How to split a PDF document into multiple files | Free & Easy

By | August 16, 2019

Hi and welcome! If you want to split PDF files or to extract
separate pages go to and click Split pdf. Select pdf file you want to split or drag
and drop it from your folder. Over here you can split by range, for example,
from page one to four or extract exact pages you want. Let’s select Extract pages. Over here you can extract all pages or click
select pages and manually select pages you want to extract. Let’s take pages one three and five. If you click this merge extracted pages in
one PDF file you will get one document with selected pages. Click Split PDF. Wait for a few moments and click download
split PDF. Save your files and extract them from the
zip file. For me, this is one of the easier ways to
split a PDF document into multiple files. Drop some comments below if you think this
video was helpful. Thanks for watching and bye bye.

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