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By | August 24, 2019

Hi Besties! Today we have a special guest to teach us
more about SEO, Dr. FrankenSEO clap! Don’t be rude! Don’t make fun of me! What can I teach them that I haven’t already? What do you mean Dr. FrankenSEO there’s a
lot everyone still needs to learn. You put all of your information in your forum
already. Anything I say will just be a repeat. That’s ok. I’m sure people just starting SEO would like
a very basic 101 video to tell them where to start. Z! Go get me my boyfriend Google
No no no. Z only gets things for the besties. Z, go get her boyfriend Google
I love boyfriends Here are 7 How to SEO tips! First!
Use a keyword analyzing tool and stop guessing what people are searching for! I’ll have Z put a link to a good keyword tool
below the video Next! Always name your page titles after your desired
key phrases! Next! Always put the keywords in the description
of your pages or shop listings as well. Next! Use Google Trends to see if people use the
singular or plural version of your keywords. I’ll have Z put a link to Google trends below
the video. Next! Add the keywords to the actual content of
the page. But don’t spam the page and make it icky. Just sprinkle it in. I hate sprinkles. Me too. They’re so gross. Ok Renae and weird aggressive bearded lady,
we’re getting off topic and we only have two more to go. Sorry. Sorry. Next! Name your images after your keywords. Like MomBusiness.jpg or christmastrees.jpg. It really works well I think. Next! Use long tail keywords? what does that even mean? Calm down aggressive beard lady. We have a video tutorial for that right HERE! All of our premium seo tools can be found
right inside the forum at and if you don’t want to join
That’s cool Just follow on youtube or the blog for the
free stuff. Luv u all
Peace out yo!

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  1. Renae Christine Post author

    🙂 Right now I have 3 characters. Soon I'll have 4 on my 365th episode. 🙂

  2. Sami Gala Post author

    I can't understand… Wish it was normal talking. Usually love your videos 😒




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