How to use Majestic to screen for good SEO clients (and avoid poor ones!)

By | August 12, 2019

so Dixon screening for clients is of
course a really important thing. We want to pick good clients that approach us and
if there are problems that we want to be able to avoid them now Majestic is a great tool for helping us do that explain hard it is if you’ve got
yourself set up properly because what happens is that that client will phone
you up or contact you and or you found yourself on a conversation with the
client and you know nothing at this stage about the time whatsoever but if
you’ve installed the Chrome extension which is a free extension or there’s
also one for Mozilla Firefox as well into your browser then whilst you’re
having a conversation with the client you can have this extra sensory
perception on what happens because you’re going to be looking at the
clients website and the great thing about the browser the extension is that
it’s always on Majestics always on there and as you’re looking at the clients
website you can start getting information about who’s linking to them
how powerful they are and that’s really important for screening because I think
there’s a lot of there’s a lot of people out there and you don’t want all those
clients I don’t care who you are that client is either too big for you too
small for you too irrelevant or too much work and you need to have some kind of
information about that otherwise you’re going to just say yes to every client
and find yourself swimming against the tide very very quick of course that’s
one thing that we’re all taught about school don’t accept every client that
comes your way and but one of the things about this is
not only does it give you instant information on which to judge but it
also helps build rapport with the client yeah it does because you’ve got some
information that the client doesn’t have it immediately puts you in a position of
authority and more than that you’re giving the clients even at that initial
stage information they didn’t have before and the information they couldn’t
possibly have without having this extra index of the Internet and you know this
this battling information are you thinking for instance would you pick out
a backlink that the extension shows and many good iterate
on what comes up but you certainly if you’ve looked at their webs you’re
looking at their website and their website is about you know gasps tronic
cheese day cheese’s but if all the backlink profile is suggesting that
they’re they’re getting links from you know the adult industry or something
inappropriate then there is some kind of disconnect that you can see there you
haven’t got the details of all of that but clearly there’s an investigation to
be had and a reason for the customer to engage in your services and yes you
might pull out a particular language link to show that you immediately have
information that they didn’t know you so if you’ve got a link from IBM that you
see there you might bring that up in the conversation so so it’s you know tell me
about your relationship with IBM I see you’ve got a link from them have I oh
yeah yeah you know I can bring that up later but we you know you seem to have
one good link there which is a good you know foundation to build on and it’s
it is amazing sometimes hard clients don’t know the links that they have just
last week I had exactly that situation where our website had got fantastic
reviews yeah great testimonials yeah and they didn’t know about them well I
suppose why would you unless you’ve got some kind of technology to to get that
information to your fingertips I mean you if you’re spending all day
you know looking at yourself on on the internet then perhaps you might have
that information but if you’re getting on with your day job then it’s not going
to be there and you’re not going to know that you’ve got these reviews citations
people saying hopefully good things but possibly there are things about about
you and you can only do that if you’re using a technology that actually does
crawl the whole of the internet and as majestic does you can’t get it just by
looking at your own website your own website will not tell you what other
people are saying about you you don’t need to open majestic when you’re
reviewing a client no absolutely not if you’ve got the chrome attention
installed then it’s always on that’s that that’s the great thing and then it
becomes your decision as to whether to take a client it’s your decision you
know the client client that the prospect phones up and and they’ve already vetted
you in they’ve already seen your website they
they obviously picked up the phone or send you an email or whatever it may be
they’ve already done some vetting to you it may be literally seconds that you’ve
got to try and make some initial evaluations about about the clients and
you know it should be your decision as to as how you move forward from there
not entirely in the light in the in the in the clients hands or the prospects
lens so in other words you really know what you’re getting into when you have a
quick look at the extension yeah yeah absolutely save us a lot of time well it
does and it puts you in the driver’s seat
so the next steps after you’ve had this initial conversation of you have a quick
look yeah it frames your frames your own thinking so you decide had a picture and
really gives you an idea of whether you’re pitching as a small amount of
money or a large amount of money because you’ve got some idea of the work that’s
ahead of you okay so our picture is favorable we say yes this is the sort
of client you would want yeah and let’s move on then just looking at the pitch
and horah gistic helps in the pit what okay let’s do that then if you’ve
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