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By | January 22, 2020

hello guys, i’m back again… you can disable English subtitle (CC) if you can read in Malay sorry, no voice naration for this video hope you guys can subscibe, comment, share and like i will share how to use Online Google Docs one of the application from Google Drive Google Docs is similar to Microsoft Word the difference is this is a FREE apps Google Docs can handle your Microsoft Word ( .doc and .docx ) let’s start… the situation this time, you need to create a new document but your available computer don’t have a Microsoft Word make sure your computer connected to internet you need to log in to your google account click on Google Chrome ( or any Internet Browser ) click on Google Apps click on Google Drive this is my Google Drive account click on New click on Google Docs this is Google Docs rename the file first don’t worry, this apps will save your document automaticaly you can start typing you can start typing if you be able to use Microsoft Word you should not have a problem i will show you all only the basic function icon listed above will help you you can BOLD you can choose FONT you can choose font SIZE i will show you how to attach a picture to you document very easy only “drag and drop” i will select, and “drag and drop” the picture from my Desktop i also can add another text change the FONT change the ALLIGNMENT change the ALLIGNMENT can create a table very very easy can add a text in the table you also can SHARE with others click on Share follow the step shown click on the link on upper right of this video just close the tab ( your document will be saved automaticaly ) document ready and share icon appear near to file name i will log in using my other account to show how others will see the notification email this is the notification email click on the link given this is the way others will see i will show you how the mobile version of Google Docs click on Google Drive apps search the document click on the file name click on the file name simple… hope this tutorial will help you that’s all for this time don’t forget to subscribe, comment, share and like see you soon… bye 🙂 prepared by : yoyu 77

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