How to Use SEO Doctor – An SEO Firefox Plugin & SEO Enhancement Tool │ SEO Doctor Tutorial

By | August 11, 2019

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is such
a mystery. What if there was a tool that was free that could de-mystify it instantly? SEO
doctor that’s what you’re looking for. Check it out in this video. Today I want to talk
about a topic that people are very particular about and that is traffic, specifically traffic
is when people find you, your website, your shop front, your business. They come into
your eco system in some way, that is raw traffic and there are 3 levels of traffic in my way
of thinking: Cold, Warm and Hot. Cold traffic is the hardest to convert these people don’t
really know you, warm traffic is easier and hot traffic is easier still. I am not going
to go into those things now, those things I cover in this book here called The Google
Gamble, feel free to go to my website and grab yourself a copy of the e-book, the paperback
or the hard cover you can even flip through the pages and have a little look. Okay so
that is what traffic is but we are going to focus in particular on cold traffic, cold
traffic is where people don’t really know you from jack, they don’t know anyone who
knows you, they have got no word of mouth, it is just completely cold right like cold
calling and these days one of the great ways of bringing cold traffic to your eco system
is through Google and that mean of course the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation,
which is really the art and science of having people find you through google, it’s pretty
simple. Now the trick is, Google are looking for various things to happen on page which
is to say, various things to be set up correctly on any specific webpage but the question is
and what this video is about is how do you figure out when you have got that right and
when you have got that wrong? Is there a litmus test, a quick utility that is designed to
answer that one question in an instant and the answer is yes and it is called SEO Doctor.
So here I am in the Firefox browser and I can get SEO Doctor by clicking on the Firefox
browser button then here in add-ons which shows you any add-ons I have got attached
to my instillation of Firefox. If I go up here to search for new add-ons I type in SEO
doctor like so and it pops up and I just click on the install button no fuss, no muss really
and I am going to hit restart now and the way I know SEO doctor has been installed correctly
is by something new that has shown up in my browser, it is this little red flag which
is up there next to the refresh button and the little star for book marks and that flag
gives me a quick visual estimation of how good the SEO is on any one page. So let’s
have a look at my site for example I go to, what colour does the flag turn?
If it is green then everything that should be right, is right. Now SEO doctor is not
the be all and end all, it is just a good indicator, there are more sophisticated means,
but this is great for just a quick rapid assessment, so that is good let’s just click another page
so you can go through page by page to make sure you have got all green flags. Okay my
website is pretty good that way as you can imagine, let’s go and look up some other random
site and I did this just a minute ago and actually found something called random site,
here you go I don’t know this guy from Charlie but I do know he has got a red flag, wow that
is not good, if you have anything except a green flag you are not doing the basics. So
a red flag is very bad, a yellow flag is pretty bad, a green flag is good and they have what
you would call a no entry sign which is a red circle and that means that your SEO is
kind of turned off and that is toxic, that means Google has been told to look the other
way. So then how do you figure out why this guy has a red flag? Well if we just click
on it and it brings up this list of everything that is going on in this website and you can
see the first thing it has got is H1 tags and it says you have no H1 tags, so this guy
has no H1 tags that is something that you should have set up, he has got no H2 tags,
that is bad and he has got no meta description either. So with just those 3 things wrong
this guy’s total score goes down to 88% and he gets a red flag so that is not good. So
you see here it is very easily to immediately assess a page and it is pretty detailed about
how it goes about this, it will tell you what your problems are and then you can go into
word press and fix them up. I will give you just one other example I just noticed this
today on my Google Gamble page, which I recently changed to have these big e-book, paperback
and hard cover tags here. The problem was that has been set to H1 so what happens is
my flag went from Green to Yellow and when I click on it, it says hey listen now you
have got 4 H1 tags one of which is e-book that is bad, you really only want 1 H1 tag.
So now I can go back into word press, make the appropriate changes and fix my SEO swiftly
and with this little tool SEO Doctor helps you almost instantaneously diagnose the problems
and fix it when it comes to basic SEO with your website on every individual page. I hope
this has been helpful and please come and visit me at for this and more
and by the way if you want to join our list, which you can do down here, we are going to
send you videos like this every month or so. Bye Bye.

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  1. Minuteman Video Post author

    Great plugin. I hope they port it over to Google's Chrome!


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