How to showcase your product with webinars – Senuto case study

By | August 17, 2019

My name is Karolina Matyska and I’m
Content Marketing Manager at Senuto. Senuto is an SEO analytics tool and
know-how consultancy that helps you plan, monitor and optimize marketing activities in Google. Our clients are SEO specialists mostly but also e-commerce managers, online
marketing managers, content marketing managers copywriters and all the people
who fight for the best possible visibility in Google and more organic traffic to their website. Webinars always seemed to us to be a perfect way of supporting our clients on their journey through Senuto platform. ClickMeeting is one of our
content marketing platforms. The implementation process was pretty easy. We integrated ClickMeeting with our Google Analytics account, with Google AdSystem, with Facebook Pixel and HubSpot. I’ve got two favorite features that ClickMeeting offers. One of them is this little thing that automatically records webinars and I do not have to think about it. And to be honest there is a lot of
things that I have to remember about before or during a webinar so that’s a great thing. I love that I can redirect the attendees to the website that I choose, directly after the webinar ends. The feedback we get is actually great. With every new webinar we also get people who ask for more and ask where they can get notified about the newest or the upcoming webinars and it’s very nice to hear and very nice to know that they actually want the knowledge that we
share and that they look forward to get it. During a 30-minute webinar I can make sure that our clients are notified about the newest functions within Senuto
platform. I can instruct them how to use it how to solve their problems with it and how to optimize their work. I definitely recommend ClickMeeting to other businesses because it’s intuitive and it’s easy to use but what’s most important for me, I can rely on it. I cannot imagine that there is a webinar in three minutes and my webinar platform is not working. It just can’t happen and with ClickMeeting it never happened.

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