How to Use Google Adwords Tool to Get More Views: Optimize YouTube Videos – JR Fisher

By | September 16, 2019

I bet you would love to know how to
optimize your videos so that you can get more views well you’re in luck because
that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in just a few minutes of time hey
you probably got to this video because the techniques I use really work don’t
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instructional videos so you want to know how to use the google adwords tool to
get more views for your videos on youtube if you came to the right place
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instructional videos hi I’m J.R. Fisher with and on this channel I show you simple steps you can do to
start grow and run a successful business online hey don’t forget visit our other
channel where we discuss survival techniques and survival food in this
video I’m going to show you how you can use the AdWords tool for free to figure
out what the best words are to optimize your videos for more views guess what
you probably type something like how to optimize your videos to get more views
in the search bar and you ended up here see it does work now let me show you how
I did it let’s get started okay so let’s assume for a moment that your dating
coach you’re doing videos on teaching people had a date or how to get dates
and your idea for the title of your video is I teach you how to date okay so
let’s try that what we’re going to first do is start off with a simple idea I
teach you how to date and we’re gonna put that into Google Adwords and we’re
gonna let them tell us what people are searching for maybe it’s our idea or
maybe it’ll send us in another direction so right now I’m on the Google page here
I’m logged in and I’m gonna go down here to AdWords and click on it
now once I’ve done that it’s gonna ask me to sign in one more
I’m right here and it’s gonna bring me to this page I’m gonna click on tools
right here and underneath tools I’m going to pick keyword planner keyword
planner is gonna bring me to this page I’m then gonna click here search for new
keyword and AD group ideas I’m gonna put in there I teach you how to date because
that’s what my video was about that I think I want to do so I’m gonna scroll
down and I’m gonna click get ideas it’ll bring me to this page here it’ll default
to add group ideas but what you want to do is click on keyword ideas because
we’re trying to figure out the best keywords so that we can do a video that
people are already searching for so now what it’s done is it says my term I
teach you how to date has virtually no searches nobody’s searching for that now
there’s a couple others they suggest down here what should we have for supper
more New Year’s Eve menu ideas but let’s think a little bit more about what our
subject is our subject is dating so we’re gonna put a comma at the top and
just put in the word dating and we’re gonna see what kind of results we get
now things have changed dramatically it gives us a lot of suggestions down here
what we can do with this column here and this is what people are searching for is
we can search this by average monthly searches by just clicking here now if
you noticed it has thrown in there were dating hey there’s 300 68,000 people
searching that so that’s definitely going to be something that we’re gonna
have in our search term which will be in her title which will be in our
description now if you notice down here it gives you the number one search is
dating sites so we may even consider doing a video on the best dating sites
or why dating sites don’t work that would be a great title because within
that title it says dating site let’s look at some more down here online
dating so we may want to do a video on how to be effective with online dating
or why online dating doesn’t work or five secrets for online dating so
there’s a lot we could do with this here right and if you notice it’s going to
give us a whole lot more ideas maybe we want to do a video
on Asian dating maybe we want to do a video on free online dating advice free
online dating techniques these are just some ideas but if you notice all of
these ideas get in the thousands of searches and would be a great title and
we would want them in our title in our description and in our keywords that’s
the way you’re gonna get more people to watch your video

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