10 thoughts on “How To Send Traffic to my Amazon FBA Using a WordPress Pretty Link?

  1. Aref Online عارف أونلاين Post author

    i really like that you started to focus on Youtube. Keep it up Scott 🙂

  2. Dan Hansen Post author

    Its like you read my mind, i was wondering this all week

  3. Front Range First Defense Post author

    Yes….. such a great video brutha. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Front Range First Defense Post author

    What host site company to usually prefer to stick with? I was looking into host gator

  5. Need MoFishin Post author

    Great advise as always Scott! You've been such an amazing help to my busniess! Here's some advice to all who are getting started…

    step 1) Listen to Scott and build your email list!!! We've had some amazing success using Pretty Links from outside content (like YT videos, blog posts or other promotors reviews) that will then point to our word press bridge page. The bridge page features a short product sales video and video testimonials. We then give them a "I'm Ready To Get Started – Click Here" button (above and below the fold…meaning one right next to the sales video and right after the short video tutorials).

    step 2) That directs them to our very simple landing page where we immediately offer a "Bonus Gift" of 50% off coupon (our breakeven percentage, limit one per customer) where we use a 'Click-pop' box, where we ask for their email address.

    Step 3) Since we now have their email address, we'll email them the coupon code and include the link to Amazon directly in the email. (NOTE: We're starting to use the new Amazon Landing Page, but I'm not sure if its offered to every seller yet).

    Step 4) This is where you really start making your money! Then start them in an automated email sequence where we will offer them a series of our own products AND affiliate products (through becoming an Amazon affiliate or becoming a Clickbank or Udemy affiliate). Russel Brunson said, "Amateurs focus on the front end". And that's soooo true.

    That way instead of only making one sale, you could possibly make hundreds of sales over the 'lifetime' of the customer that is on your email list! Crazy right?! Then not only will you be be an Amazon selling ninja, but an ecommerce ninja too!

    Hope this helps everyone!


  6. Crape Myrtle Guy Post author

    Please keep these videos coming!!! I teach a HS business class and my goal is to teach students to make a dollar in thier own business by the end of the year. Most won't sit and listen to a podcast. Excited to show some of your videos in class to get them thinking . You need to start an entrepreneur class/curriculum for HS students :))

  7. Marie-Therese Lesieur Post author

    First, I just want to let you know that I LOVE your videos! Good job!
    I have a question about sending traffic trough prettylink.

    What is the referring site amazon sees? Suppose you put your pretty link on facebook.. will Amazon sees it as coming from Facebook or your website?

  8. Wiser Pet Post author

    Hey Scott – thanks for sharing. I'm sending external traffic to my Amazon storefront. Am I correct in assuming that if a visitor doesn't make a purchase that this wont hurt conversion rate in the same way that it can if traffic went straight to the product page?

  9. Loury Niere Post author

    Hi, is there a way we can track the Amazon conversion rate of a promo code offered in manychat?


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