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By | September 5, 2019

Welcome back. In this episode, I’m going to
teach you how to research YouTube keywords. Now, Julie. You have this
question as well. So, I thought it’d be a great opportunity
to actually show Julie how to do it in real life. And what’s going to happen is
if she posts a video today, it’ll rank on YouTube today. Now, when you think of SEO
or keyword research, is there any like negative things that come up? Like
triggers, like overwhelm? Or this is a lot of work. Or I’ve tried that before.
Anything like that? -All of that. Yes, all of that feels overwhelming to me. -I
want you to set all that aside and just think of this tree. -Mm-hm. -Okay, when you
want to know, “What title should my video have? Or what should I film
videos about?” You just think of a tree. It’s got a broad trunk and it’s got
branches. And it’s got real specific leaves. Okay? So, when we’re thinking about
keyword research is think of this tree. Broad trunk leaves and we want, we want
our video topics to be really, really specific. So, I’ll give you an example. And
that the whole point that I hope you take away is that we do keyword research
before filming. -Okay. -Because if you film your video and then you try to go back
and do SEO or to do keyword research after you’ve already filmed, this doesn’t
work. And your video is really not going tO get results, okay? -Good to know. -That’s what everyone else teaches you to do. And it just doesn’t work. -Just kidding.
How about what actually works. -So, here’s an example. Let’s say you want to rank
for goal setting. You want to be known as the goal setting queen or something like
that. What you don’t want to do is make a video.
“Julie May’s goal setting tips.” Or the 5 ways to set goals by Julie May.” You
know that’s what people normally title their videos. But you’re not going to
get ranked for that. Do you know how many videos are on YouTube or on goal setting?
-I can’t even imagine. Millions. It’s got to be. -Just a huge huge number. How are you
gonna compete, right? Exactly. So, that’s the trunk. Goal setting is the trunk. The
branches of this goal setting tree might be things like fitness goals or business
goals or income goal. You know, different categories of
goal-setting. But a leaf might be, “How to make a vision board that really works?” So,
see how specific that is? -Totally. Yeah. -Another example, how to set exercise
goals on an Apple watch. -Nice. -Or another one. “How to set financial goals for a
business?” So, I did not make up any of these phrases. I did keyword research
using a tool that I’m going to show you. And I found that these are questions
people are actually asking. And so, if this were my topic or if this was your
topic, now we’ve got 3 different specific video titles that we could go
and make our videos on that will get these results.
-Sweet. -So, we don’t need a whole lot of search volume. Even if there’s just a
small handful of people searching for how to set exercise goals on an Apple
watch, if people are searching for that and they find your video, they found
exactly what they’re searching for. And so instead of them just watching a few
seconds or a minute and then leaving, they’re watching the whole video. Because
that’s exactly what they wanted. -Oh. -That makes sense?
-Yeah. -So, YouTube notices that. They notice, “Oh, wow.
This video performed well. Everyone’s watching to the end.” And so, they’ll
show that video to more people. And your whole channel will be elevated.
It’ll have better stats. So, all your videos will do better. Isn’t that cool?
-That’s super cool. -Alright. I’m going to show you another example. Kris. This is
the real estate investment channel. I just want to show you some of the leaf topic
videos we’ve done for that channel. We’ve done hundreds. Here’s just some examples.
“How to turn $10 into 100?” or “How to make money work for you?” “How to earn
respect and be taken seriously?” “How to invest your money in your 20s?”
That videos gotten about 5 million views. All of these titles,
we do keyword research first before we filmed. One more example. Paul Jenkins.
-Uh-huh. -Become a good friend of mine. He does a lot of relationship topics,
parenting, positivity. Well here’s 4 that I just chose. “How to get kids
to study? How to get kids to sleep? How to talk to kids so they listen?” And the
best-performing video on this channel, “How to get kids to listen without
yelling?” -I would watch that. -600,000 people have. -Yeah. -So, again, we
did the keyword research first and then Paul went through an out,
“Okay, this is how I’m gonna answer that question.” And then we filmed. We filmed 20
episodes in a day. -Marvelous. I love that. Okay. -That’s it. That’s the
tree. Just remember this. I’m going to show you the tool to do the keyword research
before filming. Would you like to know the number one tool to find the leaf
topics? -Okay. -Because in our mind, it’s easy to come up with the trunk or the
branches. -Oh, yeah. -We can think of, “Okay, well here’s the categories. Here’s the
areas that I’m good at.’ But let’s let the tool take care of the hard work of
finding the leaves. This tool is by a company called SEM rush. -Mmm-hmm. -And it’s
the keyword magic tool. -Magic tool. -It is magic. It really is.
I’ve only been using this tool since last September. Prior to September, I was
using several different tools like I do this, find this, paste it over here. Then
find out how much volume and coming over here. And then and it was… It took a
really long time. And it was really hard to train my team how to do it. -Mm-hmm. -I
was at a marketing conference called Inbound last September. And SEM rush had
a booth. And I went talked to them. Explained what I was doing, what I was
trying to accomplish. And I asked them if they had a tool they could help me. And
he pulled out the iPad, showed me this tool which was in beta at the time. And
it’s totally revolutionized my business. Made me a lot more efficient and happy.
Because I’d have to spend as much time. So, when you… You know, if i zoom in here, a
client that I was coaching a few weeks ago, she’s an interior designer. And so,
one of the branches that we thought of was living room design. -Exciting. -So, I just
put in living room design. I hit search. And what you first see, our phrases like
you’d see in most keyword research tools. -Uh-huh. -Okay, the magic of this tool is
that button right there. It says, “Questions.” So when you click on that
button, now all the results that you get are all questions. -The questions people
are asking. -Yeah. And so you comb through this list to find the specific
leaf topics. -Hmm. -So, I’ll show you what we found. We found how to design a living
room with high ceilings? We found “How to design a living room with a corner
fireplace? How to design a living room with large windows? How to design
lighting for a living room? How to design living room with TV? How to design a
kitchen living room combo? And how to design a living room wall?” So,
Katie, she could have come up with a title or 2 of videos to film about
living room design. But this tool helped us come up with 7. And there was
actually a lot more. We just picked these. -Yeah, it looks like there’s a pretty good
list there. -There were hundreds. And notice, 10 searches per month, that’s all
we want. If that number is too big, there’s actually too much competition
most likely. -Okay. So, what’s the sweet spot? What are we looking for here? -Go
above 10. If we’re getting into the hundreds, then I would additionally take
that phrase into YouTube and see if there’s any other videos that are using
that as a title. -Hmm. And usually way to get up into the
hundreds, you’ll start to find 1 then 2 then 5 videos that have that same
title. -Got you. -So… -So above 10, less than a hundred maybe? -Yeah. Start there. -Okay. -Oh,
and keep in mind that even ten is great. Because when those ten come and watch
your video, they’re going to watch the whole thing. It’ll impress YouTube and then
YouTube will start to show it to more numbers. -Got you. Yeah. -So, another thing I
want to explain about this tree is you never have to make videos about the
trunk or the branches. -Mm-hmm. -If all you do is make leaf after leaf after leaf
after leaf after leaf, eventually you’ll dominate the whole tree for that
category. So using my goal setting example, you just do all these leaf
topics and eventually, any goal setting tough if people search for, you will come
up for. That makes sense? -Nice. -So with Kris and real estate investing,
we’ve never made a real estate investing video. -Got you. -I want you to see what happens
when we type in real estate investing? -Oh, wait. -I’m putting myself on the spot.
-Yes, let’s do it. -I’m putting myself on the spot here. I know we’re going to see
Robert Kiyosaki. I expect to see that. -Oh, yeah. -Real estate investing. Okay, there’s
Kris right there. -There you go. “Should I invest in New York real estate?” So, I see
it’s not even in the title right here. Real estate investing, real estate
investing, real estate investors. So, we don’t even have… You know, it’s
different but we’re ranking on the front page of YouTube for that. -Nice. -Pretty
cool. -That is way cool. That’s a busy space. So, that shows that that works. -Okay.
So, you actually want to use this tool and find some topics for you? -Absolutely.
Step. -Alright. So, let’s think of a branch. What would be a good branch you’d like
to find you for? -“How to tell good stories on stage?” So… -Okay. -Amazing storyteller on
stage. -Let’s just see what happens when I do “Stories on stage.” And if I hit
questions, I’m guessing it’s going to be a little bit… Okay, how long is Dirty
Dancing in the classic? So, you notice this one has zero search volume. -Yep. -So,
let’s do… I’m going to change it to storytelling. We’ll, find a lot of
questions about storytelling. -Yeah. -Yeah, that’s too big. Right? -Uh-huh. -Let’s see. And
that’s not even relevant. Let’s see… What if I add the word speech? I’m you’re just
going to put that right here. -Yeah. -Let’s just see. Okay.
-There we go! -We’ve found 2. Okay, these 2 have search time above 10. “How to tell a
story in a speech?” -Yep. -That would be a great title for a video. -That would be
great. -And I could do that when used in a speech introduction. So, that’s… Somehow
people type that. -Yeah. That doesn’t make sense. -Yeah. The other one would make
sense. -So, there’s your title. -Another one we
could do is just learning how to make money speaking from stage. I know people… You know… If you’re going to be speaking on stage, how do you make money
from that? -I’ll get rid of the word speech here. Okay, so around make money
speaking. Okay. -There we go. -Alright. So, how to make money public
speaking? -There we go. “How to make money speaking?” “Does money make the world go
around? Public speaking.” So, that’s probably a title of a book or something.
Or a speech. “How to make money, motivational speaking? How do you make
money on YouTube speaker?’ I don’t know what that was. That is a person. Now, if
you have any other… Any other topics about public speaking… Okay, what
questions are people ask me about public speaking? Now, here’s some. -That again. -We’re going to find some ideas that you haven’t even thought of. -Yeah. -So, “How
to get over the fear of public speaking?” -Yeah. -Another one about fear. “How to speak
in public?” -“How to improve…?” -There you go. “How to
improve it?” And see these are still pretty high numbers. -Yeah, there. -But if we…
You know, we just scroll down, there’s lots and lots ideas that you could comb
through questions people are asking about. So, I guess the… Either the trunk or
the branch might be public speaking. There’s so many different areas you
could go. And so these are kinds of leaves. “Why students afraid to speak
English in public?” -Ohh, I like how to dress? We discussed that a lot. -Aren’t
there? -How to dress for public speaking? I mean that’s a whole topic…
-Yeah. -Yeah. So, let’s see. How to get over public speaking anxiety. -Uh-huh.
-I had that experience a few weeks ago. I was… I wasn’t nervous until 10 minutes
before. Because it was the biggest stage I was ever going to speak on. But I just
like… I got into place of I just allowed myself to kind of breathe deeply and
slow down and then I tried to put myself in a place of gratitude of service. Like
I was really excited for everyone was going to hear me speak get this information
because they knew how beneficial it would be. So, I just I was thinking about
that. When I got on stage, it was awesome. It’s just… -How big was the stage
like? -It was set up banquet style for when I spoke. But it was a huge stage. I
would say there’s like only a couple hundred people in the room. But when they
set it up theater style, I think it fit 1,500. -Nice. -So, I got footage of
myself on that stage too. So, I’m pretty excited. And I have my text opt-in so
I got a lot of people joining. -Exactly. Yeah. Do that. The text opt-in. -Alright. So,
any other… Any other questions you have about this? -No, this is really helpful. I’m
thinking about how this can help me and all of my other social media channels
and out there just advertising and stuff we do. If that works here, that’s things
people are looking for you know, even when they’re searching for events and
things like that. -So, the reason this works so well on YouTube is because YouTube
has an amazing search engine. -Oh, yeah. -I found another place that I’m diving into
that it’s also working. Podcasts. -Oh, sweet. -If he’s having a podcast with the same
strategy, the initial testing that I’ve done, your podcast will rank on Google.
Not even on your own website. But when you syndicate a podcast, it
goes out several different sites. -Oh, yeah. -And that
site will rank for that title at the top of Google. They click on it. It features
your podcast. Yeah. -That’s nice. -So, my podcast launches in a month. -I’m excited. -And it’s
actually going to be daily. A daily podcast. Like, I don’t know how that’s going to do.
Because most people do a weekly podcast. -Yeah.
What is it called? -It is influence school. -That’s cool. -Yeah. I’m excited. So, look for
that if your podcast listener. But thanks so much for helping me out. Now, I think I
should give something away to the viewers here. -Yeah. So I have a keyword
research guide. And my team will put this on the screen. But if you text hero one
to the number 415 528-7403 and you can
get access to my keyword research guide for free. And it guides it through all these
steps and It’ll help you out. -Like yeah! So, what do you think? They should
subscribe? -Subscribe now. Come on. -And if they watch this whole video, they
probably liked it. -Oh, absolutely. -Probably like the video I put up
tomorrow. So, we’ll see you then.

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