How To Skyrocket Your SEO with This SIMPLE Link Building Process

By | August 17, 2019

link’s it’s one of the biggest factors to Google’s rankings if you have a lot of links it’s easier to rank if you have very few links it’s really hard to rank but the problem with link building it’s so time-consuming most people don’t want to do it hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna teach you how to skyrocket your SEO by automating link building if you think about link building the hardest part about it is outreach that’s the most manual part of link building in which you got to reach out to sites and convince them to link back to you that’s the part I’m gonna teach you how to automate on this video the first tip I have for you is to check out duk-soo you’re on LinkedIn if you’re on LinkedIn Duck Soup will make it we’re just visits a ton of people’s profiles within your space or related to a specific category and as it views it a lot of people will start creating friend requests trying to connect with you and as you connect with them you can use duck soup to send automated mass messages when you’re building all of these connections and you’re sending automated mass messages especially to other people within your industry you can send them messages to try to get links and if you don’t want to get links you can at least get social shares by asking these people to share your content on LinkedIn it’s a really super simple way to get more LinkedIn traffic because as you get more LinkedIn traffic a more soulful traffic what happens more people see your content the more people that see your content the more likely you are to generate a link and of course I still prefer asking for a link directly but if you don’t want to do that at least ask them for a social share on LinkedIn the second tip I have for you is to use scrapebox well scrapebox will do is it’ll scrape google for all the relevant sites within your space so let’s say you just created an infographic about web design you can use scrapebox to find all the websites that talk about web design and then from there you now have a list of sites that you could be doing outreach to to generate some links once you have a list of sites and domains that to be going after the third tip is using find that lead when you use find that lead it’ll tell you the contact information for all of those domains because you don’t want to have to go in each one of those sites and manually find their email address you want to do in an automatic way find that lead will give you that information so that way you can start mass messaging people to build more links and the last tip I have for you and this comes to sending the email it’s to use mix Max or male shake and what this will allow you to do is mass mail all those people that you just got contact information for because you already have their domain so that was the second tip you ready have their contact information that was the third tip and the last step is emailing all those people and you can do that using male shake or mix match and the cool part about these tools is let’s say if someone doesn’t respond when you message them out you can send follow-up emails and schedule them if they didn’t respond and you can even set up autoresponders and sequences this makes it really simple so that way you’re engaging people with the least amount of human effort and building the most amount of backlinks so that’s it I know most of you guys want to do link building you try to do it you feel it’s expensive it doesn’t have to be just use these tools if you’re not sure how to set them up or if you have any questions leave a comment below I’ll do my best to help you out and if you enjoyed this video like it share it subscribe to the channel tell other people about it thank you very much

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  1. Rohit Sharma Post author

    How to rank on Bing search is Bing search help me get sale or rank on bing is easy on google

  2. Robert IJsselstein Post author

    backlinkwatch is a great tool to find backlinks of your competitors for free! Looks cheap, but works great!

  3. Roshan Ogrey Post author

    Such Great beneficial Tips Niel its really helpful to generate more backlink…

  4. Guru Verdict Post author

    Hi Neil another Amazing video
    (1)One question you have said that you launch a free tool competitor To Moz Ahrefs and SEMrush when this comes out ??? any guess because I think I read one of your post in which you mention that the biggest strategy in 2018 is to provide free tool 🙂 so when this tool comes I need it badly 🙂
    (2)Secondly I thought that you have to create series of this tools
    How to use Neil Patel tool series that generate more awareness about your tool and also people used in right way

  5. your need Post author

    hey Neil I have recently heard that Google search algorithm doesn't look on off-page , is it correct !?

  6. Venkatesh Kumar Post author

    Hii Neil Patel, my doubt is, I have to focus only on authority website backlinks or small blogs links are also useful?

  7. Csaba Faluvégi Post author

    Do u know similar softwares like scrapebox in other languages? I red that the scrapebox work only with languages like english,france, germany…

  8. swapnil mate Post author

    Hii neil
    Can I rank my free domain website (.tk) of blogger in first pg of google.. give ne some tips I work hard in website URL but that url not placed in rank stuck at rank 4 can you give sone tips to rank in 1st.. one important question how many link give in 650 word article.. and how it beneficial plz reply

  9. Ajay Singh Post author

    Thanks Neil. Once again great advice for Link building.

  10. Roberto Renteria Post author

    Neil, Thank you for putting together this video, I think in less than 4 minutes you gave a whole semi automated "white hat" Backlink building strategy. I am surprise you of all people will actually recommend Scrapebox thanks for that.

  11. Neeraj Beniwal Post author

    Hello, Neil Sir is Social Bookmarking and Web 2.0 Links are working?????

  12. Two Guys Creative Post author

    Awesome video as always sir! I'm going to get working on this, will get back to you if I have any issues 😋😋😋

  13. Anand Singh Post author

    Hey Neil sir any bad effects of profile links

  14. Subhrangshu Adhikary Post author

    Loved it. Was looking for these for months.
    Thank you Neil.
    You are great
    And your team is amazing. I get immense help and advices whenever I sent contact query on your site.

  15. Vjatsheslav Post author

    These mass email techniques seem too shady for me. It's almost the same thing spammers do with scarping millions of emails and then spamming. Also, what's the point of sending automated mass generated emails to people that already get hundreds of emails begging for links per day. What happened to individual approach?

  16. Md Amin Post author

    You are awesome Neil. Link building is more important. I want to know how to you write awesome content that people loves? and How to collect all the information which you share in your content? Why i can't write Good content?
    When i trying to write good content i can't write. Have any suggestion for me?

  17. Thirteen Hales Post author

    Hi Neil! 😀 Excellent info in this video. I felt frustrated with the link building process.

    The info here helped to clarify certain aspects.

    Also, why can't ppl run traffic to their website, specifically a blog, using Facebook ads in addition to link building?



  18. Meditation and mindfulness Post author

    Hello teach me what is the AdSense sefe website traffic software or box sistem. I won't mor reyal traffic. Plz send me links.thank you

  19. Carl Broadbent Post author

    I would rather write great content and let the links naturally build up over time then you risk no Google penalties​ from poor bad backlinking methods.

  20. Siddharth Sharma Post author

    Today I disavowed 115 backlinks out of 319 total backlinks. Most of them returned 404 server error, 3-4 were adult site, and some were spammy marketing. I wonder how did I get so many bad links? My site is 2 year old and I havn't hired anyone to generate backlinks. I think someone is targeting me with negative seo.

  21. Shamim Ahmed Post author

    Would you like to share some free method on link building strategy?

  22. Dhanur Sehgal Post author

    Hi Neil. Which university is best for MBA in digital marketing? (according to you)

  23. Dhanur Sehgal Post author

    Hi Neil. How did you arrange seed investments for your 1st company when it was at an initial stage?

  24. Martin Zanichelli Post author

    This process does not look GDPR compliant at a first glance.

  25. Shahin Alam Post author

    How to make wikipedia link properly? Please share a resource about that.
    Thanks in advance!

  26. Csaba Pádár Post author

    Dear Neil Patel!

    Thanks for your videos and your blog, very helpful! I have a question. I have a healthy recipe site (hungarian). How would you build links, any tips? The tools you recommended are not that popular in hungarian sites.


  27. Cynthia Tripathi Post author

    Just liked, subscribed and shared! Thanks for the video. One Question: do you have any good templates ideas for getting people to respond, and or ask for links? I'd love to check these tools out, but thinking about what the email will say to get the best response rate.

  28. Thierry #Henry Post author

    I thought that using scrape box was black hat Seo

  29. Sidney Owsley Post author

    Time to get some links. Thanks Neil, you always provide us with awesome tools we can use.

  30. Land Paradise Post author

    Great video! Thanks for the great content. Do you have tips for reaching out to people (using the methods you described in this video) to get a good response rate? Any tips are appreciated! We certainly liked, commented, shared and subscribed!

  31. A Biscevic Post author

    Too bad too many people with crappy content will take your advice so you'll have a bunch of lazy writers mass spamming each other.

    I would only do this on posts over 3,000 words to invest my time in and let the other posts less than that rank naturally on their own.

  32. M K Post author

    I didn't know that Quick Sprout is your site until I sent a message and clicked on "more about me button". Awesome work Neil. Also sent you a mail, I hope you'll respond.

  33. Affiliate Watch Post author

    Automation is great. This is my first time hearing about these tools. Great insights like always, thank you!

  34. Honey Sharma Post author

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  35. Securus Records Management Post author

    Dear sir, this is very nice video, but i have query, if we help dux-soup this work like robot, is there any harm on linkedin if we do in bulk

  36. imtiaz protik Post author

    Love you man, always find new technique from you. Thank you so much

  37. bumper entertainment Post author

    super tip .. sir any tip for youtube channel

  38. I am Kudos Post author

    Niel the tools of the video are awesome man, but the problem is all of these tools cost a pretty average amount of cash. If its only 1 or 2 tools, its okay, but all of these tools is gonna cost a decent amount 😅😅😅

  39. Bauss Post author

    random question .. if i have a 1 millon email list , how/ what software should i use to send em emails once a week???

  40. Dhanur Sehgal Post author

    Hi Neil. How did you fund the initial operational costs for your first company?

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    Thank you, this comes a the right time for me I have a new born site and I need traffic. How many back links are healthy per day/week so that google does not burn you for being spamming though?

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    When can we expect the upgrade to Ubersuggest( The ones that breaks the market of all the other SEO tools 😉 ) ? Plus is there a beta version that we can enroll in?

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    Big Neil!

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    Sir neil!
    Will you teach us how to use scrabbox type tools?

    And do you have any private helping portal so i want to discus one of my project with you. If you will study it and help me how to improve it. I shell very thank full to you.

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  58. BLOGGING TRUCKER Post author

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    What should I write or mention on the email to these websites?

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    Neil, l like your videos so much! They help me a lot!
    BUT STOP translating names and descriptions to the languages, you don't know plz
    For instance, your translations to Russian make absolutely ZERO sense!

    Firstly, I cannot understand the content of the video by its name so I cannot navigate to the video I'm interested in. Secondly, I there's no way to find your video through the search, cause original meaningful names become replaced to the translated nonsense

    I could guess that the meaningless translations don't help growing your audience, so you could hire an experienced or native translator to help you out or just stop translating names, please

    I really love your content and I'll keep follow you and watch your original videos.


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