want to go to to your Pinterest and Then I’m going to show you how that all connects with your YouTube channel Okay, so that is one way Going back into the Publisher again And click on drafts Because everything starts as a draft and this is how you get your pins that that is One way so there I have it right here now it’s ready to be scheduled in which I am going to be showing you how this schedule works as well and Then you can upload an actual image that you’ve already done If you just click in your upload it should open to your computer and then you just pick an image that your that you’ve already done like First and say I want that one. That’s a picture So then that’s now your being added to my drafts Okay So there it is right there And the third way is actually going to your Pinterest Then when you actually go to your Pinterest what you will see is when you get into your actual boards or anybody else’s boards as well if you click you’re A tailwind publisher up here at the top You will see all of the images on that page come up so I’m just clicking that And it is getting all the images that I am going to be able to schedule So now as you see the images are coming up right now and As soon as they’re all in You would be able to see what’s available for you to be able to schedule your Your the the pins from So that’s from the the actual Pinterest So this is already here, okay But these are images that you do have available to you now If I was to go to let’s say I went to somebody else’s Pinterest And this is great for people who are actually building up their Pinterest Because it not only and it doesn’t have to be Pinterest let’s say we went to Just say we went to another place say we just went to Google and We were looking for a specific image, let’s say a desk Okay, so I’m just cooking that in Google search and then I want to see the images Then I would click my Tailwind icon right here And it’ll take the images that are on this page and then Allow me to be able to select images to schedule So as soon as all these inner images are in say you were looking at your Amazon or You were looking at another affiliate Site and there was some products there you would just be able to click on the image and Use it to be able to schedule that to go up on your Pinterest board. I Like for instance Right now I’ve got in desks, but if I had something else in here and I wanted to schedule that All I’d have to do is to click That’s to see it’s not completely in because there are so many images that are coming up But you would just see a little schedule come up here And then you could click it and then it would then go into your drafts Okay now The best way to create a pin is to go to Entries would be 165 by 165 pixels but it also says that you can have 735 and Then adjusted to height So, let’s see what that looks like And just says seven books just say 735 Let’s say 735 by 165 just to have a look at what that would look like Okay, I suggest that you use the 165 by 165 Because that is going to give you your best pin and this is an example of a pin that I was working on and I’m going to back back engineer this so that you could see where it came out where it came from so going back into my Going back to the home. Sorry, there we go You couldn’t save your design. That’s okay and then going back into the custom dimensions and then you type in the 165 Which is the best and you can actually look that up on Google To create your new design and you’re going to see templates that are coming up on the side So this is a size right here And that they say like it’s perfect for a pin And then you’re gonna see little templates that come up here on the side And you just choose Say I chose this one Now You should be able to put your own Text on there to take off this text say you just wanted the yellow background Okay So I really I’m just gonna delete the whole group here Yeah, singers look somebody did that I’m just gonna Just gonna take this whole thing out to start off. Okay, so then you would go Into your elements Now for me what I’m doing is I am using the The Actual five tips as I will show you in a second it’s using that there and I think I’m just gonna grab this one and Just something very simple, but you can check out Your own For your own ideas and for what you need but basically what I’m working on is just making something simple and As you can see this is what I was working on from before so I’m just gonna show you five tips For an awesome youtube channel trailer. Okay, so just a Back-engineering this I was just going to show you You could go to your text And add a heading just Click on that and it’ll come up And then decide where you want to put that I’m gonna try to do this a little bit faster so that you can you can use your mouse and Just go like this in order to make it smaller You can also make your box bigger you can make your box smaller You can Change the color So say I didn’t want black say I wanted purple So now that is now going to make this purple And you would click into the area in order to see what you’re editing This is the size and this is the font. You can also change the font Okay, this is a very short Tutorial I’m not going through all of the different elements But I am just showing you the basic ones here and what you can do, okay? You can move this around now You have to be careful when you do when you are here, and you’re moving your mouse You have to get it to the point where it has the four arrow as soon as it has the four arrows it can be moved Without the four arrows you’re going to end up doing this if you click this You’re going to end up moving this this way or the other way Okay And it’s sometimes hard to get it back so the best thing to do is to if you can’t get it back to to actually just do it over, but I’m just showing you how That works Okay, and then I’m just gonna do my Kip’s And When I highlight that I can then want to change or if you just click inside the box so sometimes if you just click inside the box, but because that fives there, okay, so I Also want to change this To something else you Can I can also change the color now this? Right here. I’m into you see this right here. This is transparency so you can take this and you Can make it so that it’s more transparent and then Say you wanted to put something over that you could overlap it Okay, so for me I’m that’s not what I want to do so I’m just going to go back into actual what I want which is right there and This is a little too big so I need to make this smaller Because you are working with a smaller canvas Okay, and then wait till it’s the four arrows You got one going one way one going the other way and that is how you can You can move it. Okay, and then I am going to add a subheading Which is And you can always change this because it’s actually very big And it will have to be changed because it is cubic okay And then I just wanted to And some It’s way too big but you can always change it and I’ll show you and I spelled awesome wrong Let me just go back to my spelling yeah As you can see it’s way too big Okay, but it can always be changed because you could just go into here and say make it ten Okay, and then Wait till you have your arrows all your arrows and then pull it down a little bit Okay, and then normally what I would do would be I would do an upload And I believe I’ve already uploaded the picture that I want but you would click upload an image from your computer Now when you upload something from your computer? You have to make sure that it’s not a custom file. It needs to be all files to make sure that it is going to be able to get uploaded because Canva is hard to upload to when you’re using custom files. They only like to really use pings Sometimes they do use sometimes you can upload a JPEG but Okay, just to give you an example so all files and then open And there will appear right here but this is the picture that I want to use so I just click on that like just Click like that. You don’t have to drag it and then Make it Whatever size you want using this remember to click at the edge up and down? Okay, and then you can move it with your four arrows Okay, so let’s say I want to use this I say you want to to do anything else you would just go into your elements and Then you could look around either in your photos or your graphics you have illustrations And you also have different shapes icons Like say I wanted to Use this one So I click on that now you see that’s in yellow. So I want to change that and make it black so that you can see it and then take this make sure that I take this so that it’s smaller and Then wait till I get my four arrows oops, we don’t want my picture going Okay seem to have lost that but I think it’s under the picture Let’s just click on this move the picture and see where it went No, it went someplace so Do that again This time, I think I’m just gonna move it Here And do the Crop, you can also do a flip as well Say you wanted to flip your icon or your illustration or your picture You could flip horizontally Flip vertically I’m gonna flip it right. I’m gonna flip it back the way that it was There we go, and it’s too big so remember on the corner To take it and you can make it smaller There we go. Now whatever you want to edit. You just go right into your picture and When you get your four arrows there, and that means you can move it So this moves it around on your PIN Okay And of course this makes it smaller when you click inside of it, this will make it smaller This will make it wider Whatever you need and then when you’re ready You would then click this one here And it’s a ping and you’re going to download it Preparing your design And all this has come up because Okay, so this is my picture right here Alright and just Right-click that Show in folder You want to know where your picture is? where it usually downloads into the window see well, there’s my My pin right there, okay so It’s in the window see Downloads, right. There we go going back into my tailwind I’ve just created that now I am going to upload it So this is it right here So this is my my new pian and I’m going to type where I want the board to be in. I think it’s going to be in the Affiliates board You can also add it to other boards as well Now this is where YouTube comes in Because I am going to take go actually And it’s actually a playlist That I have That I created for a channel trailer hi, this is Rachelle in what Get this information here Take this information here And what I like to do is go to a place called tiny URL shortener and to go in and to just clean up your what your your your Our L looks like and you just enter it into the long URLs to make it tiny You just go to tiny URL calm and you sign up creating an account. It’s free. I Make a tiny And then copy it to the clipboard Back into tailwind Click here Okay Can also publish To the Facebook And also to your Twitter Okay, so now this chin is ready So those are the three ways that you can you can create your pin You can actually have an uploaded one that you’ve done You could go to canva you can make a new one You could then go to your YouTube channel and get the information from the video that you want this pointing to You can also go to your Instagram and You could use a post from your Instagram too to go to your Pinterest Okay, okay, so the next thing that we want to do is we want to then Add it to tribes So I’m going to add it to my tribe to the three tribes That I joined So now I’ve added it to the tribes Okay This is just a tip. It shows you what has been added Okay That’s yours. So let’s just click at Now this is the scheduling for your drafts Okay, I’m just going to make this a little bit bigger so that you can see Now I’ve only done one pin that I am sending out right now, but you would continue doing fill in your board number here your description and Then add it to your tribes And so on and so forth for all of the drafts that you have and you can even make other drafts That you’re not using right now that you want to go out other times Okay, so this is one that I scheduled for today and it’s just an interesting photo this came From Instagram as well Okay now It all of these all of the pins have been added to the drafts But they it can be changed. So This pin is scheduled to go out today at 10:55 p.m But I can change that if I wanted just by clicking in here And I think I do have it too big now, it’s way too big it should be smaller It’s been tomorrow So I can move this to say I wanted this slot right there I don’t want to save it I don’t know why that keeps clicking on that to me and then This pin is scheduled to go out tomorrow, I’ll say I wanted this pin to go out today Go in there and opening up For some reason it’s clicking on my side so I could move this pin if I want and it also has my My wordpress as well and it’s added to the queue so I’ve added it to the queue Okay, so now all of these slots can all be filled in And all you have to do is click Add to the queue, right Here say I click this one add to the queue? There is also a tutorial that If you ever have any questions you can just click on this This question mark here and it will then answer your questions as well so The nice thing that I like about this is getting back into tribes As that it increases your organic traffic Exponentially Which means in all directions and that you’re able to use your Pinterest and your Instagram in order to Create More But let’s say inroads to Destinations that you want to get to so the next thing that I think is really good about this and I really encourage you To join as a free member and I am able to I’m just gonna click in here. I Am able to send you a free month of Tailwind plus So that you could get your first month free and then I will get my first month free because I’ve sent it out and Then you will also be able to do the same So I’m just gonna click into here just to show you If you want to be able to send that to anybody you can also send it say you your subscribers People that are your followers and people that who you’re building your business with and You can create your own tribe with them as well As create a tribe with other people that are out there and also be able to make new contacts and new friends see right here is your is a referral link and This is what it’ll say Interact. Well, this is for me interactive views thinks you love tailwind and sent you $15 of a tailwind plus Claim your gift Okay, so you would get a referral link and then you would be able to send that out You could send it out by tweet, or you could send it out by Facebook as well And you can also take this link and put it on some videos on your YouTube channel for people to to join tailwind in order for them to become part of your tribe and to also build their own tribes And Then you also have this one Weaver refer friends for via email and also, refer five and get $25 Amazon giftcard okay, so I’m already working on that and I’m going to put all this information at the bottom of the tutorial so now the other good thing about tribes and getting back into here is What you’ll notice especially when you become a member so that you’ll be able to click around and Not get stuck The other good thing about tribes is that you have a chat option so Those are my tribes Find the tribe and also the tribes that I belong to which are up here and Then this is your chat option down here. You can actually click into that and You can be able to chat with some someone About something that they’re doing or something that you’re doing that You have in common so That is pretty interesting as well So I hope this has helped and don’t forget to Like and subscribe and Please join this this Tailwind and also join my tribe. It’s called the DIY affiliates tribe and Also when you create your own tribe I will join your tribe and I will encourage other people to join your tribe as well and that way we can Extend our organic reach and we can all work together to Build our business whether it be a YouTube channel a Pinterest or an Instagram It doesn’t matter because you will be able to get organic traffic in all directions so good luck and leave me a comment and Also, maybe a comment and tell me what you’d like me to do a video on or maybe something you’re struggling with that I can answer I’d be happy to I’m actually starting to build up my Instagram now So I am gonna leave my Instagram link as well as well as other social media. So this is the DIY Affiliate wishing you a very wonderful day and good luck in your business. Bye now

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