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By | February 23, 2020

If you’re looking to expand the reach of
your online store then consider submitting a sitemap. A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your
website that a customer could navigate to starting from your homepage. Submitting your store’s sitemap to Google
Search Console helps Google find and index valuable pages on your site.This means that
your store populates in Google search results, potentially bringing in more customers. All Shopify stores automatically generate
a sitemap.xml file that contains links to all your products, product images, pages,
collections, and blog posts. Before you submit your sitemap, watch the
video “how to verify your site with Google” linked below. After your site is verified, open Google Webmasters,
and click Search Console. From the dashboard, click Sitemaps. Under the section Add a new sitemap enter
sitemap.xml. It’s important that you do not enter any
other variation of the xml filename. Anything other than sitemap.xml causes Google
to return an error. Click Submit. Next, you see a pop-up stating your sitemap
was submitted successfully. If you see any errors under Status, then click
to find more details on the error. This example shows that the sitemap was read,
but has a General HTTP error. Click the arrow to see more details about
this error. Using the link in the description, visit Google
Search Console Help to troubleshoot any errors. This particular error occurred because the
sitemap was submitted while the online store was password protected. After you fix the error, you can either resubmit
the sitemap by taking the same steps outlined already, or delete the sitemap and start again. To delete a sitemap, click the three dots
in the top-right hand corner, and click Remove sitemap. Submit your sitemap again by taking the same
steps as outlined before. If the status of your sitemap displays Success
in green, then it was submitted without errors. After you submit your sitemap, Google uses
it to crawl and index your site. Keep in mind, Google only indexes sites that
are live. This means that the indexing process begins
after the password protection is removed from your site. Do not be concerned if every page of your
online store is not crawled or indexed. As Google states “It’s perfectly normal
for not all the pages on a site to be indexed.” Also, any hidden pages on your store are not
indexed and don’t show up in search results. The indexing process takes time and Google
does not guarantee how long it takes for your site to be crawled. For more videos on how to grow your business,
subscribe now! If you still have questions, comment below
or contact the Shopify support team directly.

31 thoughts on “How To Submit A Sitemap To Google Search Console || Shopify Help Center 2019

  1. Hotomoto Post author

    hello Shopify my store is I tried much time to submit my sitemap but I show an error "couldn't fetch" and I have been trying to add my sitemap to my google search account, and it just tells me that it cannot be read. how can I solve this problem please help me my

  2. Frank Farroghi Post author

    Hi Question! If you have Status Success, Do you need to submit a site map for every single product page? Or one is enough?

  3. Chanel A. Post author

    Ok I tried this but the status says Couldn't fetch instead of 1 error and it's saying that the sitemap couldn't be read. What do I do then?

  4. emab210 Post author

    When I do this it just comes up "couldn't fetch" . When you click on "couldn't fetch" it just comes up with "sitemap could not be read" any chance you can help please

  5. Sunpower Steroids Post author

    Hello, when I upload It , the only error says It's a HTML , how can I get a xml ?

  6. Rafik Hassani Post author

    I submitted the sitemap to Google but it just says 'couldn't fetch'

  7. Rafik Hassani Post author

    In bing i can send my sitemap with http but with the https he says
    403 (Forbidden)
    you have an issue with ssl encription shopify or with the cloud so i pay you for nothing

  8. Eliza Inez Beauty & Fashion Post author

    Hello, I had the same problem as the other users. When I verified everything went through. When I submitted my sitemap, It says couldn't fetch. Where do I go from here? It also does not give me an option to delete the sitemap. Do I contact google? Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Jay-cob Momo Post author

    thanks! you teach me what i exactly need..mwah

  10. Paolo Angelino Guerrero Post author

    Thank you so much! Very helpful! 🙂

  11. JPC Post author

    hello I have a question or two. First I want to say Thank You for this video very much!! I had a person make a new website for me, and he left me hanging on how to delete the old sitemap, and submit the new one, which I did from watching tutorials such as yours. The other thing was the person making the website told me also to Request Indexing (whatever that means) and he told me just to watch videos to do that as well. So I want to ask, once you submit the New sitemap (already done) Google starts the Indexing right away, correct? Or is there another step I need to know about Indexing?? Thank You kindly in advance if you can please reply!!

  12. CrispCarGuru Post author

    Says couldn't fetch but then I clicked on it and says submitted successfully.

  13. Mark Thienpont Post author

    every website generates a sitemap. to enter ur sitemap in to google you must type in as seen https://your

  14. Mark Hagan Post author

    Hello, i am getting an error that says sitemap can not be read. When I open up the sitemap, this error appears at the top. "XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it." I am not sure what this means. Can you help.

  15. Ayoub Post author

    hello, I created my own sitemap.xml with an online sitemaps generator but I don't know where I should input that file in the theme directory to make it work, please help

  16. Kevin Hunter Post author

    Thank You, you are a Godsend! I'm an Instant subscriber.

  17. Tyler TR Post author

    Point of inquiry. Should I delete and upload my sitemap every few months? I write approximately 3 new blogs a month that have external, internal and some backlinks as well.

    I don’t want Google to miss anything!

  18. joe moody Post author

    Thanks for the video! Also, does my password have to be off during the whole index process?

  19. Vanilla Bunny Post author

    this is the most helpful video I've seen! I have been searching how to create a XML file then how to upload it and it has been a headache! I successfully submitted my sitemap to Google websmaster after watching this video!

  20. Rainbow Six Intel Post author

    Great video, one question, does the sitemap update automatically as we add new products, collections and blog posts?

  21. Køshiz Music Post author

    I been trying to solve this for HOURS and you helped me solve it in 3 minutes. THANK YOU eternally.

  22. coffee lover Post author

    Instead of 'error' on status it appeared 'couldn't fetch', and I didn't see where you clicked to fix your error and you didn't say how to fix it, great video though, hope you reply soon

  23. HALL AVA BLOG Channel Post author

    how to fix the problem sitemap: couldnt fetch.PLease

  24. Post Punk Records Post author

    Google search console always reads couldn't fetch when sitemap is submitted. I tested my Shopify site at the site below and get this error. What do I do next to correct this header content issue?
    Character Set

    Sitemap is valid No

    Warnings –


    Incorrect http header content-type: "text/html; charset=utf-8" (expected: "application/xml")


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