How to Use How People Are Searching Google As Your SEO Strategy: The “Should I” Trend

By | August 28, 2019

– Should I… no really, should I? Because I’m telling you, the
way we’re searching these days. We love to use the phrase, “Should I?” And that’s what this video
is gonna talk about today. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] So what are
you learning about today? – Hey folks, welcome back to
The Impact Learning Channel, I am Marcus Sheridan, and today we are discussing the way we
have changed as searchers. It’s become very individualized, it’s almost like when we search, we’re asking a personal
assistant a question, like a friend, except we’re searching it. We’re using a very natural tone in the way that we search for things. And this phrase, “Should I?” Has increased over 60%
in the last two years. So you say, well, what type of examples are you talking about, Marcus? Well, here’s the really
really popular one. “What should I have for lunch?” This has exploded in terms of
the way people are searching. How is this possible,
why is this happening? We’ve gotten to the point
where so many of us think that if we search what
we should have for lunch, it’s better than trusting our own gut. But it doesn’t stop there, there’s other crazy ones out there,
here’s a couple for you. One of the most popular ones
that we search online today is, “Should I text him,” literally. That one is very popular. And really quick advice:
If you’re asking that to a machine, the answer is probably no. Another very popular one is,
What should I do with my life? This is how we have evolved as a society. We trust AI to tell us these
all-important life decisions. But, this has a bigger, deeper
meaning for your business. People want to be led. And so think about all those “Should I?” questions that they’re asking about you, your products, your services. Are you addressing them? Are you doing it in a way that’s unbiased? Are you allowing the buyer, the consumer to self-select, or are you
trying to push them down certain funnels, ultimately
that’s what we want. That’s the experience
that we need, and that is the evolution of today’s searcher. If you enjoyed this conversation today, make sure you subscribe to the channel. Share with your friends, as always, I am Marcus Sheridan,
now let’s get to work! (upbeat music)

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