How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2019 | Completely From Scratch, With $0

By | September 6, 2019

– What’s up future billionaires. Today in this video, I’m gonna show you how to start a social
media marketing agency, completely from scratch, even
if you have zero dollars. Let’s jump right into it. So here’s my five step formula we’re gonna be covering
today in this video. And I’m gonna try to
make this as fast-paced and value-packed for you as possible, so let’s just right into it. Step one, build your foundations. Step two, contact businesses. Step three, secure clients. Step four, provide results. And lastly, but not least,
step five, scale this up. Let’s do it. So step one, build your foundations. Here’s what you’re gonna need to start your social
media marketing agency. And this is the only thing, a computer. You might argue with me all you want, but this is honestly the
only single thing you need and the only thing that I needed to run my agency whatsoever. And here’s what you’re gonna need to create on said computer. A Facebook account, and you probably already have a Facebook
account, by the way. A business Facebook page, a
Facebook business manager. And for those last two, you
can just look up simply, tutorials by Facebook themselves
on how to do each of these, it’s super, super easy. And here’s what you don’t need right away that are really big misconceptions that I personally stayed
when I started out, but I did not need them,
at least at the start. You need to worry about making money from this business first and then after you’ve made some money, then you can go back and
do these things later. There’s not reason to waste your time on all of these things
until you’re making money. Trust me, this is the biggest time waster and probably one of the
biggest reasons people fail, is because they waste
so much time on this. And then they run out of
money with the other things. And really, like I said, you don’t need any money to start, so don’t worry about that. A legal business. You do not need to start a
business, in my opinion at least, until you’re making at
least $3000 a month, because there’s so little risk that a business is going to sue you when you have one client or
zero clients, it’s negligible. But obviously, you have to take your own risk management into account, I’m not like a legal advisor
or anything like that, that’s just my personal opinion. And I’m just trying to
save you guys as much time and as much money as
possible with this video. And save you so many mistakes that I wish I’d been saved myself. And you don’t need business cards. You don’t need a website,
you don’t need employees. Literally nothing else
that you think you need, you don’t need. Trust me, the only thing
you need right now, if you have zero clients, is clients. And that’s what I’m gonna show
you how to do in this video. So second part of building our foundation is know what the heck you’re even doing. So you’re watching this video right now because you’re looking to start a social media marketing agency. So I already assume you know
what social media marketing is. And really, in reality what it is, and you gotta think of it more this way. Pretty simple, what we’re
doing is bringing businesses more customers, that’s what
they actually care about. They don’t care if we’re
doing social media marketing, they don’t care about anything like that. Only thing they care about is that we’re bringing
them more customers. So for me, what I do and
what I tell businesses I do, is bring businesses more
customers with Facebook Ads. And why Facebook Ads specifically? Well, I don’t do posting on social media, that’s what I did at the start. And I wanna save you guys
the mistake there as well. I simplified my business
as much as possible because if your business is simpler, you can scale it much, much bigger. And that’s what this video is meant to do, to save you an enormous amount of time and meant to allow you to build an agency as fast as possible and scale it up to as much as possible in
the shortest amount of time. So if you want to do that, you need to keep your agency
as simple as possible. It needs to be focused on
as few things as possible. And I recommend Facebook Ads, number one because they have the easiest to work with
ad system on the planet, two that’s where every single person is on the planet today, pretty much. And three, I’ll go back
to point number two, it’s where, literally, everybody
is at on the planet today. Now if you look at it in the
past, people were watching TV, they were listening to
the radio, but today, Facebook Ads is where everybody’s at. So why don’t we just focus on the one thing where everybody’s at? That’s why I focus purely on Facebook Ads and that’s what this is gonna be about. So even though I’m gonna show you how to start a social
media marketing agency, I prefer you to focus
purely on Facebook Ads. And that’s what most of this
video is gonna be focused on, but you can still apply this
to other parts of social media. The other reason I choose Facebook Ads is because they provide way more results than posting on business
pages and stuff like that. If you’re posting on business pages, you’re gonna get a one to 5% reach of all the people that liked your page. Because Facebook is pretty
much pay to play now and you need to focus on Facebook Ads. And that’s where all of my
results come for my clients. When I did posting for my clients, literally no results came from that. So that’s why I focus purely
on Facebook Ads because, like I said, businesses
care about customers, they don’t care about social media and what you’re doing on social media. If you’re bringing them more customers, they will pay you any amount of money. So next thing is preferably,
even niche it down if you can. And this can be your personal phrase and what you tell businesses or what you tell people that you do. I bring chiropractors more customers through Facebook Ads or I bring gyms more customers with Facebook Ads. That’s the best possible thing you can do and that’s how you’re gonna
build your foundations. You’re gonna basically make one of these statements for yourself. So here’s exactly what we
do, here’s exactly what I do. It’s the funnel process. It’s super simple. I run Facebook Ads, I bring
people to a lead form, and then from there they get sent to a thank you page and that
information of that person gets sent to the client, the business, and the business calls them up, schedules them for an appointment or whatever they opted-in
for, and boom, sale is made. Super, super simple. So in the Facebook ad I’m gonna show you a real-life example of this in a second, but in the Facebook ad we offer something of value for
free or a reduced price. Like a free assessment
or a one-week free trial or something like that. Then we send them to a lead form which is actually Facebook built in, so that’s why this is super easy. Facebook pretty much
does everything for you. This is why you don’t really
have to spend any money. Capture their name,
email, and phone number. And then on the thank you
page, you deliver the offer, give immediate gratification, and potentially upsell
them on something else or you upsell them on taking action now. So you say something like, call now and you’ll also get this. So here’s a real-life example of this. This is a Facebook Ad that I ran for one of my gym clients and the offer was a free seven day pass. And once they click on the thing to apply for their pass or
they click on the video, then a lead form will appear like this. And the reason I’m
showing you this right now is so you can understand
what this process looks like. Because obviously you need
to understand what this is, so you can explain it to clients. And this is how exactly
they get customers. So you have the Facebook Ad, you might have a video of the client talking about what makes
their gym different or something along those lines. If it was a gym client, for example, it could be a tour of the gym. Or if it was a chiropractor, it could be three ways to
solve migraines naturally or something like that. It can just be really a
value-based video about anything. But obviously it’s best if it’s something that people are actually interested in. You want to make videos that
people actually want to watch. And at the end of the
video, you give the offer and you can also give
the offer in the ad copy. Which I mean by ad copy, pretty
much the caption up there. And so what happens is when they click on the button down there, then they get sent to a page like this. And this is all Facebook built-in, so it automatically has your
name, email, and phone number. So the person that clicks on this ad, they don’t even have to fill
in their own information, all they have to do is
press one button, submit. Like this one says reserve
your free seven-day pass. Another one could say like get a free chiropractic assessment
or something like that. So from there, it leads
them to a thank you page after they’ve submitted their information and you can give them
directions on what to do next. And you can also add another button there if you want them to do something else, like call the business now. And then from there, once they opt-in, once that new lead opts-in
for your free pass, your free assessment, whatever it is. If you’re a dentist, it might be like a free teeth whitening kit with a regular appointment,
something like that. Then from there you set up automatic text messages
to go to your client. You can set this up through
what’s called Zapier and that’s $20 per month, but you can get the first 14 days free so you can actually get the client before you even have to pay for this. And $20 per month is really nothing. So this is literally the only thing that you have to pay for
to start this business. And you don’t even have to
pay for it at the beginning, it comes with a 14-day trial. So step two, contact businesses. Start by making a list, basically just to explain real quick. These text messages
get sent to your client and then all your client
has to do is call them up. Like if it was for a tour, all your client has to do… I mean if it was for
a free seven-day pass, all your client has to do is call them up and get them scheduled in for a tour. Simple as that. They come in for the tour… I mean they come in for
this free seven-day pass and what happens is the client will put the lead’s credit card on file and then they’ll get
their free seven-day pass and if they decide to stay with the gym and they don’t cancel their
thing after the seven days, they’ll be charged for a membership. Super simple. Just like a Netflix subscription with the free trials and stuff. So here’s step two, contact businesses. Start by making a list of 30 businesses you want to work with. And preferably, you start with
your own personal network, because these people
will be easier to sell. And I want to make this
clear that you wanna work with top-quality businesses
with high customer values. And I do not recommend restaurants
unless they are chains, because you want to work with businesses that have high margins, that have, it takes kind of a few
customers to get a high return. Because of the fact that if you’re working with a restaurant, you need to bring them like 300 customers. But more than that, most
single location restaurants can’t really afford a $1000
to $1500 per month retainer and I actually suggest a
minimum of $1000 a month. So I don’t recommend
going any lower than that, there’s no need to. You can charge clients $10,000,
$20,000, it doesn’t matter. It just matters how much
you’re bringing them in return. On average, I probably recommend most people start at like $1000 to $1500. But if you’re working with something like car dealerships specifically, you can charge like $5000, $10,000 because it only takes a couple car sales to get them customers. It just depends on your skill level, how confident you are,
and stuff like that. And do not work with startups, don’t work with failing businesses. You want to look for those
hidden gem type businesses. Those businesses that are
like the community staples that not really anybody knows about, but they’re like amazing places. Because maybe they’re
just an amazing business, but their marketing isn’t that good. Those are the best types
of businesses to work with, because you can absolutely
blow their business up. And then from there, all you have to do is start contacting these businesses. Here are a couple methods and I’ll also show you exactly what to say to these businesses to
get them to reply to you. So there’s a couple methods you can use. You can use Facebook Messenger, you can send them a video message, or your can send them a personal message. This goes back to why you
need a Facebook account, other than the fact that
you’re running Facebook Ads is because obviously you need
somewhere to message people. So make your Facebook
profile look really clean and just really professional, you can even put a couple
posts about cool stuff about business or about
social media marketing. Don’t like make it salesy or anything, but just make it like high-quality
informational type stuff. Same thing on LinkedIn and you can also walk into the businesses,
you can cold call them, you can cold email, all of these work. If you’re saying cold calls don’t work, cold emails don’t work, that’s bs. All of these methods work, it just comes down to is
your strategy good or not. And if your strategy isn’t
good, it’s not gonna work. If your strategy is
good, it’s going to work. If you’re not getting a meeting, at least one meeting every 10
calls or messages you send, then you’re doing something
wrong and you need to change it. So message number one, I saw you’re in, wherever you found them, I know Facebook Ads and I’m confident I can bring you more customers. Tell you what, if you’re
willing to invest $150 into Facebook Ads, I won’t charge you. I believe in earning
business, not asking for it. Thanks for your response. So there’s kind of two
strategies you can go with here. And this really just depends
on your confidence level. If you’re not confident
that you can get results yet and you feel like you need more practice with this business model, then I suggest you go ahead
and just do a free trial for a business and do it for free for one week, two weeks, whatever. Even up to a month,
whatever you decide to do, just do it for free for a little bit if you don’t feel confident. And this is the type of message you can send if you’re
willing to do this for free. And obviously they need to
invest money in the Facebook Ads, so that’s why you say about $150. I would say about $20 per day
is what I would recommend. And message number two, this is your option if you just
want to go paid off the bat. Hey, whatever their name
is, I saw your whatever, and I wanted to reach out. Remember this is the exact
script we made earlier. I’m Billy Wilson and I help
gym owners to get more clients. This is the exact thing that we came up with in the foundations. And then just ask, do you
need any help with this? Super, super simple guys. And then from there you can
just, based on their reply, give a reply back and pretty
much just ask for a meeting. Super simple. And keep in mind, you don’t
have to meet in person or anything like that,
you can meet online, you can meet in Skype, I’ve closed clients completely online. And that’s why I said, all you need is a
computer in this business. And step three is to secure clients. So here’s the exact thing you’re gonna do once you get your meeting secured. So once you get in the meeting, you’re gonna first set the
objective of the meeting. You’re gonna tell them exactly what the goal of this meeting is. Typically it’s to figure out what their biggest challenges are
in their business right now. And then from there, if it seems like whatever their challenge
is in their business seems to fit what I’m offering, then I’ll tell you more
about what I offer. Does that sound good to you? That’s what you can ask them. And just tell them exactly what the objective of the meeting is. Or you could just say
something along the lines of hey look, I assume that, first you could even ask
them why they’re here. It doesn’t matter which one
of these you really do first. Actually I would probably do the figure out why they
chose to meet with you first. So just ask them simply, what made you do this
meeting with me today? Super simple. And you need to lead the meeting, you can’t just make this where your client is like interviewing you
or something like that. If they want to try to interview you, just tell them and just like tell them what the
objective of the meeting is. Just ignore their question, tell them what the
objective of the meeting is. If they just keep trying to interview you and ask all these questions,
tell them straight up, like look, I’m sorry if
I misled you or anything, but this is not a type
of an interview thing. This is just to see if we can create a mutual beneficial relationship
between our businesses. So I just had a couple
questions to ask you to make this super quick and as effective for you as possible. Is that okay with you? And if they say no, then you
can just end the meeting. Like don’t feel like you ever have to close a specific client, you need to go in an in with
no attachment to the sale. Now people say things when
you’re in a negotiation you always have to be
willing to walk away. Same thing here. You can never feel like you need a client or you’ll never get the sale. It sounds funny but it’s definitely true. So from there, you just get to know and understand their business. You just need to ask them
a series of questions to understand how their
business model works, how they get customers currently, who their ideal customer is, what kind of offers they currently do. Maybe they already do kind of
a offer that’s an intro offer, you can use that in your
Facebook Ads, that’s perfect. Maybe they do a free estimate offer, perfect, we can use that
in our Facebook Ads. Super, super simple. And we need to understand their business so we can understand
what the problems are. So then from there we’re gonna figure out what their current challenge
in their business is. And you can pretty much simply ask them, it’s straight up stupid. And then from there, if what you’re offering
solves their issue, ask them if they would like
you to share it with them. And don’t just walk in
the meeting and be like, tell them about Facebook Ads and all this stuff about Facebook Ads. They don’t care about all
the details on Facebook Ads. And don’t offer them Facebook Ads if it’s not gonna solve their problem. Like if their problem is
they have too many customers but they can’t seem to get employees, just end the meeting there, you don’t need to offer something that doesn’t solve their problem. And plus they’re not gonna buy it anyway if it doesn’t solve their issue. But if it does solve the issue and they would like you
to explain it to them, then you can explain how it works to them. And kind of explain it just the way I did at the beginning
of this presentation. So from there you just show
them how the system works and you talk it out with them on what it may look like for
their business specifically. So you could walk them
through the exact pictures that I showed you and some more pictures I can show you in the future. You can be like in the next couple slides I’m gonna show you what it looks like. As far as the Facebook
targeting you can show them we can target these kind
of people on Facebook, we can target males, females, we can target people of this specific age, based on what you told me
off your ideal customer. And then you can say, oh you told me that you have this special offer, well we can do this
special offer in the ads and we can bring you these leads and they’ll be sent to
your phone automatically. And you can pretty much just build out what their Facebook ad is gonna look like for their business with them, so now they’ve pretty much been, they’ve started to get committed in this and they’ve started to build
this product in their mind of what you’re actually offering and if you’re about to take
it away from them at the end, then they’re gonna feel
a little bit concerned and they’re gonna feel a little bit like oh, I actually need this. If you do it the right way and you explain everything clearly enough. And throughout this meeting, you want to ask them questions
to make sure they understand. So you don’t just ask like
what do you understand. You gotta ask specific
questions like, for example, if you tell them like how
many customers they can, if you work out a goal of how many customers you
want to bring per month, then you just ask them a question like, do you think it’s reasonable we would bring X amount
of customers per month? And then once they say yes,
then you know you’ve got them. I mean it’s super simple, because they pretty much later if they say that oh I’m
afraid it won’t work. Well didn’t you just say earlier that you agreed that it would bring you this many customers per month. Super simple. That’s why you have to preemptively think about these things. You can practice these
meetings with other people, you can practice these
meetings in your head, you can make presentations,
you can make scripts. Any way that you want, but I’m giving you the exact structure, right here, right now. And from there, you would ask them when they would like to start. Like super simple. If they say like a couple days from now, then when they give the price, well they already said they
would like to start this day, so it’s not gonna make sense
if they say a later date now. I mean pretty much from there ask them when they would like to start. If they say like a month from now, just ask like okay, what makes you want to
start a month from now? They’ll explain the reason. And if it’s a legit reason,
that’s perfectly fine and you start a month from now. If it’s not a legit reason, you might dig deeper as to why
they’re really saying that. Maybe they’re worried about
that it’s not gonna work. But you just gotta figure it out. And just be on their side, sales is not, it’s meant to create a mutually
beneficial relationship. It’s not just to sell them
on whatever you’re offering. And then lastly, tell them the price and how they can start today. And then lastly, get access
to their Facebook page, images, and videos, and make
an Ad account with them there. You can literally close a client in one single meeting with them. And here’s the exact structure. This is a huge amount
of value to you guys. You might even want to take a screen shot, take a picture of this
so you have it for later. All right, so step four,
once you secure the client. And I’ll give you a quick
tip on the last one, that’s even more beneficial. You can say, when they ask for the price, you can say well normally I
would charge $2500 per month for this type of service,
or for this level of service but I like working with
business owners who are decisive because they typically end
up being my best clients, so would you be okay with
starting today for $1500 per month and we’ll lock that in for you if you’re willing to start today. Super simple, because now they’re not
gonna ask for a discount, because you already took
a huge discount off. And now they’re forced to purchase today. Even if they want to
start a month from now, they still gotta buy today,
if they wanna get that deal. Step four, provide results. Implement the exact process I showed you earlier for the business. Generate them leads to
set appointments with. And I’m gonna show you one
more time what this looks like. So let me show you. Here’s exactly how I
generate clients’ results and here’s my marketing process. One, we know their ideal
customer, wants, needs, and pain, we should have asked
them this in the meeting. And if you didn’t ask in the meeting or you didn’t get enough
information, that’s okay. You can come back, set
another meeting with them after they’ve paid and you can figure out and dive into this deeper
and deeper, as you wish. Two, then you’re gonna create an offer that appeals to the ideal customer. So think about, in your
mind, what would a customer that wants to buy a gym
membership want, for example. And they you create whatever that offer is that would appeal to them. Three, you create an ad that captures the customer’s attention and hits home with them. So pretend you’re someone
scrolling down Facebook, what’s gonna capture your attention? Let’s say, for example,
we’re just gonna focus on trying to get people into gym memberships. You’re looking for a gym membership or you’ve considered fitness, or maybe you don’t even know
you want a gym membership. When you’re scrolling on Facebook, what’s gonna capture your attention? What’s gonna hit home with you? That’s what you need to think about. Funnel, create a funnel
that drives customer action. Lucky for you, this is
already built into Facebook, so you barely even have
to worry about this one. And then fifth, sale, business
must follow up with the lead. So this is not only your job, it’s gonna be your job to
coach the business as well, on following up the leads. The business need to understand that they still need to call
these leads that you bring them because it’s basically people asking for appointments,
asking for an offer. But you need to tell the business they need to be able to
call these leads up quickly, in a timely manner. If they don’t call the leads up, they’re just gonna be
throwing money out the window. That just needs to be
clearly explained to them, from the beginning. So here’s what it actually looks like when you’re in the Facebook Ads Manager. And I have lots more videos that go into more detail
on this in my channel. And there’s plenty of tutorials
by Facebook themselves. So I’m gonna keep this
quick, because like I said, I wanna make this super
value packed for you. But here’s how you create a lead gen ad. You just go search in Google
for Facebook Ads Manager, you set up your account, and this is exactly what
it’s gonna look like. You click the lead generation objective, that’s how you’re gonna get your built-in Facebook lead
form that I showed you earlier. And it’s gonna look exactly
like I showed you earlier. If you want to see, I’ll
actually go back real quick, just to show you guys one more time. So this is what it looks
like, Facebook ad, lead form, thank you page, and then you
can setup the text messages but that’s through a separate
software called Zapier. Z-A-P-I-E-R. So you can look that up separately. So this is how you
create your lead gen ad. From there, after you
click that objective, you’re gonna get sent to a page like this where you can choose a lot
of the settings of your ad. You’ll just have to go through this, step by step, and thing by thing. For example, if you’re looking
to target a specific age, or their interest in certain things, you can type all of these things here, you can browse the features, super simple. You put in the business’ address and you can put a radius around it, depending on how far people
are willing to drive. Everything like that. You can even walk through
this with your client, if you wanted to. Like it’s that easy. Now I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that, but you could easily just ask them the questions to figure out these things. And then from there, after
you submit that page, you’ll get sent to a final page where you’ll be basically
making the Facebook ad and exactly what it looks like. It’s just like building
out a Facebook post, except you get a couple extra features, like a button and stuff like that. So you could have your
client make a video, it could be a slideshow. So I really recommend
videos or slideshow ads. And by slideshow ads you could
just put pictures in and you could put text above it like this, and just have like three pictures in a slideshow like free seven-day
pass, new gym located at, and then put a picture of the map, so it shows people in the local
area where it’s on the map. Super simple. Usually I like to call out the locations because when people see
an ad in their local area, they’re kind of surprised by it and they wanna see what’s going on locally and stuff like that. So that’s why I have that in there. And this is pretty much exactly what you can make your ad look like. Obviously you just change the offer, you change what it says, based on the things that I told you. I got lots of other videos
on my channel, like I said, on creating Facebook ads, if you need to dive deeper into that. One specifically is
even called Facebook Ads beginner to expert in one video. It’s like two hours long. But huge amount of value for you guys. Here’s to show just how good this works. This is the exact same gym I’ve been showing you the examples of. I’ve been working with them for a little bit over eight months now and it’s costed them
$22,000 in marketing costs, me, and to Facebook and Google Ads. Now you don’t have to run Google Ads, but I just do for this client, because it’s something I’ve
been experimenting with. And I didn’t do Google Ads at the start. I started about four
months with Facebook Ads and then we expanded to that
and I increased the price. So the revenue they gained over the next 12 months
in return was $175,000. So as you can see, I brought them almost a
10X return on investment. It was like 8X return on investment. That’s a huge, enormous return. And this is why you can charge businesses so much to do this for them. And this is pretty much gonna
be like almost a full time, this could pretty much be a
full time income in itself. This one client pays more
than my nine to five did. So step five. This is where it becomes super
easy, if you choose a niche. Step five is scale, by the way. So if you choose a nice, literally, all you have to do is just
copy and paste the ads for your clients in other cities. So for example, if I had a gym client and I wanted more gym clients, all I have to do is copy
and paste the ad copy, maybe change a couple
tweaks and stuff like that. I could have them record a similar video. The video, for example,
if you’re doing a gym, like I said, actually I
already explained that earlier. But like I said, you can
do value based videos. Like this one is a tour of the gym. Something people in the local area would actually wanna watch. It’s kind of cool. Just stuff like that. And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it can just be recorded on an iPhone in front of a nice background. That’s how simple it could be. Or it could be a selfie-style gym tour. It doesn’t have to be
anything super fancy. You can easily reach six
figures using this method without hiring anyone. That’s why this is really scalable. Like I said, we wanna make our business as simple as possible. Because making our business
as simplified as possible can also scale much faster. And it’s also simpler
for employees to later on learn how to do what we do. And you should be able
to handle seven clients at $1500 per month each,
completely by yourself. Obviously that’s full time. You could probably handle up to three if you’re doing it part-time. And once you’re ready to hire
people, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is record videos of how you set up stuff for a client. So let’s say, for example,
you’re setting up your ad for the first time for a client. All you do is record a video of that and you just record videos
of everything that you do and then all you have to do is once you’ve created
that series of videos, you just give it to your employee or the person that your hired,
your contractor, whatever. You give it to that person, and then they pretty much
just watch the videos, you pay them to watch the videos. And then once they learn, then they know exactly what you do, they can just replicate it. And pretty much like I
said, copy and paste it. Now if it’s the same niche, like I said, you can just copy and paste. They don’t even have to
write their own stuff. That’s how simple this is. That’s how you scale up this business. And I don’t know why
it says remember there. But step six, bonus step, enjoy your life. That’s how simple it is to build a social media marketing agency. I hope this video presentation
helped you out greatly. If you want more content like this about Facebook Ads and
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I really hope you guys enjoyed this video, I’ll
see you in the next one. (“Since I Was Broke” by Russ)

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