How to Setup Google Search Console for your Website

By | November 18, 2019

Hey Analytics fans! Today I’ll walk you through the process of setting up google search console for your website. I’ll briefly explain a few reasons why you want to set it up and then I’ll walk you through the steps one by one so you can see just how easy it is to get started and connect your website with google search console. Just real quickly, a few reasons why you want to set up google search console. This is essentially your way of telling Google that your website exists. Also letting them know what kind of pages are on your site and how Google should handle those different pages on your site. Whether they should crawl them, index them, show them in search results, and so forth. You can also do some things with your amp pages if you are using the google amp platform. There’s a handful of other small things you can do with google search console. I won’t go through all of them right now, but just the last big thing you can do is you can connect your search console with your google analytics and then you can actually pull that search data into analytics and do more filtering and segmenting from there. Before we get started, I just want to make sure that I reiterate that you should have a google account that is specific to your business. This should not be a personal google account. It should be one that you use only for business services. And the google account that we’re going to use for search console should be the same one that you’re using for google analytics. That’ll make things so much easier for you to connect those two accounts later someone go to and i’m going to go up to the top right and click the Sign In button and sign-in with that business account once you sign in with your Google account go ahead and type search console in the search bar and the first result that pops up should be the google search console website it should be a URL of / webmasters flashtool flash home and click on that search result you will land on this home screen that will say welcome to search console you’ll have the option to set up either a website where an app you’ll notice in this drop-down right here you have the option for either or today I’m going to show you how to set up a website go didn’t like your website domain into the text box next to the website option and click add a property before you can setup your website with search console google wants to make sure that you own the site so you have to prove that you own the domain you pipe in there are a few ways that we can do this the recommended option that Google gives you is to do it via google analytics so if you’ve already set up your google analytics for your website which i do recommend that you do first once you set up google analytics you can go ahead and just click verify and Google will check that you have that google analytics code on your domain that is connected to the same account the same google account that you’re using and you’ll be all set to go if however for some reason you don’t have google analytics installed let’s take a look at a few alternate methods we can use if you’re not working with the wordpress site or another cmf or if you’re not using google analytics you may want to upload an HTML file so if you have ftp access to your website and can upload a simple file you can choose this method google will give you a file to download and then you will upload that file onto your site just make sure that you can access that you your web browser first once you can then go ahead and come back here in your search console and click verify you can also choose to verify with an HTML tag that’s adding a meta tag your site’s homepage if you’re using wordpress there are several plugins that gives you an option to simply add your meta tag right into the backend admin area jetpack is one of them as well as the Yoast SEO plugin is another one that make it very easy for you to add a meta tag to your site’s homepage i recommend using plugins if you’re using wordpress the other option you could do which I do not recommend it to add the meta tag directly to your header.php file the challenge here is that when you change your theme you’ll need to remember to add that meta tag back in to your new theme once you’ve changed it you can choose the main provider this will actually try to sign into whoever you purchased your domain with and it will make in a txt record in your dns settings you can choose that option if you don’t have access to upload a file or you don’t use the meta tag you can sign into your domain name provider google will walk you through the steps if you choose this option the final option is the google tag manager I don’t want to go into details with that but if you guys are using google tag manager then you should be able to go through that process and set it up that way but I do highly recommend that you just go ahead and use the google analytics method assuming that you set up and saw google analytics before you’ve gone through search console once google is verified the domain you’ll just be a quick little confirmation message that says you have successfully verified ownership go ahead and click continue now there’s one thing that I always do anytime I had a new website into google search console and it’s not something that publicized really well but i always do it just to make sure that google knows i own both the www version of my domain as well as the non www version so i added the WWE version of the domain here so what I now want to do go in and just add the non ww version to prove to google that i own both the way I’m gonna do that is going to come up here and click search console you’ll see my one website listed right here i’m going to go ahead and click add a property this time I’m going to add the opposite version of what i just did so if you already added the www version now you’ll add the version without the www go ahead and click the Add button you have the same methods for domain verification here so go ahead and choose the same method that you just choose in the previous step now if you go back up to search console and click on that again that will take you to your homepage for search console and you should should see that you have both your WWE and your non www version in your search console what I like to do with all the sites and search console that have both WWE and non w version is that I go to the actual website itself and however that website is being displayed it should only be displayed one way or the other you don’t want to have it displayed both ways so if you have it displayed with the W then i’m going to do all of my work here in the search console with the domains of the w if it’s displaying without w same thing applies I’m gonna come in here and use the one out the W’s in order to make all my changes to and and manage everything within search console so just use the version of the domain that appears when you visit the actual site once you’ve clicked on the version of the site that you are going to use to do all of your management you will see a basic dashboard for that site listed here that is actually everything that you need to do in order to set up your site with search console so now you do have an account and you can access google search console for your website at any time by coming back here once you setup your google search console account i’m going to show you one more thing and that is how to setup a sitemap i’m going to assume that you already have a site map created this tutorial won’t go through the step on creating a flight map i’m just going to show you how to submit that sitemap to Google search console if you’re using wordpress there’s double different ways that you can create your site map as well as find that URL so i’ll take a brief look at that so you guys know how to grab that URL and then submit it here and your search console the front of the home screen we can click on site map over here on the right-hand side you can also come over here on to the left hand side under crawl and choose sitemaps good and could be read ad test site map button in the top right corner you’ll be asked for the URL of your site map so let me go ahead and show you one way to find that in WordPress if you’re using the Yoast SEO plugin us SEO plugin is one of the best plugin for SEO that you can find on wordpress it is the one that i recommend that i install the sites that i work on and in that us SEO plugin if you come on the left-hand side in navigation under SEO you’ll see an option for xml sitemaps once you click on an XML sitemap link you will see a screen that looks similar to this right here it says you can find your XML sitemap here so go ahead and click on that link what that will do is open up your actual site map so here is the sitemap what you want to do is after your domain name you want to grab the part of the URL that should say sitemap underscore index xml and we want to copy that and we’re going to pay that back into our google search console and then go ahead and click Submit then we can refresh the page and here we see the site map that we just submitted the right now februari 22nd is the date that we submitted it google will let us know if they find any errors in this site map that could be syntax error so they could be pages that were telling Google about that Google can access so we’ll just give us more information on how Google sees our site and if there’s anything we need to do in order to show up in Google search results i’ll do a more in-depth tutorial later on all the different things you can do with google search console but that is the basics on how to get it set up and how to add your sitemap to Google can start indexing your website and all of your pages and displaying you in search results as always if you guys have any questions please leave them in the comments and I’ll try to help you out thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video you might also like one of these related videos below and if you found it helpful consider subscribing to our channel or check out our website at WP Smackdown com4 written tutorials and guides

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