How to Use Quora for SEO & Content Marketing [CC]

By | August 28, 2019

– People ask questions all the time and you’ve probably seen
it on you day to day life or even if you’re writing
content on your website or on YouTube, you may be seeing and
answering questions yourself. And that’s the thing,
people even go to Google to write out the question in full just so they can find an
answer to the question to the query, or whatever they may have and that’s something that we should all do as website owners to solve problems and to solve queries and answer questions. I’ve shown in previous videos on how you can find the content gift using the Google search. And you can type in a way that you can find lots of
different types of questions that you can answer yourself. But sometimes you want to find out what are the popular questions and what are the answers
that people have provided in one place as well and there are so many
tools that can do that, but I think you can do that with Quora, and Quora is a very very
powerful Q&A website and a platform where
you can ask questions, and someone will answer. I want to show you different
ways how you can use Quora to kind of create your own content and to answer questions from other people. And also, you might be able to use it for your own kind of promotion as well to promote your own content sensibly. But Quora is so, so powerful and I want to show you in a computer on how you can use that to find endless amount of content ideas for you and your audience. When you’re on the homepage of And after you have signed up, or you’re going into
your existing account, you’ll see a page full of your feed. And that’s only going to be
there if you follow the topic. And for example, for me, I followed everything
on the left hand side and it will give me the related questions, related to this topic.
And if I scroll down, I’ll find the relevant question and I’ll also a link that
is appropriate to me, but if you haven’t done that,
the thing that you want to do is to use the search bar at the top and start following topics. So let’s say for example,
you are an Accountant and you want to learn more
about an accounting software. So let’s just type it in
and see what we can get and if you type in ‘accounting software’, and you can find here
Accounting Software there you click on that and then you can immediately
look at the question and see what you can answer yourself. And you can see also that
it’s quite a popular thing. You’re not following the topic you can see 41,000 people have followed it you can follow it yourself
so that it will appear on your feed, but you
can type it in as well. And you can look at the
questions straight away and very useful for you to kind of pop in, look at what kind of
questions people are asking and how you know, you want to answer it, you know, maybe you want to
answer it in a better way in a different way, maybe
haven’t answered it at all. And you can do that on
your own blog or YouTube, whatever it is. For example, let’s look
at the top one here, What is the best Invoicing Software? If you click on that then you’re going to have,
if it’s a popular one, lots of answer already.
So for this situation, there are over 100 answers. So it’s a very, very popular question. And it’s a very popular place to kind of help as well, if you want to, and the fact that it’s a very
popular question and answer, a lot of people have done that. So just that it’s a popular question for you to create content around that because people in your industry
if you’re an Accountant, possibly is asking that question as well. So if you go down and look at the answer, you can also get some inspiration on what kind of software are there and how you should kind of word it, how you should kind of structure it, maybe you will learn something new and get some inspiration
for your own content is really, really good way to get ideas, learn about new things as well. And when you start putting
together your content, and if you’ve done it the way you wanted, it’s informative, it’s useful it answers the questions properly then you probably want to also answer it on that page as well. If there are a lot of answers, it may be difficult for you to stand out unless you have done some kind of campaign to get your answer voted and get more visible. But if you have a chance
to kind of got an earlier and answer the question, you might be able to also
not just answer the question but also link to more
information, with your blog post or your YouTube channel or whatever is where you have answer
that question as well. And the fact that people are asking that will most likely as well mean that people are searching on Google so then you will have
opportunity to attract traffic for that search query as well. So really, really powerful way to get loads and loads of suggestions. Let’s just, you know, pick
another topic as well, let’s just say for example,
you are a food blogger and you’re talking about ‘Vegetarianism’ and if we select that
let’s see how popular it is and go from there, so
1.1 million followers, if you like for a topic, it
was to very, very popular. And you can again, look at the question and you can look at how you can answer it for your own food blog if
that’s appropriate to you. And you know the awesome thing that might be different
that you never thought of and maybe not necessarily
getting the most traffic, but it’s very niche and people maybe one
answer for that anyway, so let’s pick another answer and question let’s just say for example, you want to select a fun one that focus on how the vegetarian people eat out. Crazy question, but people
are asking that question which is, you know, a
bit weird in my opinion, but if you can see there the article again few dozen people have answered that and giving you ideas and inspiration and you can see it’s just
really really well done the answer lots of images
this format in bold and if you want to answer, you want to do it the best way you can. But if you don’t want to answer it Quora, again, you can answer it on
your own website as well. And don’t forget, check
out the right hand side after you know you’ve
searched for that question you can see the related questions as well and you can see all these
and other great questions, very useful as well so
really really powerful so you can check that out as well and also the stats here
it gives you an idea of when was the question asked and how many people are following it, the views maybe it’s a place for you to kind of jump as well
and just answer it. So it’s a really really powerful way if you want to Quora to help
you with a content ideas and to find questions,
Quora is great for that, really really good and of course I have done
videos on how you can use Google to help you with that as well,
you can use search operators and find endless amount of questions that you can as well. But you know sometimes,
Quora is useful to help you give you an idea how
popular that question is and the engagement and you
know also pray for you to maybe promote your content as well,
really cool to check it out in and let me know what you think, if you’ve done that let me
know how it went that for you and if you have never used Quora, Are you going to use it? Let me know if you go to use it for your own kind of content creation and get your own ideas there and hopefully it’d be very
very useful for you as well. Let me know what you
think in a comment below and while you’re at it, just make sure you click
on that subscribe button that would be really,
really appreciated as well. In the meantime, I will
speak to you soon. Take care.

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  1. Peter Watson Post author

    Quora is such a hidden gem right now! I've been talking to many clients about it in the last couple of months, the levels of targeted advertising you can do on it is insane!


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