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By | November 20, 2019

So yeah Today we discuss about the how to schedule post on your Facebook. Just try to remember and step open your Facebook account Open your Facebook account Select either Website URL or either you to be already read to our website Here are either you do we are so here. I’m setting for you to be early here I am taking it for here, but is for how to please your link lien for the worse Take this you to be honor This due to your video first put your page He will be seen by the true Facebook on YouTube do Facebook or we can copy though you are there you are into the way your Facebook page So just copy the title here So I’m posting here This option adoption Polly’s Public post before that one adder will be dead this. What is that? What? Is that? Back gate today will people be brewery 28 now if the back page their tearful 2017 Clear look this year the video posed by Wendy Roberto de 6 2018 2017 some setting for December 26 The video point by to the 18, but I am positive event who those have until December here They show you only for few months Why why because the page created by these September 2017 Based on the page creation based on the profile page. They show him by the back page The way page created by the Easter day we can’t go in the 2017 is up to accept a sturdy taunting the base of the page patient they acted by the Package so we create by three years back. You can go back towards back odds So here the December 26 click for packet You So they possibly be done Clear The video will be February 26. I will you update by win December 26 2007 Now check. We just pull it you can check by the that post Clear, this is the first one. What is called package now here. I can select one video here anyway. You can select here So up 13 this one Put your page Select it So I copy the title here you You you Three recent posting with a package now see the same thing is I mean here. I’m going to check in here So what does It do this schedule except up to six months. Please. I don’t you know posting anything Then she’ll you will be answered by up to six months so order today daily will be 28 up Robbery now check one two three four five six after that what show in front they will be disabled up to six months will be visible you can post up to six months a Discounted you’ll post This is called future post packet based on the page creation phase of the profile creation So here I can schedule date here This change will be scheduled by when March first assault by the Six o’clock Fix a or else yourself, I like this also Fit next to lock them up like forsake you So phase in the date post will be automatically you can schedule posts up two hundred show for solemn kinship with no issues Up two hundred but possible by up to six months More than six month week on shitty lower post here, so this is how your profile so page So we look at the profile here, so I’m going to the profile So I’m checking for page Okay so was the Profile option will be positive a shit will post on there or not You should do by back bus will be applicable or not in your profile so here. I am going to the profile Click to my profile Here it is direct anyone video here Proposition you

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