How To Sell Digital Marketing Services To Local Businesses

By | September 8, 2019

what’s up everyone so today’s video is
how to sell any digital service and I get this question a lot me being in the
digital marketing space and business space we sell a lot business-to-business
now I have multiple different businesses lead generation business a client
business that offers different types of service so this is really vital and
honestly in the beginning I didn’t do any of this stuff my sales was mostly
you know walking in and door-to-door type of sales and building relationships
but when you’re trying to be an agency and scale you need to put systems in
place and have certain things and I’m gonna jump into my computer in a minute
here really dive deep and show you some things that we’re doing in my agency and
right here how to sell any digital service it really comes down to the same
type of elements and any sales but of course depending on what you’re selling
there is some things that are a little different within your pitch your copy
and so on and I’ll show you examples I’m gonna try to not keep this video
extremely long because I can go on for hours and hours when it comes to sales
split testing and a whole bunch of different things about building a system
sale system but I’m gonna show you some things that are really working great for
my business especially our lead generation business we’re just growing
that and growing that and it’s because of certain things that we’re doing we
always record phone calls listen back so we can adjust our pitch our copy and you
know really build a system in place and that’s key so today’s video is how to
sell any digital service will actually jump into the video right now okay
everyone so now we are live in my screen and we’re gonna talk about how to sell
any digital service let me just get rid of my face and as you can see this
document I’m sharing I just wrote down some things to really give you a good
example and three important elements right off the bat and you might have
heard this in other books in in other sales training you know I’ve listened to
a lot of books and sales training myself so I’m always picking apart and taking
pieces and testing and seeing what really works and three important
elements this comes down to the a client they must love and believe in
your product okay that’s one of the things that you got to convince and you
have to be convincing over the phone when you’re doing sales dialing and
calling they must love and believe in your product number two they must trust
you you have to grow a relationship where they trust you and you know
sometimes you know you hear a lot of people say call up and close the guy
right away right and we’re finding that a lot of our closer
closers and closing ratios it’s happening down the line sometimes we
reach back out to these people or they reach back out to us after we speak to
them two three four times but then they close we’re building a solid
relationship to make them trust us and last but not least and I think a lot of
people forget about this and they leave this element out and it’s they must
trust and like your company they need to really really like your company what you
stand for and they must trust it you got to build that trust and there’s certain
things that we do so those three important things need to be the first
elements that you’re thinking of and this is when we’re going into any niche
or business we’re always thinking of these now around our sales pitch and
copy’ and what we’re going how we’re going to approach it how are we gonna
make them love and believe in the product and listen it has to be a good
product you can’t be selling garbage right if you don’t know your product if
it’s good or not how are you going to sell it because even if you sell it even
if you have a powerful sales process if you start selling it right and you get
really good at sales but you’re using it in the wrong way to sell something
that’s garbage you’re gonna get tons of bad reviews nothing no one’s gonna stick
around they’re not going to repurchase it’s not good so don’t do that that’s
not what you want to do what you want to do is have a really good product and
maybe that means you have to take time and split test the market yourself spend
a few dollars or you have to take on you know clients for a free trial and during
those free trials and you can use this copy to get people into free trials that
that’s even easier if you you use it to get people into free trials but just
know that it’s a free trial for you to test your skill set up so with that said
must love and believe in your product remember you want a good product must
trust you got to build that trust must trust and like your company you got to
build that trust with your company and this is this is how we go about doing
that we pick a specific niche and for this example let’s say the solar
industry let’s say that I have a product for the owners of solar companies so
we’re in the solar industry let’s say we must do deep niche research and now what
I would do is me and my team we’d be like all right we’re going into the
solar industry we want to sell these solar accompanies either it’s or we want
to we want to do their search engine optimization or we want to do their
Facebook Ads right we need to know about their business though so when we get on
the phone we can have the lingo with them so we’ll do really deep research
and write down certain things like solar that you know think about in the solar
industry I right away I think of solar panels but there might be other stuff
that you know falls on the solar that I don’t know right now but if I did my
research right I would learn about this so that on the phone and you’ll also
learn this through phone calls you know record every single call that’s one of
the rules to record every single sales call so you can listen back because they
might ask you certain questions that you get you know stumped on in the beginning
but you write that down and you’re you’re doing market research by phone
calls also because you’re gonna learn like oh so you know they mentioned some
type of commercial solar program that’s going on right now that maybe you didn’t
know about now if you know that you have that in your arsenal to talk about when
you’re having conversations later on with these solar companies so again
we’ll do really deep research write down as many things as we can about that
niche that you know that can fall under maybe questions they might ask and then
also will create a specific niche brand website so again because we want them to
trust and like the company right so think about this if you’re a solar
company and I’m calling you and I’m telling you I’m from you know XYZ
marketing you’re like oh yeah you probably heard phone calls like that
before right but if I if I get your ear and I’m like hi this is James from solar
solutions right away Solar Solutions and I’m just making up a name that hopefully
that’s not someone’s company I’m just me getting up this name if I had to pick
something let’s say solar you know anything that’s niche-specific
so it has the main word in there of the niche I’m going after solar solutions
because I’m gonna provide solar company solutions for for their marketing in
their business that’s why I came up with that name but you want to do something
very specific niche so if you’re going after chiropractors it would be
chiropractor solution whatever it might be the niche you want to create
something with that because it’s much more powerful when you can use in your
copy that this is all you do all we do is build solar companies or
all we do is generate leads for solar companies just like yours or all we do
is you know build the brands of solar companies that’s what we’re known for
we’re solar solutions so it really sounds very specific the next thing you
want to do is build out a website around that it could be a quick WordPress site
or Weebly site whatever you could go youtube these videos on how to build
this stuff and you want to put up if you already have some clients let’s say you
have one or two if they’re happy with the product that you’re selling them
let’s say I had a solar company that’s buying leads from me I would ask them
hey can you just write a review on the quality of the lead so I’ll put that
testimonial and a five-star review you know put the perception on the website
this way when they go and visit Solar Solutions calm they can see the reviews
from past clients that you have and also what I would also do is let’s say you’re
generating facebook leads I would use maybe a screenshot of the quality of the
lead so if they’re filling out like a form actually what I’ll do real quick is
I’ll actually share an opt-in form and I’ll have my editor edit this and right
now and that form really is just to show that I would share like hey look at the
quality of the lead that we’re getting look at the information we’re getting
from them and in order to get that information that’s because of the way
that we’re building on your brand and also the way we’re really good at
getting specific leads information and I would put those examples of the leads
that you can generate on the website as well you want them to visit Solar
Solutions because what what usually happens in the first
conversation that you have with someone is they’ll ask for more information
about your business again this is a conversion factor they want it they want
to know who are you thinking about how many marketing calls so you want you
don’t want to pressure them you want them to do research on you you want them
to see your website because that site needs to make your think about it you’re
being niche specific you want it to stand out against any of your
competitors that are trying to do the same thing that you’re doing because
this is all you do you’re in that niche and you’re gonna get really good at that
niche now if you don’t have past clients right let’s say I don’t have any solar
clients yet maybe whatever I’m trying to sell let’s say it’s Facebook Ads again
maybe I would set up some Facebook ads on my own dime depends on where you’re
at and run some ads and really try to get them to convert and if they’re
converting then I would call some local companies and see if I’d get them in the
free trial and just turn those ads on and send them to them and then if you’re
making them happy again you know it’s so funny everybody wants to sell digital
service I hear everyone’s has these digital agencies but they’re not really
spending the time to perfect the craft that needs to be perfected for first you
know it’s great you’re gonna get on the phones and do all this stuff but if you
don’t have a good product you don’t have a good product you don’t have a good
service you don’t have a good service right you’re just gonna be wasting your
time because if you do start closing people which I know you can it’s just
they’re not gonna stay around if you’re not really doing you know the right
thing so we’re gonna move on I’m gonna show you an example of a sales pitch now
I designed this sales pitch just I threw this together from some of the elements
that we have in our own copy right now we’re selling leads so we have leads
coming in already and we’re selling them to companies so our sales pitch is a
little different I catered this more towards if you’re trying to sell like
digital services like Facebook ads or something like that that’s why I catered
this which is a little more tough but you can still get around certain ways
and you’ll see how I kind of crafted this and there’s certain things that I
did so the first thing I would do is if you have the business owners name
which is always great and sometimes you do sometimes you don’t if you do and
you’re able to get that information it’s always great to just be like you know
ask for the business owner so if I was to get on I would say hi is Mike there
just like that hi is Mike there and once I get him on the phone that’s when I
would say hi this is James from solo
I’m calling about your home advisor campaign are you the best person to talk
to about that now if you don’t have their first name just try it out with
this right and again this is all split testing and getting data I would say
right away if I didn’t have their first name I just go hi this is James from
solo I’m calling about your home advisor campaign are you the
best person to talk to about that now you’re probably wondering at this point
James how do you know and why are you using home advisor what’s well this is a
creative twist that where we’re using sometimes to get our foot in the door
because if you go over to home advisor and you can find people or Yelp you know
you can even use yo let’s say I could go over to Yelp let me just do this real
quick so I’m over here on Yelp and you’ll notice something ready look at
this son power bi EAN power solar they’re running an ad on Yelp Long
Island Power Solutions running an ad on Yelp Clear View roofing is running an ad
on Yelp for season running an ad on Yelp there’s a good chance if they’re running
ads on Yelp for solar there are solar companies that are already spending
money and guess where they’re spending it on Yelp so you can do the same type
it’s you know I’m not gonna take up all the time but this type of tactic could
be with any type of services that they could be spending money somewhere else
be smart about it find it and now you you know you have that as a mo so let’s
say this was even Yelp we could put you up because we already found something
there so hi this is James from solo solutions comm I’m calling about your
Yelp campaign are you the best person to talk to about that now what this is
doing is if the owners on the line he probably knows he’s spending money on
Yelp so now he’s you just opened a zeros because he’s gonna maybe think you’re
from Yelp or you know that you’re confusing them and if he
not the owner this might be able to get past the gatekeeper because if the
gatekeepers someone at the desk and he’s not the right person to talk about the
Yelp campaign but he knows you guys are spending money on Yelp he’s gonna get
you to the right person all right so that’s the little trickery
part in that so once he agrees that he’s the best person or he’s gonna get you
the best person great what you what you want to ask nask is I just wanted to
know how the leads were working for you and I always agree with them no matter
what they say if they say you know it’s really not working out it’s terrible you
know you can be like okay yeah I hear what you’re saying right and then and
then go into the next section but even if they go oh yep it’s working out
phenomenal it’s amazing like we’re getting some oh great that’s great
that’s great to hear well the reason for the call today is we
are actually expanding into and you want to do their specific location so if
they’re in San Francisco you know the reason for the call today and there is a
lot of things with tonality people don’t you know understand that or believe in
it but there is when we’re listening to certain things like for an example we
have a new guy right now that we have doing some of the calls and we listen to
its calls the tonality is hot it’s horrible it’s not it’s not great right
now but we’re trying to get its confidence and comfortability when
you’re on the phone the one thing I would suggest you do too is you know you
sit upright and you really get confidence in you like you know what I’m
from solo solutions I am the top in your mind you you need to get this mindset I
am the top sales rep in this whole company they’re lucky that they’re even
getting to talk to me because I have something really great for them and you
need to get that in your into your into your body and your energy your getting
on the phone you have something really great for these people they have no idea
so almost secretive in a way that you’re even giving it to them but you’re so
excited because you’re gonna change their business around especially if you
have a good service and product right so you need that you need to get that into
your tonality and into your body so that’s where you would come in right you
agree with no matter what they say and again this is not a perfect one-off
thing what I’m showing you there’s going to be some bumps in the road and some
testing that you have to do I’m just showing you abroad
spectrum of where I would start all right then you start adjusting things
because you might start understanding after you get somebody on the phone the
owner and you say great I just wanted to know how the leads were working out for
you there might be a common rebuttal there
that you have to adjust in your pitch right we don’t know that yet we’re not
doing I’m just showing you a broad overview so let’s say I get the guy on
the phone great I just wanted to know how those leads were working out for you
he goes they’re working out okay I hear what you’re saying well the reason for
the call today is we are expanding into San Francisco area and I’m the
specialist in your area and we are currently looking for a reputable solar
company in San Francisco to work directly with us as a partner something
like that all right you see I did that and then I would get into right now we
are generating so many inbound exclusive business for other solar solution
partners and you could say nationwide depending on you know where they where
they are in our other locations that if we can generate you even half the
results we were getting for our partners right now I guarantee you would be
extremely impressed and the reason why we’re doing this is I want them to know
that we’re working with other people in other areas I think it gives you build
the trust for the company that’s why I like to do that again we’re pretty much
saying we’re generating leads and they might go oh so you’re you’re a lead
company and listen if you’re not a lead company right if you’re not selling solo
leads let’s say you were let’s say you were spending your own money and you’re
generating solo leads and now you’re trying to resell those leads to these
people then this makes sense but if they ask a question go you’re a lead company
and you’re not let’s say your facebook advertising company no but you could
still word it this way as far as if if we jet if we generate you even half the
results we were getting for other partners I guarantee you would be
extremely impressed position yourself like you’re doing this for other solar
companies Solar Solutions is soul solutions that’s what you’re experts in
right and again you do need to have a good product though so remember that the
solar leads we will be generating in San Francisco will be exclusive just for you
unlike Yelp unlike homeadvisor which sells you and three four and five others
the same leads you know and you can even question that like
you can even question it like you you realize homeadvisor if they’re using
homeadvisor cells your leads to three and that again we’re using that opening
line in the beginning when we’re saying you know hi is john there oh this is
james from soul of solutions i’m calling about your yelp campaign or i’m calling
about your home at home advisers campaign we’re setting it up also for
later on to do this right here where we can say the best part is the solar leads
we will be generating in san francisco will be exclusive just for you unlike
homeadvisor which sells you which sells your leads
to three or four to other other companies you know you understand what
i’m saying like and you can even say that you understand what i’m saying and
you get them to agree and go yeah and then here’s a really important question
and again this is just a broad a broad spectrum i would get into something
where it’s if i was able to generate your business even more qualified leads
than homeadvisor or even more qualified leads than yelp at the same price and
absolutely exclusive only to you would you agree this is a much better deal
again you’re getting them to agree with you you’re getting them to nod yes and
agree with you because this is a much better deal right if if i’m telling you
now you really have to be able to deliver this but some of you might
already have a service that’s really good you’re just having trouble selling
it you might be you might be a solar league company right now that’s watching
this and you might be getting leads you just don’t you’re not able to sell them
then you’re going to be good if you if you do this you want to find people who
are erased spending money somewhere else yelp homeadvisor
you know there’s other sites right and that sometimes there’s niche specific
sites but what’s even better for you they’re spending it on home advisor home
advisor is so big they’re selling their leads to multiple people they’re all
over the place they’re in every single niche when your niche specific you’re
better than home an advisor we’re solar solutions all we do is solar
this is all we do unlike home advisor you know i’m sure i’m sure you’re using
home advisor and you’re getting the leads here and there but unlike home
advisor solar is all we do this is all we do all day
we’re very very good at it and if we get you half of the results that we’re
getting for other partners and other locations you’ll be extremely impressed
the best part is the solar leads we will be generating in San Francisco will be
exclusive just for you unlike homeadvisor which we know they sell two
three four five other of the same leads to multiple competitors of yours let me
just ask you a quick question if I was able to generate your business even more
qualified leads than homeadvisor or Yelp at the same exact price and and these
will be absolutely exclusive only to you so you are not competing with other
solar companies would you agree this is a much better deal right there and they
would agree right they go yeah I could you know they might even be hesitant in
the way they word it some of them might go yeah that would
definitely be a better deal or something like oh yeah I would assume so or yeah I
guess it would be or yeah I would have to see something right and I’ll tell you
this what I would try to do if is if you’re selling Facebook ads I would try
to get them into a demo my if you’re selling any digital service I would have
a demo this is just the beginning of building these three elements love and
believe in the product trust you trust and and like your company right we’re
using this to believe in the product to build our brand in the solar industry
and really position ourselves to be the go-to solar marketing company the next
thing is I would have a whole presentation ready for them and book
them to watch this demo now if you’re just selling leads and you already have
leads you kind of don’t need to book a demo I could tell you this from
experience you don’t need to if you already have leads right if I have solar
leads coming in every day all right and I’m just trying to flip them into
another company I pretty much you just try to sell them a trial of like listen
by 10 or 20 of my solar leads and watch what happens you know we’ll start real
small just buy 10 of them and I guarantee you you’re gonna be so
impressed with these leads and that’s where I’d be like I’m going to start
smoking I want to build trust with you and you want to get their email to in
the first conversation because you want to be able to email them
follow-up and also your information and again this is all KPIs that you’re going
to be measuring but first it comes with the pitch you make a lot of phone calls
right write this out for your business start making the phone calls adjust your
pitch once you get people starting to get interested and get to the demo then
you know you’re on to something you know now you know that this beginning pitch
you’re on to something so what will will go along with this pitch would you agree
this is a much better deal and then right after when they answer you could
say I’m not asking you to jump all-in right now I want to start small and
prove to you what we can do for your solar business
unlike homeadvisor solar is all we do or unlike Yelp Solar is all we do not only
are we experts with solar marketing but we do not have any annual fees or hidden
charges we are extremely transparent and here
I’m just letting them know about our company like we’re not only are we
experts with solar marketing but Brian this is all we do and we have no annual
fees we have no hidden charges like some other companies and we are extremely
transparent and that’s what we strive on we advertise on behalf of your brand and
only for your brand within your location so you have exclusivity to us and we’re
like your partner and we look to grow a relationship over the next 10 20 30
years together and really work together as partners now I just went off the cuff
and I and I added that in there and that’s what I start doing and testing
things out and again you have this video so you can rewind and write this stuff
down but I would test this stuff stuff out
and then here is you know where I would end it after I’m building that trust and
even saying and I should have in there right here in this document we want to
work together and be partners over the next 10 20 30 years and then what I
would do is say when would be the best time to jump into a demo where I can
show you live results of what we are currently doing for other partners and
exactly what we would do for your business what would be the best time how
about Monday at at 1:00 p.m. and you see I kind of like would be like how about
Monday 1:00 p.m. and if he says Monday you know
I’m trying to get them to agree to something that’s what you want to do you
want to get them to agree to a specific time so it’s in your calendar it’s in
his calendar now again I know that you might have many questions you could
comment below but this is broad with certain things
you’re selling things would change but I’m just trying to show you certain
tactics and certain things that we always put in our conversations that I
think help with these three top things love and believe in your product trust
you trust and like your company and also I should have in here is get their email
so you can send them more info on your business and in that email you want to
write a nice piece of copy it was great to speak with you earlier here are some
information about our business maybe even have you know it definitely have
your website in there check out our website there on your website you want
that social proof and that perception of like wow so low solutions this looks
like a legit company like wow they got some great reviews wow those are the
type of leads they’re getting Wow look at that that that’s the type of thing
you want to when you followup with him you can you know ask them hey the Geo
chance check out our website at the back yeah I did and again you think about
this you’re talking to people who are already spending money that’s the that’s
the idea here you know this is not just someone that
you’re calling my suggestion would be find the people who are spending money
on Yelp find the people that are spending money on homeadvisor they’re
spending money they’re opening the marketing now push in that you’re even
better than those companies that’s the whole twist here so I hope that really
helps you know I hope that you found this valuable if you did please like
subscribe share this video and again this is just a broad spectrum if I get
enough questions maybe I can dive deeper to answer those questions but I hope
this makes sense and again definitely add in here too as well let me put this
here your location we are looking to work together for the next 20-30 years as partners you know stuff
like that you know say there’s no like you’re not looking to you know do
something for a week or a month you’re looking to really almost be a partner
you want to generate them you know build their brand and you are if you’re
running Facebook Ads you are generating them leads that’s why you can you know
do it like that and then in a demo you reveal that of exactly how you’re gonna
build their brand and run them Facebook leads and maybe you’re running thoughts
maybe you’re running you know different types of Facebook ads Instagram ads
whatever it may be you reveal that in a demo and try to show them some some
results and that’s why it’s good if you don’t have any clients to run Facebook
ads within your niche to get some results and then you could also word
this where you know we’ll start small as a free trial and I if somebody’s already
spending money somewhere else on Yelp you shouldn’t have a problem for them to
do have a free trial you to prove that you can get them leads so I hope that
really helps again comments questions below like share

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