How to Setup Your Website for SEO

By | August 23, 2019

In this video we’re going to answer the question
how to organize your website pages for SEO. The best way to do this is really to focus
on the products or services that your business sells. So here’s a look at my website. You have the usual home, about, whatever you
may have. But here’s the key —- the services page. If you notice my services page, we offer a
variety of different services so each service has its own page. If I go to SEO, we have our own SEO page. The reason I mention this is because — here’s
a look at a website of a friend of mine —- I’m showing you this because we’re actually
n the process of redoing this site so maybe by the time you see this video it will no
longer be like this, hopefully. But you can see this is sort of a classic
mistake, is that a business, maybe your business, would list all the different services that
you offer and they’re all lumped together. So you’re not able to add META tags and
all the search engine optimization tools that we’ve been talking about to each page individually. Like for instance, going back to my site,
this is the search engine optimization page and if you look up in the corner you’ll
see the unique title tag, “professional search engine optimization services New Jersey.” That was our money keyword phase. So here’s the code. You can look at anybody’s code by going
to VIEW SOURCE and you’ll see the title tag, “professional SEO services NJ.” Now, that is different from PPC advertising
which has PPC advertising in the title tags because we’re trying to have that page come
up for PPC. We don’t want this page coming up for SEO
anymore than we want it coming up for inbound linking programs or email marketing. It also has its own set of META tags — you
see it says email marketing in the title.. So the bottom line is you want to make sure
that each page has unique title tags, unique META tags, which include the keyword tags
and the description tags that we talked about in previous videos.. Now here’s a just a quick look at the benefit
of doing that. Here is the title tag from our SEO page, “Professional
search engine optimization services NJ.” And you can see I’m not logged into Google
— you want to make sure you’re not logged in when you run these kinds of tests for your
own keywords to see where you are because as we’ve mentioned before, Google will show
you specific results when you’re signed in based on who you are and where you are. When you’re not signed in you’ll see more
natural search results not necessarily tailored for you. So we did “Professional search engine optimization
services NJ,” you can see there we are on page 1 for our money phrase for this page. So you want each page to have a chance of
coming up in the search results for you. As we talked about previously, sometimes the
classic mistake is to try and make all your pages come up for all your keywords. That’s not the way it works. You want to have certain keywords associated
with specific pages on your website, ok? So that’s the way to organize your website,
the best way for SEO is to divide up all your products and services into their own unique
pages so that you can SEO each page uniquely. Thank you . Hope you found it useful. See you next time.

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