How to Use LSI Keywords to Skyrocket Your SEO Rankings in 2018

By | August 14, 2019

Welcome to this another episode at Digiperform where today We’re gonna be discussing How you can use LSI keywords to rank? Better on Google now this LSI keywords are in search with this one particular tool Which we have talked earlier in one of our videos but? Let me just go through it once again, and let me just connect it off How you can use because we got a lot of queries when we did that video on LSI graph? We got a lot of theories that how you can use this effectively inside your content to rank better so today We’re gonna be discussing this for one of the case studies, which we have right now, which is for a keyword which is used SEO configuration all right Yoast SEO Configuration I hate this autofill So let’s say this is your keyword on which you do rank on Google, and you have already written one particle So what you do is you come over here in LSI graph you search for this keyword let’s say. I’m not a robot Let’s search for the LSI keywords And now it gives us some suggestions it shows us LSI keywords for used SEO configuration So it says used SEO tutorial 2017 how to install Yoast SEO plugin? What is used issue and if we scroll down? There are a couple of more now? How do you can use this? If you are not at all aware about this LSI keywords and how to use you can go over here and you can read this data right rank higher on search with LSI keywords so you can just go through word and Here you go, and you can click on more LSI keyword strategy, and they will be selling you their PDFs over here They’re booked for $17 all right so anyways we are not going through that I’m gonna show you how to use that so in This what they are mentioning is you should be using your LSI keywords which you are finding over here in h1? heading meta and Anchor text try to have this also if you are using that in your content Then try to have your LSI keywords in the beginning and at the end that is what would be more than enough more than Sufficient enough to have better rankings for your used SEO configuration, if that was your keyword So let’s say for this keyword used SEO configuration one of our case study Article is ranking over here in just one day on the fourth page, and if we are just entering 2018 besides this keyword that is on the top page alright, and that article is right over here So it is like a 3,000 words article and in just one day it has been shared a lot of times It is going a little bit viral as well now slowly and steadily because people are liking it more and more So how we have used this LSI keywords inside this so coming back to is LSI graph Regarding this keyword. We have the LSI keywords like used SEO tutorial 2017 Which is not relevant because it is 2018 so neglect this then how to install used SEO plugin yes This is relevant so how do you not just span or stuff and use it effectively? I’m gonna show you in this particular one so as you can see in the beginning itself We are having this I have seen a lot of people struggling with the usage of this best wordpress SEO plugin right now This is one of the LSI keywords if you see right over here. That would be somewhere. Yep there you go all right? Let’s the wordpress SEO plugin, so this is a nice way of how you can just have it inflow And it doesn’t look like as if you are spamming or stuffing your keywords unnecessarily It goes like a story alright Then next view have and that’s why I have tried to keep it so basic that it will help you even if you don’t have or Don’t know how to install a plugin in WordPress alright? So here is a keyword once again how to install a plugin in WordPress? This is just for internal linking this has nothing to do with LSI keywords But if you see right over here earlier in 2017 blah blah blah here is an LSI keyboard Which is how to install used SEO plugin if you see back over here? there is a LSI keyword how to install used SEO plugin and As mentioned over here it is mentioned that in anchor text if you use that would be More than enough so that is where we have used this in anchor text now And it is hyperlink right so that is how you have used right over here if you go Right at the end there might be something with respect to the ending paragraph this will Let’s see if we talk about Yep, there. You go, so you’re finally done with used SEO configuration And I hope this definitive the Yoast SEO tutorial was helpful Alright, there’s an extra space over here anyways Yoast SEO tutorial is once again somewhere over here as Else a keyword there you go Yoast SEO tutorial Another one which we might have used is bookmark this guide so that you can share with someone in future who is looking to learn how to use Yoast SEO in WordPress, this is once again an LSA keyword of how to use lowest SEO WordPress and the reason why we have kept it in heading is right over here all right, so this is once again headed So that’s how effectively you can use your LSI keywords in your content Just make sure you don’t stuff them you just place them Try to have it in a natural flow content actually as even They are saying this once you have identified Keywords that actually match the context the next thing you want to do is start sprinkling them in your content Naturally all right, so that’s it for this particular episode guys. I hope you found this helpful and definitely help You rank better on search engines I look over to see you in the next one till then take care for byes and as always Stay awesome. God bless and Subscribe, what do you think when you learn in 2018 listen? and you will try to help you and each perform with digital marketing knowledge every signal in 2018 and Do so in the comments below once again do subscribe to us so that you do need someone anybody do you eat with a tea? And look forward to see you and this particular vu

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