How To Use Google Trends For YouTube SEO

By | September 5, 2019

How can you use Google Trends to help your videos do
better in YouTube search? Let’s find out. Hey this is Dane Golden from This is the channel where we give you video
content marketing tips to help you get your customers coming back to your videos again and again. So, how do you use Google Trends to help your videos come up
better in YouTube search? Well, what is Google Trends? Google Trends is a
service offered by Google and YouTube is, of course,
a sister company of Google. YouTube has the second
largest search engine in the world after Google. Thus, they work together so
you can use Google Trends to find things about YouTube and help your videos rank higher. And to find Google Trends,
you go to T-R-E-N-D-S dot google dot com. Okay, so you come to Google Trends and there’re already
have some trending topics but we really only care about our topics. So we’re just going to type in, let’s do the normal journalism questions: who, what, where, when, why. Who. What. Where. When. Why. All right, so you can type in five different terms at a time. And these are relative terms. So they are compared to one another. There’s no place on here
is it going to tell you how many searches are done. It just tells you how these
terms relate to another. But we are not nearly done. We’ve not even begun here because this has Worldwide and I never want to do Worldwide. I’m more interested in
just the United States. My clients are in the United States and that’s what I’m targeting for. Now, we’ll get business
from other countries but I want to know what
United States is doing. I think there’s so much
traffic from around the world, it can skew your research. Also, very important,
here it says Web Search. We’re actually interested in
YouTube Search, not Web Search. We’re going to change this from
YouTube Search to Web Search and watch how these relative terms change. I mean, here we have
Web Search, by the way. Blue is what. So what is very popular on Web Search. That’s the main Google Search. But is it as popular in relation to the other terms on YouTube? Well, no, it’s not. Suddenly, the green, what’s green? When. When got really popular. So, I’m going to go back to Web Search just so you can see, now. Watch green, that’s
when, see what happens. So green is way, way down here
and what is way, way up here. Who and where and why down below. So, if you’re doing titles that
have who and where and why, I’m not telling you not to do those, I’m just saying those
are more niche concepts than what and when. Let’s go back to YouTube. So what by far out does these other terms and when is second. It’s a close, it’s not even
a close second, it’s second. Now, how to is huge on YouTube. Let’s take the bottom one who ’cause no one cares about who apparently and let’s change it to how. That’s red now, oh my gosh, look at how. How is so much more searched for. We’re doing YouTube Search
in the United States. How is so much more
searched for than what, which was far and away
above the other terms. So what is a distant second to how. Now I’m going to remove one
of the other bottom terms. I’m remove why ’cause I want to do how to and see if that is any
different than how on YouTube. How to mirrors very closely how. It’s almost as if they’re the same thing, which I guess they are. So this is not to say that you
should only do how to videos but it does demonstrate that
when people come to YouTube, they’re much more
interested in how to videos than what or where or when or why. So, who, what, where, when
and why and sometimes how, it’s how that wins every time. Let’s take a look at the difference between how people
search on YouTube versus how they search on Google itself. So, remember we’re now in YouTube Search and we’re going to change to Web Search. That’s the main Google. Now watch these terms. How is way up here, right? How and how to, roughly the same. The blue one is what. So let’s see how these change when you toggle between
YouTube and Google. Now we’re moving to Google. All right, so how is still the top. Then comes what and how to is actually sort of tied for second. It’s either second or a third. So it really is different how people are searching on Google versus how they are searching on YouTube. They want to know on
YouTube how to do things where as on Google it’s
more raw information they’re looking for. They’re looking for answers,
the what, on Google. But they’re looking to
solve problems on YouTube. Back to YouTube here. So how to, now this doesn’t
say you shouldn’t use the other terms, the other question terms. The other who, what, where, when and why but it shows you what
people are looking for. So, you should emphasize how to and that’s the approach
we take here at We want to help our clients solve customer problems through how to. And by solving the customer problems, they get loyalty and business. What do you think about
using Google Trends to help your YouTube videos
rank higher in search? Did I answer your question? If not, email me at [email protected]
or ask me in the comments. is about helping you get your customers coming back to
your videos again and again. How do you do this? By sharing your expertise because when you share
your expertise in a way that helps people live
more fulfilling lives, or are able to do their jobs
or run their businesses better, you will earn their
loyalty and their trust and their business. My name is Dane Golden,
watch this video here or this video here. Comment below. Subscribe somewhere. Watch this video. See you next time.

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  1. Steven Dumala Post author

    Nice!! Really informative. I wouldn’t have thought to use google trends this way.

  2. Post author

    Do you have a question about using Google Trends for better YouTube SEO? Ask me here in the comments!

  3. Brighton West Video Post author

    Great video Dane! I always heard that "How" was popular on YouTube – but you showed the proof! I'd love to see more about using Google Trends. For instance, let's say my niche is "storage solutions for the home." How do I use Google Trends to come up with topics for YouTube?


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