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By | November 6, 2019

hey guys
Tyler Horvath here… did you know they can take up to one year to rank on
the first page of Google after starting a website if you don’t want to wait for
this and you would like to get ranked faster I’m going to show you how you can
start a website and you can write really really fast so when you initially buy a
domain name most people will go to GoDaddy calm or name solutions or
whatever and they will buy a domain name that’s brand-new now what’s great about
this is that you’re gonna get a name that you know might have your keyword in
it it might have your your brand name in it and that’s great and all but it’s
going to take a really long time to build backlinks to that domain and you
know get it going and get it ranked in Google so using this method you can
start a website or an e-commerce business and you can get it ranked a lot
faster than normal so here’s how it works first you are going to find an
expired domain name so what is an expired domain name well if you know
about domains you know that you pay for them yearly unless you you know pay
multiple years out but you pay yearly and when that expires then you no longer
have access to that domain name so this happens a lot of the time on the web and
you know people either give up on the website or maybe they stop paying for
their server whatever there’s a ton of different reasons that it can happen but
domains expire all the time so we can use this to our benefit and we can buy
an expired domain name that has a ton of great links already pointed to it so I’m
going to show you how you can find and expire domain name online that already
has a ton of great linkjuice so here is how you do that okay guys so I’m going
to show you how you can find an expired domain name that already has some great
backlinks to it so we’re going to use this website called expired domains
and we already have an account here so now we’re going to search for domain
names that have recently expired and we’re gonna see what we can find
so let’s say that we want to start a website about let’s say we want to sell
chairs so we’re going to search for chair now there’s some settings that you
want to change here because this is just going to show you all the recently
expired to my names so we’re gonna we’re gonna show domain names that are
available to order so some of these are like backorder you know you can buy them
for you know high price but we’re only gonna get ones that are actually expired
and we’re only gonna have to pay you know eight bucks or whatever the the
yearly fee is for whatever wherever we buy it from whether it’s GoDaddy or
network solutions or whatever so let’s click show filter and let’s check only
available at the main name so it’s only going to show us available domains and
we only want comms so we’re gonna say comms only now you can do net or all
that kind of stuff but I would stay away from any of these crazy you know mobi
Protege all those comms are the most trusted and I would stick to that so
apply that filter and now you’re gonna see all of these domain names that are
ready to buy and are expired so there’s a ton of different filters that you can
use here I like to start with backlinks so you can sort it by the amount of
backlinks that it has already so we can see there’s there’s some decent ones
here already so let’s check out let’s check out this first one it’s kind of a
weird name but it’s got some backlinks already so we’re gonna go over here to a
refs and we’re gonna put this domain name in here to see how many backlinks
it has now you can do this in a number of different tools depending on what you
use I like a refs the best so we can see the backlinks here now it’s important to
check them out to see if they’re like good backlinks or if they’re just
you know spam backlinks so checking this out it looks like there was an actual
site here and that there are some good backlinks to it now the problem with
this one is that a lot of these don’t have anything to do with chair so this
website wasn’t actually you know a chair web site it just has chair in the domain
name so I want to go back and keep looking here so we can also try and sort
by DP so this is the main pop so this is the number of backlinks from different
domains so it’s important to have a lot of different domains back linking to you
and not just you know one domain with a million backlinks so let’s try this one
Fox chair this looks like a pretty good one here so the domain rating is pretty
good has a decent amount of backlinks decent my domains let’s let’s make sure
these backlinks are legit okay so it looks like these are some pretty legit
backlinks here got some massage chair backlinks and we can even see these
previous pages that it was that I was trying to rank for so this looks like a
perfect domain for us to use to start our chair site and start selling chairs
so now that you found that domain name now it is time to create a website on
that domain okay now that you found that perfect domain
name that has your keyword in it and it’s already got some great link juice
to it now we can build our website so whether you are starting a blog or a
service based website or e-commerce site all depends on you know what you’re
gonna use to set up your website if you’re using e-commerce you can you know
you Shopify or big commerce there’s a ton of great ecommerce platforms that
you can use out there to get started if you’re wanting to do like a blog or a
service page or a service website you can’t just use WordPress and get a
simple site set up don’t really need to worry too much yet about you know
perfect it is just get it up and we’re gonna you know get it ranked as fast as
possible so now that you have your website now we can start ranking some
pages that were already ranked on the previous website so now I’m going to show you how we can
look at the past pages of the expired domain name we bought and create similar
pages that we can use to pass that link juice on to our money pages so here’s
how you do that okay guys now that you have your domain name and your website
set up and ready to go it’s time to you start creating those old pages that the
expired domain name has and start using those two to rank your website better so
there’s a few different ways you can do it as you saw in the video before into a
ref’s we can see a lot of these URLs that are being back leg two are ready
from you know these pretty good sites so this would be a great way to start so we
can create a page for inada massage chair reviews we can create a page for
Panasonic massage chair reviews and etc etc you can go down this list and you
can just start creating these pages and then either write yourself or get a
writer to write relevant content for for that page now
these links are already linking to these pages so you will get ranked for these
keywords superfast because these pages were already you know they’re already in
Google’s index and these links are still linking to them so another way to do it
is to use the wayback machine so you can come to the wayback machine and you can
put in your domain name and you can go to like the bulk of where all of the the
previous cached sites are and you can click on these and you can see what the
site used to look like and sometimes you can find pages by looking at the wayback
machine so sometimes it takes a while to load
here so this one doesn’t have anything so we can go to the next one okay so it
looks like there’s a site on this one now because you can see the title so
here’s what the site used to be so this is perfect of what we want so we can go
down this page you know we can go down this here so it looks like it was just
an Amazon affiliate site which is perfect because we can just recreate all
of these pages that they used and we can create good content and put them on
these pages so this is another great way to find old pages and recreate them from
expired domains so pretty much just go through these two methods and find all
the pages that you can and start cleaning content on those pages and you
will see that they will get ranked really fast because there’s already all
of these sites back linking to it and it’s that simple okay now we’ve created
these pages that are from the old page that had a bunch of links to it and now
these should start ranking really really fast because there’s already a ton of
backlinks playing to these pages so once we repurpose those pages for you know
what we want for our website you’re gonna see a lot more ranking increase
because you know there’s already those great lengths pointed to it so here is
how you start a website and get it right fast this is a great method that I have
used for over 10 years to get website started fast and to generate better
backlinks to my already made previous sites so I hope this helped you and if
you have any questions please comment below and be sure to subscribe to my
channel for more great SEO tips and ways to start and grow businesses online
thanks and have a great day

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