How to use Google Keep Notes like a Pro! (Tips & Tutorial)

By | February 18, 2020

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Store and Google Play. (air whooshing) Are you frustrated with
the ability to organize all of your notes within Google Keep? Or perhaps you’re
relatively new to Keep Notes and you don’t fully understand the power of labels, reminders, and notes. Well, in today’s video,
I want to show you how to get so much more out of Google Keep, and it all starts with archive. One of the most frustrating things with Google Keep is that every new note that you create is going to end up here on the note home screen
or the note home page, and even if you add labels, you can see that all of my notes here– I’ve got things like work,
family, volunteer, personal. They’re all labeled,
but they all remain here on the home screen. Yes, I can go over here to the left and click on family and there’s my family note, but I don’t necessarily
want it in two places. I don’t want it amongst dozens and dozens, maybe even hundreds of notes here on the Google Keep home screen. Well, in order to clean this area up and make it more manageable, what we’re going to do is
to start archiving some of our notes. Now here’s a quick
keyboard shortcut for you. If you’d like to archive your
notes quickly and easily, all you need to do is select
the E key on your keyboard. So for this first one here,
I’m gonna hit the E key, I’m gonna hover over it… And I’m going to hit E on my keyboard, and there it goes into archive. I’m going to take this
next one, hover over E, I’m gonna to hit this one, hit E. It’s immediately gonna go into archive. Now you might be saying to
yourself, “Scott, I still “want to search for these notes. “I still want to interact
with these notes.” No worries. They haven’t been deleted. They haven’t gone away. Yes, you can click on the archive folder and see where they are, but if we look at this new
office design, for example, it’s labeled work. I can go to my work label
and it’s still there. It tells me it’s in the
archive, but it’s still there. Let’s go back to that notes
home screen for an example. I’m gonna hit E here, here, and here. Now my note screen is
completely free for new notes. I can use this for
processing new information. Maybe I only wanna use
this area for things that are due or things
that I’m working on, but I can now go to my
labels and all of my notes are still there. They’re labeled under archive, but it has kept my notes
area nice and clean. Now we wanna combine this
with using reminders. Something that often, a
lot of people don’t get as much out of when they’re first using, or even if they’ve been
using Keep for some time. So I want to take a look at an example that I set up earlier today. So this is a note. It’s called review customer contract. I gave it the label work. Remember, you can use
a hashtag if you want to add that label quicker
than just selecting the drop-down menu here as well. Now I’m actually gonna
unarchive this because this is gonna give you an example of how this really works. You can see that at the reminder here– I set a reminder for earlier today. So this one is actually
already been triggered. It’s already been fired, and as a result, although it was still in archive because it had a reminder, it graduated here into my notes workspace. Let me give you a closer
example of how this works. If I go into reminders,
you can see that that’s not the only one that has a reminder. It’s the only one that’s been fired. It’s the only one that’s been triggered, but I’ve got a couple of other notes here that are due soon. So this red one, for example. I’ve got a reminder for
later today at 8 p.m. So if I go to my notes home screen, you can see that I’ve
just got the one note here at the moment, but this
is what’s going to happen. As soon as 8 p.m. comes
along, not only is this one going to move up here to the fired section within reminders, but
this note is also going to appear here on my notes home screen. It’s gonna appear here in due date order, right up at the front. So I can deal with it, I can review it, I can check it off. Whatever that note
represents, it won’t get lost. I won’t have to click on reminders. I won’t have to go and find
it under my family label. It’s going to automatically come here into the notes section,
just like this work note did earlier at 10:15 a.m. And remember, if you have
desktop notifications enabled, you’ll also receive a notification here on the desktop version. If you have your notifications
set up on mobile, you’ll also receive a
notification there as well. So let’s go back to our
labels ’cause I want to show you something else
that may be helpful to you. You’ll notice that these
labels are always listed in alphabetical order. And if you have a small number of labels, like you see here, that might be okay. It’s pretty easy for me to
find these different labels. But what if you have many many more? What if you have 10+? You obviously work with some
labels more often than others, so here’s a very quick but simple trick to help you reorder your labels. Under edit labels what we can do is that we can put a number in front of the labels that we would like to
order in a particular way. So let’s say I use work more
often than anything else. I’m gonna put a one in front of that. And let’s say I would like
my personal label to be next. So I’m gonna put a number two beside that. You don’t necessarily
have to number every one of your labels, but
maybe there’s just a few that you’d like to keep
at the top of the list. I’m gonna hit done, and now
you can see those labels will always appear at the
beginning of this list. So if you wanna clean up
your notes home screen, I would encourage you to start
using the archive function. Yes, that means archiving
almost every single note. Once you’ve decided what to do with it, set a reminder as to when you
would like it to reappear. You can keep your note
screen nice and clean. And remember, when that
reminder is triggered, when that time comes across,
it’s going to graduate, not only here to the fired area, but it’s also going to appear here in your notes area. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. If you have further
questions or suggestions for future videos about Google Keep or other productivity tools, be sure to let me know in
the comments down below. As always, I want you to
remember being productive does not need to be difficult. In fact, it’s very simple.

47 thoughts on “How to use Google Keep Notes like a Pro! (Tips & Tutorial)

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    For those who do not know yet, there is NO "untitled" or "unlabeled" label. When you reach tens or hundreds of notes, you might get lost finding something, especially when you are looking by hashtags or labels.

    Solution: When creating a new note, immediately label it with an "unlabeled" or "untitled" label or something similar. I simply use "no label yet". You can name yours "dunno where to put" or something funny. If I know what to tag or label it in the future, then I update my label. I don't use 2 or more labels for 1 note.

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