How To Sell High Ticket Products On Dropshipping ($100+ Profit Per Sale)

By | August 29, 2019

What is up ninjas! Today we’re
going to teach you how to drop ship high Ticket items where you make more profit
for sale like this and why people who Are drop shipping bluetooth speakers are
missing out on a huge business Opportunity so stay tuned yeah and I
think what’s up guys welcome to another Exciting video today we are going to
talk about how to sell high ticket or More expensive products with Shopify
drop shipping rather than selling you Know what most people talk about and
what most people kind of think about When they think about drop shipping
which is you know the ten to thirty Dollar kind of impulse buy products
we’re gonna talk about you know why it Makes a lot of sense if you’re doing it
right to sell more expensive products We’re gonna talk about the sweet spot
price range you know the price range That I’ve proven again and again and
again To work with hot ticket sales to make
more profit per sale we’re gonna talk About a ton of example products right
things that were actually drop shipping Ourselves that are high ticket on that
we sell for you know upwards of twenty Five hundred dollars per unit and I know
that sounds crazy but it happens every Single day we’re gonna talk about how to
actually set up your store so that it actually fits in with the high-ticket
model because there’s one extremely important difference when you are making
a Shopify store for high ticket products that you absolutely have to have which
we are going to reveal in this video without this one thing you are not going
to be able to do high ticket drop shipping and we’re gonna teach you
exactly how to do that and how to convert sales literally a hundred times
more just with this one trick we’re gonna talk about the accept the expected
profit margins that you’re looking for we’re gonna talk about how to find
manufacturers and we are going to talk about the two ways that we like to
advertise use advertising with Google PL A’s and Facebook dynamic product ads
that we personally use to absolutely sell the crap out of these high ticket
products this is gonna be a really good video that is kind of the overview of
what we’re going to go through during this video so let’s kick it off but what
a lot of people don’t realize is that kind of high ticket drop shipping has
been around since the nineteen fifties Sears used to do it you know Walmart
does it most of the big kind of department stores out there do it even
Costco does it now like when you go to buy you know
big furniture sentence and things like that sometimes the actual manufacturer
and the seller is not actually Costco and that you can’t actually buy those
things in store so they’ll set up like a you know display of furniture patio
furniture or something large like that but you can only order it from online
and so what they’re doing more or less is they’re actually drop shipping it
just from a larger scale like sometimes Walmart will order you know 50 or 500 or
a thousand of you know this products and they’ll still stock it in their store
but generally they actually just drop shipping so we’re gonna do the exact
same thing and so basically you know we’re gonna go through some examples of
you know what products I’m actually talking about what price ranges actually
work but to kick it off you know I want to talk about kind of the sweet spot and
so what I’ve kind of proven as the sweet spot of pricing is from 500 to about
$2,500 as the sales price and so just as an example we’re gonna show all the
Express here and why all Express doesn’t work for this particular model so we’re
gonna go to actually just put in furniture here and what we see here is
you know a bunch of hammocks these things are very easy to ship they’re 449
you know per unit and things like that buying them from Aliexpress a lot of
this stuff is just very small like this is kind of this is an OK example but
again there’s only 29 orders and so you can see that all expressionist doesn’t
really deal with this because shipping you know bulky oversize you know more
expensive items like canoes for example or you know electric scooters like you
saw on the thumbnail or you know there’s a ton of examples that we’re gonna go
through it just doesn’t really make feasible sense actually shipping it from
China all the way to the USA and so most of the time that people are actually
doing this at least successfully they’re finding you know premium manufacturers
within the USA with a very with a variety of things that you actually need
to be looking for for those manufacturers which we’re gonna talk
about a little bit later so the best kind of example of who is doing this the
correct way is and there’s a few others like hey needle and you know
things like that but I actually got interested in because I just
moved into a new house you guys have been following on the videos eventually
I’ll do a house tour cuz a lot of people have been asking me for about that but
you know the reason that I even kind of took notice of wayfarer you know I’ve
seen them over the years I’ve seen their website I’ve seen it when I’ve kind of
been doing some casual research but the reason that I actually
noticed it and decide to make this video was because Wayfarer does a fantastic
fantastic job of dropshipping high ticket items so if we actually want to
go through and look at a couple of things we see the pop up there they’re
trying to collect the email but we’re gonna look at patio furniture because I
was literally looking for patio furniture just the other day so let’s
look at patio lounge furniture like gosh we’re gonna look at patio lounge
furniture here what we’re gonna see is you know five hundred and twenty nine
dollars and ninety nine cents and you know generally you can kind of count on
the fact that Wayfarer and these other kind of like larger sites and larger
dropshipping stores are making about thirty percent profit margin or more on
these actual items and so if they’re if they’re selling this for five hundred
twenty four dollars and ninety nine cents you can almost guarantee that
they’re making a thirty percent margin so if we actually go 0.7 right to
account for that thirty percent margin times the sales price here then we can
you know surmise that they’re buying this for about three hundred and
sixty-seven dollars which means that you know they’re netting the the profit
between that of you know a hundred and sixty dollars profit right so if we
subtract here did that kind of backwards but if we subtract here we see that
they’re making you know about like I said about one hundred and sixty dollars
profit per sale on this particular item if they’re making about a thirty percent
margin and I would say that that’s kind of on the low end of what they’re you
know normally make and so I want to talk about you know what are the advantages
of high ticket drop shipping versus you know drop shipping and kind of more of
the conventional model that most of the other people are teaching you know I
teach myself because there are good things about both so some of the
advantages of you know high ticket drops to drop shipping where you’re selling
less units right less volume but you’re getting more profit per sale is write
less customer service if you’re selling less items there’s less tracking numbers
you know you have to deal with less individual people you know you have
higher profit margins per unit generally these things are very difficult to
return right like if you wanted to return a cat necklace for example all
you to do is you know put it in like a little envelope and ship it out but if
you want to return you know a huge patio set
it’s much more difficult to do which again brings the point that it’s very
important to do your proper due diligence finding these manufacturers
that are going to ship a quality product so that nobody does need to return it
but again just the difficulty of returning like you know huge heavy more
expensive items like this makes returns you know much less significant and
another you know major menu excuse me major advantage of doing drop shipping
in this manner is to do this you know correctly you’re generally going to be
using manufacturers in the USA which means that if your customers want it
they can get you know shipping very quickly and so if we look at the
Wayfarer they probably advertised you know one to two day shipping let’s see
so if we choose just like a random product yeah so one or two day shipping
to you know the thief code that it thinks I’m at which is actually wrong
but that’s kind of funny but yeah so they have you know very very fast
shipping and again they have free shipping over $49 and so you know being
based in the USA and having USA based drop shippers where they’re actually
shipping from the manufacturer straight to you know your home inside the United
States you can take advantage of this fast shipping which means you can
compete with you know Amazon Prime and things like that which is one of the
biggest drawbacks to drop shipping in kind of the conventional sense because
normally you’re waiting for a package shipping which is twelve to twenty days
I want to talk really quickly about what you’re kind of looking for from a
manufacturing perspective because we are going to be looking for premium
manufacturers in the USA and because of this it’s actually a little bit harder
to sometimes get them to agree to sell you their products right it kind of
seems logical that anyone would want to sell you all their products but people
don’t want you know just anyone in the world out there with like maybe people
are doing shady stuff they don’t want to sell their products to just anyone they
really only want to sell their products especially on the individual kind of
drop shipping basis to people who are serious about this so if you’re
contacting suppliers right and they’re coming back to you and saying you know
they’re not interested in selling you their products or drop shipping for you
it might be because you don’t already have a presence and you know a store and
things like that so a little trick that I like to use is all oh you know I’ll go
to Wayfarer for example or you know any kind of a high ticket drop shipper and
I’ll actually take photos or I’ll take you know products that they’re selling
some of their best sellers let’s say for example that I’m doing patio furniture
and I’ll make as Shopify drops your store with all of those same products so
if they have you know a big orange patio set for $2000 I’ll put you know the big
orange patio set on my drop shipping store on my Shopify store of that same
thing and I’ll price it for the same price so let’s say that you know worst
case scenario somebody buys that $2,000 you know patio set from my store then
all I have to do is just you know enter that customer’s information into the
buying form of Wayfarer & Wayfarer we’ll ship it directly to my customer so
that’s not even an issue at all and then what happens guys is you have a shop a
5-story that’s built out that already has other patio furniture in it and all
you have to do is send that store link to any manufacturer out there and say
you look I’m serious about this you know we’re selling other products we’re doing
this you know we have a real store we’re not just something we’re not just anyone
right you want to make yourself sound important you want to make yourself
sound like a big deal and that you’re gonna be a good customer for these
people and so they’re actually willing to go the extra mile and dropship for
you and those are generally the manufacturers that you want to work with
and if you guys do want me to make a video on you know how exactly how I find
the top quality manufacturers in the USA you know premium quality cheapest prices
how to negotiate how to kind of you know navigate that whole path and find these
world-class manufacturers in the USA then leave a comment down below that
says Shopify high-ticket and you know if I get 500 comments of people saying
Shopify high-ticket I will make an entire all-inclusive video on how to
find the best manufacturers in the world based in the USA guys and this works for
Amazon products this works for Shopify products this works for anything a lot
of people ignore the fact that there are world-class manufacturers in the USA
just because everyone teaches about ollie Express and Alibaba but that’s not
the case some of our best relationships with our suppliers for both Amazon and
Shopify are with suppliers based in the USA so let’s talk about advertising
advertising and how you actually get the word out for these high ticket products
is the most important you know and can be a little bit overwhelming for people
so we’re gonna talk about exactly how to do it right now so let’s say for example
that we were searching electric fireplace an electric fireplace is a
great example something that we’ve actually you know drop shipped in the
past because it does have you know just a premium kind of
price range it is a little bit difficult to find generally in you know Walmart
and places like that and what we see here are two different types of ads so
right here we see sponsored and these are actually Google PLA s right these
are product listing advertisements and the way that I can tell that these are
product listing advertisements is because they come in this carousel like
this and we can see you know multiple different ones free shipping we see lots
of different options here Bed Bath & Beyond we even see Walmart it’s actually
drop shipping using pls which is funny so this is the first model that we like
to use for high ticket a drop shipping the second model we will talk about in a
second it’s called Facebook DPS or dynamic product ads but these right here
are the google pla is and then these right here the ones that say add in
little green check mark these are actually what’s known as display ads and
we’re not gonna go super in-depth on display ads versus pla s I did make a
Google advertising video on my channel if you guys haven’t seen that make sure
you you know tap a little subscribe button with a little notification bells
and then head over to my channel and check out the Google advertising video
because it teaches you know how to do all of this stuff and it will benefit
you in the end but these are the two methods that we actually use and it’s
funny because they’re actually both displayed perfectly for the electric
fireplace let’s look at one of these just to kind of show it off so we do see
electric fireplaces direct right they’re actually putting the keyword in their
URL so they’re obviously you know they understand a little bit about SEO we do
see that they have for expert help right here which we will talk about at the end
one of our secret kind of methods that we use really to explode our sales
especially with high ticket it’s just something that if you forget you’re
gonna fail and if you don’t if you actually do it right then you’re going
to succeed promise we will get to that but before we do I just want to talk
about one more version of advertising that we have proven again and again to
be the most successful with high ticket Shopify drop shipping which is Facebook
dynamic product ads and I’m not gonna go super in-depth into Facebook dynamic
dynamic product ads they are a little bit more on the advanced level and we do
go super super deep into how exactly how to set up facebook dynamic product ads
in the Shopify ninja master class which of course there
is a link down in the description to a completely free training where I reveal
one of the actual products that I personally sell on drop on Shopify that
makes me over thirty thousand dollars every single month we do go super
in-depth but just to give a quick little example this is um what a facebook
dynamic product atom looks like it actually shows up kind of in a carousel
like this with a direct link to buy so like if you’ve ever been browsing the
Internet let’s say that you’re like looking at canoes for like to go camping
or something like that on like a random website and then you go over to your
Facebook app and all of a sudden you know magically you have an advertisement
on your phone for that exact same canoe that you were just looking at right it’s
not magic right they’re using the Facebook pixel and they’re bringing over
your browsing history into Facebook and then they’re serving you an ad for the
exact product that you just looked at and then they make it extremely easy all
it is is a single click of a button to take you right back to the order page
and by which you are just browsing so Google PLA is right product listing
advertisements we see right here display ads we see right here um if you want to
learn how to do that you know I do have a completely free video on Google
advertising over on the channel so click subscribe and head on over PLA is again
are a fantastic way to advertise and then Facebook dynamic product ads are
one of the best ways in the world to advertise any type of Shopify product
but especially to advertise a high ticket item it just works like an
absolute charm guys and so the last thing that I want to talk about is kind
of our secret sauce and you know we’ve revealed it a little bit earlier I’m
here but it’s an unbelievably valuable way I know it seems kind of silly but
having a one hunt one 800-number on your website especially for high ticket right
because people are not gonna buy a $900 most people are not gonna buy an $850
fireplace without talking to a real person right they need to feel safe they
need to know that it’s a real company they need to know you know that it’s
gonna fit for their specific needs they have everyone has one little last
question especially for these high ticket more expensive purchases and so
making a 1-800 number and listing it on your Shopify site is the way to go and
if you’re thinking yourself you know I can’t afford a sales team I can’t afford
to have you know a 1-800 number yes you can especially at the beginning guys
because um you know what we do is we just use this website called phone calm
and this is actually my account right here and all you have to do with this is
you can get you can register a 1-800 number for like 20 something
dollars a month against yeah $25 a month $24 a month and all what this does guys
is you can for that 1-800 number and having a 1-800 number just seems more
professional than just like putting your own cell phone number or whatever all
you have to do is you can forward the 1-800 number to your own personal cell
phone and now you are a one-man sales team and this is the secret sauce that
you know my students and that people that I teach and the people that I’ve
helped for the past few years have used to become a one-man sales team until
they’re generating enough sales and until they’re generating enough volume
and profit from these sales to actually hire out on additional sales team guys
and so we talked about a lot of stuff here that is kind of the secret sauce
and we have so much more of just hacks and secrets like that in the Shopify and
ninja master class if you guys are interested in checking it out we have a
completely free training that you can check out where I reveal real products
that I actually sell on Shopify that make me 30,000 or more dollars a month
and finally guys I wanted to give a big shout out to our daily $100 giveaway
winner where we’re sending 100 oz straight to your PayPal instantly and
all you have to do to enter to win $100 instantly to your PayPal is click the
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gonna give away a brand-new copy of either the Shopify ninja master class or
the Amazon FBA ninja course guys so I hope you enjoyed
this video and we will see you on the next one

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