How To Set Up Goals in Google Analytics

By | October 20, 2019

How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics 2014 using the latest interface hello and welcome in this video session I’m going to show you how to set up goals in Google Analytics but before I do let me show you this particular screen and let me touch on some very important aspects of using Google Analytics now the first thing that one must ask is what is that I am trying to accomplish on my website
each and every Web site is unique that means your online business and your website is different to your competitors website or to people offering the same service or product to
you so when you setting up goals using Google Analytics perhaps this particular screen that you’re looking at is over generalization as to the reasons that you may set up goals for okay so before we go on on to how to set up Google Analytics let me share with you this very important information as far as using Google Analytics now Google Analytics is a tool for you but is not a tool for you to
measure having people came to your website it is not a tool for you to measure ohh you know which keywords they used it is not a tool for you to measure ohh which country they came from what Google Analytics allow you to do if you use it for what it’s worth is that it allows you to understand your potential customer okay
that’s what Google Analytics is all about okay using goals is one way for you to
understand if your meeting your your objectives and using a/b tests is for you to create and improve your website
because Google Analytics allow you to do AB tests right so you create AB tests right why you do it so that you can improve now
you you can’t just shooting in the dark and hoping that once you shoot its gonna magically find its target your online business is there for you to present your products and
services okay now Google Analytics allows you to glimpse at your potential customer how does it do that well you can pinpoint let me share this with you let’s say when you look at which internet browser your potential
customers used when they came visited you right let’s say there are perhaps few major browsers as in we’ve got Internet Explorer we’ve got Chrome we’ve got Firefox we’ve got what else we’ve got Safari for example right now well just imagine who uses that who uses Firefox well Firefox perhaps someone understands how to install stuff and change their
default Internet Browser cause if they’re using Windows seven for example
default is Internet Explorer right so if someone doesn’t know how to use computers a lot perhaps they’ll just stick with the default without changing it to Firefox but lets a Safari Safari Browser someone who comes to your website using Safari they maybe a different bunch altogether right
so what does that say to you so when you look at that Google Analytics data it shows you that so that when you look at that then you understand who your potential
customers are okay that’s how you use Google Analytics is to gain you know and gain insight and also get familiar with who your potential customer are let’s say browser sizes okay you know browser sizes and resolution you know Google Analytics shows you data right when you look at you don’t just look ohh ohh my potential customer came 80% of my visitors used 23 inch monitors you don’t look at it like that you look at as to they maybe having the latest computers if they’re using XP
they maybe elderly people maybe or financial wise they
may not be able you know afford the latest operating system so
to speak okay so Google Analytics gives you that information that’s how you look Google Analytics because when you do then you make changes accordingly you test and see test and improve test and get better results and setting up goals is one way for you to
quickly see if you’re meeting your objectives okay so let’s open up our favorite Browser and log in to our Analytics account now this is the latest interface in 2014 we locate our admin interface and under goals option
here as you can see simply press on it and let’s just press on create a goal when we do it allows us have this template you may not see this template Google makes available if that’s the case simply go in to your
property settings and under industry category simply select one cause if
you’re not seeing that interface before that’s probably you haven’t selected one as
your industry category attached to your Analytics account simply once you choose most closest if it’s not available you may be in a industry that Google doesn’t have in here so then you just choose to
one that is most close to if you don’t let’s just not select it let’s go back discard it let’s have a look no let’s save that okay now we’ve saved that now if we then go back we’ll see when we
create a goal we don’t have the template available for
us okay so it makes no difference okay it makes no difference as to we can
say okay I think my online business is related close to Internet and Telecom maybe let’s choose that let’s save let’s go back Press on goals press on create a goal then we have that template as you can see
templates you can perhaps read through it I’m not
going in to depth and explain every single one template
is basically Google Analytics trying to make setting up goals easy for you okay as you can see you can setup goals for many many many different reasons and will depend on your online business let’s just choose custom press Next when we do we can simply set up goal
name it can be anything as long as it makes sense you have four different types of goals
that you can set they’ are pretty basic as you can see okay you can choose Destination let’s choose that what that means is you put a forward slash because Google Analytics already knows what your top level domain is right so you
simply put a forward slash and let’s say you have a thank you page okay it doesn’t matter what the extension is let’s say you have local contacted page so equals to means whatever the page that you
want to set up as a goal meaning someone came you know they
contacted you then they landed on unique page which in our case was named as such simply you place that detail there case sensitive you have that option if your web pages are case sensitive so but you also have it begins with now you may have web pages like this let’s say thank you dot HTML for example PHP and let’s you have dynamically generated web pages
right product id: equals let’s say whatever the number it may be generated automatically so when
you’re saying it begins with then you can simply diregard this portion which will automatically be
generated by your content content management system you simply delete that and you say begins with that means it’s going to track everything that
begins with this portion of the URL and whatever comes afterwards whatever comes afterwards whether its this or whether its that it’ll still track it as a goal okay or you also have option for regular
expressions now I’m not going to go in to depth and show you what regular expressions are just understand that
you have that option I’ll give you a basic example let’s say you have a two different web pages that you want to set up as goal okay if
that’s the case you can say okay thank you dot PHP you can put a pipe symbol here which means in regular
expressions sense its the OR operator okay you’re saying thank you dot PHP OR thank you number two dot PHP so that means you
can simply use regular expressions in that sense you can read more about it we’ll just choose equals to I know let’s I know for a fact that my page will not change and it is equal to this exactly right you can define a value let’s say you know downloaded or thank you whatever the name maybe whatever the page that you want to set up as goal you can define a dollar value you can say its worth twenty dollars to me or it’s worth fifty dollars to me okay that will depend on your online business your own
goals you have Funnels options here okay funnels are tricky I suggest that if you’re just
starting out with goals simply leave it as it is but you have
that option funnels are simply way for you to to funnel your web pages and your visitors to to follow and then you can you know
defined goal as being met if you define the funnels if people come through that funnel to your goal destination okay and you can set it as to required meaning it’ll be completed as in successful goal completion only if people come through the funnel that you create okay just know that you have that
option I’m not going to go in depth today because it’s another story altogether you can read more about it if you want so destination is that let’s just go back and let me show you okay what if duration: duration you have option as to greater than let’s say I wanna see I wanna set up goals that track people who come to my website stay
more than five minutes okay once again you can define dollar value
here okay so you can track that as well as you can set goals for durations as well okay let’s go back and let’s say okay you know
what I don’t want to choose either one I want to
choose visits okay you can say Grater Than once again let’s say 5 different pages that they visit they see your potential customer see or you can
say ten as your goal okay cause you may want to you know set up different goals okay just know that
you have that option once again you can set up dollar value as
well now we can then go back and say okay
events I wanna set up Google as a particularly event
I’m gonna make another video session about event tracking okay just know that you can set up goals as events as well okay and once again
you can define value here or here so once again for main categories for
your goal settings which can then be expanded in to
many many different options so let’s just choose this Press let’s say don’t forget the forward slash and then
you simply place your your URL there okay let’s assign a value twenty example lets verify this goal yes it seems that okay you know what it’s
all working and then you simply create your goal once you do just understand that you can’t delete it you can change
everything in it but you can’t delete it therefore if you’re just starting out creating goals simply create one and then see okay see how that works so once again this is how you create goals let’s cancel this because we now know how to create goals using you Google Analytics I once again thank you very much for
your visit if you want to grow your online business
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