How To Use My Yoast To Manage Yoast SEO Plugins 2019

By | September 7, 2019

So “MyYoast” is a great way to manage your
Yoast account if you’re using Yoast on multiple websites
so you’re able to go in to your account and buy one access for one website,
two websites, three websites and it gets cheaper as you buy in multiples then
what you can do is you can see all of your websites you just go here to add a
site and put in your websites and then over time you can manage your Yoast
subscriptions because they recur and you may have a website that you’re
not using anymore and you can use your subscription on a different website so
here you can see that I have is the one I want to
activate MyYoast subscription on today so it’s faded out which means I do not have
it you can see up here where I do and here where I don’t so I’m going to click
manage and right here I can turn it on Yoast SEO for WordPress premium and you
can see here two out of three used and I can click here to get another
subscription so I’m going turn that one on and I am going to download there we go I’m going to download that zip file now we go back over to my website which is right here
we’re going to go to plugins and we’re going to upload
we’re going to add new and we’re going to go upload plug-in choose file downloads
you’re going to take this whole zip file and we’re going to install that
there goes unpacking the package installing the plug-in
and then we are going to go back to let see where it is installed
plugins there it is Yoast SEO premium activate you’re going to have your regular Yoast SEO but then you’re going to have your
SEO Premium and it has to be activated and then we’ll go down here now to
SEO Premium and then we know we’re activated we have installed and we have activated

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