How to Set Up and Verify Google Search Console

By | August 11, 2019

10 thoughts on “How to Set Up and Verify Google Search Console

  1. Michael Carvalho Post author

    After taking the option of HTML tag and following the steps as per your video I received this message like We weren't able to verify your property: Can you please guide me. Thanks

  2. Beatrice Hobson Post author

    Thank you very much. I had been working on this all day. Kept uploading file to 'media' and not my server. (yikes!)

  3. Ingrid Van den Abeele Post author

    Thank you so much. I finally succeeded thanks to your vdeo !

  4. Na Hal Post author

    Sir I can't thank you enough for this video! The only person that explained this thing in detail where I have now verified ! Salute.

  5. Blue Moon Realty Group Post author

    The only method to verify my two websites that I cannot figure out is Tag Manager and you stopped before showing us that one.

  6. Alexus On Post author

    How does verifying from GCS effect verification from GMB?


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